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Lesbian Blog Review and Interview Us Five with Jacklyn

This begins a series of reviews sometimes including interviews of lesbian themed websites and blogs.  These will primarily be posted on my newest blog THE RAINBOW REVIEW.  If you have a site to recommend to me, email me at akiss2desire@gmail.com or hit me up on twitter @akiss2desire. 
Review: Us Five
I'm Jacklyn. Almost 20. Three Babies. A Lesbian :). Fiance, Ami. A whole lot of love
Interview: Jacklyn who blogs about her thoughts and lesbian mom life with fiance Ami.
Site Link: 

In the best lesbian blogging, I think it's all about honesty.  My favorite new lesbian blog is a friend and fan named Jacklyn who has the knack for making one feel for her wants and needs and experiences.  It's called USFIVE and its about she and her lesbian partner and their kids. 
She blogs about her life and the things she likes and doesn't and about her kids and her partners feelings about what’s going on.  Beautiful pics of the babies.

Its not sexual or erotic ..but that is not to say that this isn't a sexual and erotic couple, because ...well, you will see when you get to the interview with Jacklyn....and in fact, the blog is erotic  ..well because it IS because its love. Love in and of itself is sexy and erotic just for that.
Jacklyn does the writing, and Ami is the spouse to be.  She agreed to this interview for my new blog about lesbian authors and their creations.  This lesbian blog is wholesome and American.  A peek into the life of a lesbian mother of three.  Some excerpts before the questions:
It is a blessing to have a baby momma this great to help me with our the kids. I don't give two craps what anyone says or how anyone feels about us because nothing could ever separate us, we are imperceptible. We are in love.

And  Jacklyn writes about what it is like to come out of the homosexual closet :
Have you ever wondered about why people are gay?
If people are just born that way or if they make themselves that way?
I was born this way. 
After having two kids within two years, I had reached the time to finally come completely out of the closet.
When I did my family was accepting even though they thought it was just a faze, I proved them wrong about that.
Overall, I would not change the way I am, even if I could!

And I selected this passage because I am a lesbian who is also Christian (convinced that my God loves everyone !)
God, he plays a big part in my life and is definitely a reason for me and my family to live for. Without him to look up to everyday I think at this point I would be lost. Whenever I am having troubles in my day all I have to do is pray and take a deep breath and things start to unfold before my eyes.

Now let me first confess that I have a very natural crush on both of the women in this family.  I appreciate their love, but call me for the threesome if you are into it because I will be there with bells on.  Jacklyn and Ami are beautiful and erotic, sensuous looking and attractive and voluptuous.  I have enjoyed getting to know Jacklyn as a blogger and now to get to know her more for this interview I will ask 10 questions ...and maybe one more :) 

Welcome Jacklyn and THANKS for the interview.  I am going to ask questions about you AND your spouse, and you can answer, but if she chimes in do share.

