Who Am I ? akiss2desire is a Bible Belt Blogging Bi Big Beautiful Babe who has been sharing her writing, mostly 1st person lesbian erotica, short stories, poetry, and lesbian pop culture realizations from both the experience and fantasy perspectives to an ever growing audience. I recently passed a million page views ! Thanks for the nominations for the Lezzie awards honoring best lesbian erotica on the web.

Those who have come here regularly know that I have taken a bit of a hiatus from posting and publishing, but my past work is still here and if you are new here there is much to be consumed. I am working on several stories right now and writing from the same mix of experience and fantasy that readers have told me they loved.

Those stories will be the foundation of my upcoming compilation book. Today, you get to read for free. Welcome, and I hope you stay awhile.


"I Like When You Call Me That"

Original first person lesbian fiction by akiss2desire
"Best Of"
All Rights Reserved 2014

I had zeroed in to that doorknob....waiting for it to move...staring at it and urging it to turn ..and finally it did as you entered my room almost sneakily.  No words as you approached, but you took your jacket off to reveal  the dress you wore at the party you left early to come up to this room and be with me , and your incredible breasts and cleavage revealed in the soft light were so lovely I elicited an audible sigh, which caused a slight smile upon your soon to be kissed lips. 

The five minutes I have been naked and awaiting your arrival since your text that said "I'm on my way up baby," felt like five hours.  I can hardly catch my breath now that you are here.   I had missed you so much since you spent around 10 minutes getting me settled in the hotel room and told me you'd cut out of your company's holiday party early so we could have our night together.  I didn't mind being your secret.  I had bathed luxuriously in the executive suite's jacuzzi, gotten bored with the tv quickly, touched up my makeup, dabbed perfume,  and settled upon the softness of the sheets and pillows of this room.  A simple country girl like me had never seen it this good.   I was impressed, and planned on doing whatever you wanted me to do when you arrived.   I knew when you got back from the party it was to be our time.  I had mulled over how I should greet you when you returned ...in the suite upon the couch in the nightie I brought, in the clothes I arrived in perhaps, or, as I eventually decided, in bed, nude, wet, horny, and acknowledging that we were both there to fuck.   As you had written in your email, "I can't wait to spend the night sucking your juicy pussy." 

"How was it ?"

"Drunken assholes making asses of themselves more by the minute. I couldn't wait to get out of there."

"I missed you ....alot."

"I got out of there as fast as I could...I'm even a little earlier than I told you aren't I ?"

"Is this ok ?"


"That I am in this bed ...waiting for you ...wanting you."

"Is it ok ?   It's my dream come true."

You sat down in the hotel rooms comfortable chair a few feet from the head of the bed.  You disengaged our mutual gaze to slip your red heels off.  Untucking your white blouse from your red skirt, a white lace push up bra conceals your nipples, but the beauty of your ample breast is evident. 

"Did you have a drink while I was gone ?  Or two ? " she said making a hand gesture towards to bar where she had told me to help myself to as much as I wanted while she was gone.   Making conversation as she stripped down. 

"I did ...Captain Morgan and I are old drinking buddies." 

 I had visions of climbing of the bed and devouring  you on that chair.  But you stood up and off came the skirt, but left the slip on.  You looked at me and exclaimed "You have the most incredible eyes I have seen in so long."   Out of the chair, you come to me and knelt down next to the side of the bed I am on about midway where you softly grasp my hand which us clasped upon the top cover of the bed.  You gently stroked my hand and then lifted my hand to your lips and began to suck my fingers...middle first, then the ring, and twirling your tongue around my pinky, then finishing by closing your eyes sensously and sucking ---actually closer to fellating ...my index finger in long up and down strokes.  It felt so good with your warm mouth, and had my mind wildly dancing to wonder what would come next.  I was on fire for you, and you still hadn't even french kissed me ..the quick peck before you left for the party helped me understand and trust you ...just a feel I had for you...and now you were giving me incredible sensations with your mouth and tongue ...your experience showing, and my inexperience lending credence to the vulnerability I felt in my being and with every nerve ending of my skin ...even in my bones I was at your lesbian mercy and in as submissive state of mind I had ever been with with any lover.  

After you sucked my fingers, you pulled my hand to your breast ...so soft.  I saw in your eyes when contact was made there how much desire you had and how good that felt that your desires were so astoundingly obvious for me.   You unhooked the bra and my fingernails grazed over your skin and your nipples as the straps and fabric fell  down over your shoulders and with a soft tug from my fingers, down to the hotel room carpet.  The absolute most beatiful nipples I have ever seen responded to my fingertips touch of kneading and soft pinches.  You went from stroking my wrists and forearms while I did this to over top of the blanket grasp both of my breasts.  How quickly my senses were becoming overwhelmed with all the sensations our heat was producing. 

I knew before I said it that I would be sounding like a "bumpkin" but I said it anyway.  "You sure know how to treat a woman."   I meant it in a first date way, and I meant it in a way that had a subtext of submission to wherever she was going to lead us.   "You make me feel like I'm a teenager," I said honestly.   You replied, "I am so taken with you too.  This is going to be so wonderful for both of us."  We spoke as we caressed each others breasts.  "So I hear you love to eat pussy," she said ...."I understand we have that in common," I replied.  "I can't wait." 

