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The 1st Timers Lesbian Guide to How To Give Oral Sex to a Woman You Desire

Oh how I love getting this very common question, posted again at a site I visit, (shybi.com) and here is the question and answer.

I'm in my early 20s and have only been with a girl once. We weren't together for very long but it was my first 'girl experience'. She went down on me once (which was pretty good), but I never got the chance to go down on her. To be honest, I wasn't extremely attracted to her, and for me to have incredible sex I have to feel 100% attracted to the person sexually and emotionally.

So, what is it like? Is it enjoyable? How do you know how to please her? I'm kind of scared I won't be good at it, or that I won't like how she tastes... I don't know! But I fantasize all the time about doing it to the woman I'm crushing on. But reality is always different. So, spill!

This is a great thread and over the years this topic has been explored in various ways on this very interesting and addicting site.  So this is the comment to the first timer who posted this and any others.  On my blog I sometimes take questions and whether it's solicited or not, I have either been asked "what to do," or complimented that "after I read your stories I understood what to do."     

The 1st thing to know, (besides that old Jed is a millionaire) is what someone said here.  That its very natural when you care for her and want to pleasure her in the most ultimate way.  Anything you are thinking about "technique" is solved by the fact that, trust me, you KNOW what to do, and secondly, hopefully she will communicate with you, not neccesarily with just words but more with writhing or moaning, what works better for her.   The second thing to know is that what is the best is how YOU will feel giving that pleasure.  And most women understand this, (but not all I know for fact) that being on the receiving end is a form of giving in and of itself.  The first time I did it I also wondered "am I doing it right" and even, knowing that some boys had left me "unsatisfied", I said to her, "don't worry, I won't stop until you come," and she replied, lovingly, "don't worry you're doing fine."  But it was the WAY she said "you are doing fine" that convinced me I really was and that she was nearing orgasm.  And armed with that confidence, it was easy from that point on with her and with every woman since.  Trust me in that it is just SO wonderful to feel that degree of closeness and togetherness, and with experience every first timer who becomes a second timer and beyond will know that its wonderful every time.     

For women looking for tips or technique, my advice is just TRY to make sure she is relaxed, and that does mean, as was stated earlier, going slow and teasingly at first with most women most times.  The best way to put her at ease and relaxed is to convince her with words and actions how MUCH you WANT to please her.  Thigh massage, boob massage, holding and cuddling, and touching her pussy at first in a less overtly sexual manner at first will lead to relaxation.  DO explore the clit and use your fingers to get the hood and flap out of the way at some point so that your tongue is ringing the bell.  And even when you find the magic way she loves it, still vary to other things and then come back.  So if she likes the flat tongue up and down, still back off and give her some circles, some gentle sucks, some tongue tip flicks, and some side tongue, lip grazes and gulpy french kisses.  (and oh yes, there are a million more ways ....wonderful to hope to know them all)   Get back with me after you do it and tell me if I was right that it's just the most wonderful experience. 

So what do you think blog readers ?  Do I give good advice or should I add or subtract something ? -Brenda

 Oh, and here is a link to a good article on the topic

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