1 Got to ask ...how did you first hook up …was it from a date, natural friendship extension, or the sudden hot sex hookup? We were set up by a friend. It was the beginning of July two days after the 4th and we finally decided to meet in person. We’d been talking for days and this was finally it. Downtown in my hometown (Mount Vernon, Ohio), we have this thing called first Friday and it is a festival on the first Friday of every month. Ami lived in Marion, Ohio, she finally came up to meet me, and our plan was to meet at the festival. My first look at her blew me away. She was so gorgeous! She was wearing a wife beater and basketball shorts. Mmm, did she look good! After the festival we headed off to my friends (I was house sitting), Ami drank some beers and we snuggled up in bed together. It did not take long before I was rubbing up on her. I tried to induce a “sudden hot sex hookup” but the girl wouldn’t let me get past rubbing on her. The next night though was a different story ;).
2- The more I read how natural your writing is, the more I think you are on your way to being the quintessential lesbian married mom’s blog.  There isn’t anything else like it online but it’s a subject everyone is interested in with gay marriage in its infancy.  You are set for a huge following and quickly.  You already show us a glimpse into your life, are there subjects and issues you can’t wait to tackle for your readers?  What can followers look forward to reading about in 2014? Well since I just finally got my blog up and running, the subjects of my posts come as I go. Really I just want the world to hear my story, that lesbians can make perfect moms, even if they are young. I think one day I might get the courage to write about some more personal things (which Ami is not very fond of) and I hope one day that Ami decides to put some of her own input and words in to my blog. About a year ago she flipped when I said I was starting a blog about us, she did not approve of me writing about us where everyone can read it. I finally talked her in to it so I am hoping she will get interested one day. One of the biggest subjects I will be writing about coming August will be the sergeant pregnancy I am doing for either my mother or our close family friend. I will be doing a diary like blog linked to mine.
3-The concept of “lesbian bed death” portrays married lesbians as losing sexual interest and becoming more like roommates after a period of time.  For some it’s a stark reality.   How many times a month do you get it on and how do you keep it interesting? Is one or the other of you more likely to mix it up?  Is one of you more dominant than the other under the covers? I am more likely to mix things up a bit, Ami is usually up for anything but she draws limits sometimes. We are usually equal when it comes to being dominant under the covers but sometimes we take turns taking control depending on how horny one of us is. I feel sometimes we can have that sense of roommates but for the most part we can be pretty active. We have sex about once a week and sometimes more than that but in between having sex on days that we get too lazy we play with our vibrators together.
4- Society still doesn’t seem to accept fully that children can grow up with two mommies.  Have you begun to explain to the kids that your relationship is different than most? How will you tackle these issues going forward for the kids? The kids are 3 ½ months, 1 year, 2 year, so they have not had the chance to ask any questions yet but Xavier, our oldest calls Ami, mommy Ami and me mommy Jack. He knows he has two mommies and a dad (which he only sees once a week) but he does not seem to be confused about the situation. Arie, our second oldest calls us both just ma’ma. I do not think it will be much problem explaining to the kids in the future, I think they will be very accepting. I feel it is more fun for them to have two moms rather than the traditional mom/dad.
5-As I write a lesbian erotica blog, I ask about things that stimulate you. Now on two years together, tell me what facets of lesbian culture do you partake in together and / or alone ?   The things I am thinking of are lesbian erotic kindle books, lesbian pop culture movies (have any faves ?) lesbian fiction, lesbian themed TV shows like “Black is the New Orange” on Netflix or others featuring lesbian characters, 1st person erotic lesbian blogs (Ahem!) and last but certainly not least, lesbian porn.  Talk about these things in your life. Of course our favorite Erotic Lesbian Blog is yours J AlesbianKiss2Desire. My favorite lesbian movie is “But I’m a Cheerleader”. We watch the L word but I have never heard of “Black is the New Orange”, I’ll have to check it out. I read lesbian erotic stories online to spike things up sometimes, I read them out loud and it really gets us going. We do like lesbian porn, occasionally we will watch regular porn but lesbian is definitely our number one.
6-Speaking of pop culture ..now with non lesbian themes, what kind of music or artists do you listen to? What TV shows do you watch or sports ?  What movies have you most enjoyed the last year ?  Since you’ve been living together, is there one of you who most often “gets the remote control” or makes more of the entertainment choices ? We listen to pop and country a lot of country though. Right now we are in to watching seasons of shows like House, NCIS, The Killing, Secret Life of the American Teenager, and we just finished up Nurse Jackie and Weeds. Ami watches football but I absolutely hate sports lol. For movies we loved That’s my boy, Burlesque, Mama, We are the Millers, Now you see me, Hunger Games & Catching Fire, and of course Twilight. Ami is the controler of the remote usually but we usually make the entertainment choices together, we like all the same movies and shows (except for her sports and movies like Fast & Furious, I’m not one for action flicks).
7-For those who just don’t get it, or someone like me who hasn’t lived it, talk about the difference between lesbian sex and lesbian marriage. (or lesbian co-habitating with a fiance) I think we are both more for the lesbian marriage than the sex, the sex is good, but it is not as often as I’d imagine (I’m the sex fanatic) but I think there is a difference with lesbian sex (I think it would be nice to have a good threesome here and there) as for Ami does not approve of such sexual favors. She does not think of sex as a big part of our relationship as I do sometimes. I think the marriage is a big part of our relationship that needs to happen but I do like to have a little fun I just don’t anymore lol.
8-Was there a traditional type proposal of marriage or is it just assumed ?  If it was a proposal, tell that story of how it happened.  When do you think you will actually tie the knot? Ami proposed to me after our first daughter was born, it was about a week later. We had a candle light night with whipped cream and cherries it was so romantic. Out of nowhere she started getting emotional and got down on one knee and asked me. I said yes of course. Since our date is July 6th we are thinking about either this coming July or waiting a year, we just want to make sure we can financially afford a wedding. We plan to go off to another state to get married then come back to Ohio and have a reception with our families.
9- You say in your blog that when you came out your family was accepting.  GOOD !  How did you break the news?  How did that go? I broke the news years ago, I was thirteen years old. They just told me not to make jokes like that but I was serious! A few years later they finally took me serious when I started bringing my girlfriends around. When I was pregnant with my second child (my first daughter) I came out and said this was it, I’m just with girls, I am a lesbian. They all said it was just my pregnancy hormones and I would change my mind when the baby was born. They were obviously wrong. They didn’t mind, they were pretty happy they didn’t need to deal with me being with guys anymore.
10- Time for the big sex question?  Explain to me …and you don’t have to get dirty …what about lesbian sex and love that caused you to finally realize after being with both men and women that you were “born this way” and the answer that you are lesbian was obvious ?  I always am curious if the revelation occurred during lovemaking or in contemplations afterwards? For starters, sex with a woman is a thousand times better than with a man. Women know what you like and take the time to make sure they get things right. I can tell her when something is not right or the way I like it and so can she and we do not take any offense to it. With guys they always seemed to think everything they did was right and I just hate the way sex with guys was. They did not please me even close to how much a woman pleases me. Woman also have more emotions and in my opinion more intense love for each other, sometimes this can be a little out of control with certain girls but for the most part it is a good thing. I think girls know each other better and can get in each other’s minds more easily. I definitely knew I was born this way because I could never stand being with guys I hated it, I hated them. I just had this feeling that they were not right for me.
11-Time now for “The question this writer will always ask!”  What were the circumstances and who was it with when you had your lesbian cherry popped J    (Jacklyn) I was thirteen years old when I had my lesbian cherry popped. It was my neighbor, she was a couple years older than me, and I always had the hots for her. One weekend we ended up staying with each other at her house and no one else was home. We took advantage of the situation… We were playing truth or dare and it turned in to her kissing me and not stopping, everything went from there. (Ami) I was twelve when it first happened for me. This girl from school and I were starting to become real good friends and started hanging out a lot so one day she came over and we were running around the yard outside and she tripped and fell on top of me. It was raining out so we had mud all over us I just grabbed her face and started to kiss her. The rest happened when we were in the shower cleaning up.

THANK YOU Jacklyn and Ami for this candid interview.  I can't wait to follow your blog with the story you tell....and good luck in your life going forward.  Follow Jacklyn on Twitter @UsFiveJacklyn

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