You lifted yourself up, turned around and slithered out of the remaining fabric upon you, and nude now you first sat upon the bed and I looked up at you.  ...then you quickly lifted the coves to expose me, your eyes drinking in the site of my breasts and with your mouth agape in a breathless gasp, told me "how marvelous" my tits looked.   I wanted them sucked right then as the colder air of the room stiffened my nipples and drove me to a higher desire.  You started to lay next to me and I scooted over to allow you room to get under the covers. 

Then you rolled me to my back and looked down into my eyes ..then to my lips your eyes went and you lowered yourself to me.   Our skin now touching and mushing together at our sides, and then the sensation of your lips. 

Your lips so soft.  Deep, powerful kisses from us both with wide open mouths and warm slithering  tongues.  Each kiss topping the one before it even more passionate.   You were causing me to say things I didn't care if they sounded dumb or not...but they were things I had never said before.  But felt right ..and true.  "You make my pussy burn with your kisses," I panted.   Sucking on my bottom lip now, you broke it and said " I wanna suck that hot, juicy pussy."  Not ever one to have done this kind of dirty talk before much, I blurted out something that felt right ...."You want my juicy pussy," and at the "yes" you murmured into my mouth into the next french kiss, I said when our lips parted, "want my hot cunt," and you reached down, lifting my breast..then diving to my breast, sucking with a medium aggressiveness upon my breast and my nipple and as I strained not to shriek in delight, you whispered "hot cunt."  I answered back, "hot cunt,"   and you said "are you MY hot cunt ?"  "I'm your hot cunt."   Your hand upon the breast you weren't sucking now squeezing quite hard as if to leave an imprint ..and squeezing outward towards the nipple then being pinched lightly, then much more firmly "hot cunt" you said into my tit and with a noticeable increase in anxious desire.   Your lips released my nipple and my pussy was gushing for you and awaiting your imment touch.
You then lifted up and hunched over me and my eyes couldn't look into yours for a moment cause gosh...I never dreamed of this feeling going through my body.  Your long dark hair fell upon my shoulder from above, and as i looked away from you...I took your hair into my mouth and simultaneously lunged my hips up into your thigh so that my wet pussy lips would kiss your skin and you could feel how badly I wanted you. 

And then you said to me the most sexy, the most romantic thing any lesbian woman said to me in the heat of our desire.  "I want you to know that  want to do everything with you...at all once...but of course...not possible...so tonight...like this. all the other ways for all the times to come....because I want you to always be my sweet, hot cunt"

"I'm your hot cunt."

"My sweet, wet, burning ....hot ...cunt."

And in case there was any doubt...."keep calling me that ..i love it when you call me that," I told you. 

One more deeply passionate kiss and I knew you were to devour me in moments.  I was ready to come right then. 

"I want you so bad," I said as your mouth sucked in my right breast and nipple hard enough to leave a mark and make a sound as the air slipped between your lips, and you even gulped as if you were drinking my skin in.  

"I'm going to make this juicy, hot pussy come for me all night,"  you said as you began to kiss your way down my belly towards my undoubtedly steaming vagina.   I think I loved you at that moment as much as I ever loved any woman. 

You slipped two fingers inside me on your way down ...everything a blur  but I most remember contractions of the muscles around your fingers, the twisting and writhing of  uncontrollabe of my...and the high pitched noises that accompanied each orgasm, while I either looked down at you in the soft light sometimes to see that I believe I had finally, FINALLY met a woman who loved to give head to a woman as much as I always had.   Your face contorted with the most incredibly beautiful eyes in the throes of each of my powerful orgasms. 

Sweetly but forcefully, you spent the next hour  wearing me out ..inside and out i am completely spent but i dont want you to stop. 
And when it came to for my mouth upon your pussy, I asked you to do something for me.  I wanted to suck it from underneath, laying on my back.  "Will you ..umm..." and I couldnt say the words "sit on my face"  So I guided your thighs towards me and slid under you and explained  "...so I can eat you from down here "  
Without anything being said, you might have thought you had to do this for me... something in me let that be ok for now.  I wanted you too badly to give you any possible chance of backing out just yet.  I remember my mouth latching on to your clit with my lips and the tangy, slightly sweet smell of your wetness. Your pussy captures my tongue inside you and releases it gently.  I pull you into this kiss upon your mons, or do you push your luscious lips into mine to invite my tongue to continue to penetrate you and slide up onto your stiff button.  Your love to drink your thighs upon my cheeks and shoulders.  The shudders of your pleasure engulf my soul.
That lesbian fire in me that had dissapeared like a ghost ..now has come raging back through every fiber of my being thanks to the inspiration of your beauty. your way, and the honor of your affection.  I cant give you enough with my mouth but I try. 
This is the heart that has been beating only for you today ..yesterday ..last week and last month ...and wishes to beat for your forevermore.


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