Who Am I ? akiss2desire is a Bible Belt Blogging Bi Big Beautiful Babe who has been sharing her writing, mostly 1st person lesbian erotica, short stories, poetry, and lesbian pop culture realizations from both the experience and fantasy perspectives to an ever growing audience. I recently passed a million page views ! Thanks for the nominations for the Lezzie awards honoring best lesbian erotica on the web.

Those who have come here regularly know that I have taken a bit of a hiatus from posting and publishing, but my past work is still here and if you are new here there is much to be consumed. I am working on several stories right now and writing from the same mix of experience and fantasy that readers have told me they loved.

Those stories will be the foundation of my upcoming compilation book. Today, you get to read for free. Welcome, and I hope you stay awhile.


The Lesbian Kisses of Jennifer Anniston (redo)

(reposted from way back in 2008--whoa a long time on this blog !)

Celebrity Lesbian Crush Of The Week - Jennifer Anniston

Winona Ryder, Lisa Kudrow, Courtney Cox ..and a pretty hot girl in the movie Rockstar. Thats the list of the women that I know and have seen with my own eyes that Jennifer Anniston has kissed. In my humble opinion, the one in the forgettable movie Rockstar was the hottest on screen lesbian kiss for me, and with all the fuss over the Friends kiss with Winona Ryder, the one seconds later with Lisa Kudrow was a bit more erotic. ...ok ..being honest about it, it seems Jennifer Anniston is not a lesbian, these in and of themselves don't make me wet, but it gets the mind going thinking about the "what if's" of making love with Jen. I chose her as the lesbian kiss crush of the week when I saw the tremendous, tasteful, nude photographs of her published this week. She is sooo beautiful ...and no doubt a huge crush. Brad never made her come like I would. :)five lesbian images of our favorite friend ..with benefits :)

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Lesbian Cunnilingus -- my need

Lesbian Cunnilingus my need

After holding you and being held by you, sucking your tongue, deeply kissing, sucking on your nipples and massaging your shoulders, breasts, and body, my fingers have felt your wetness and my hunger can no longer be denied.   Downward I kiss until I am there to gaze and admire before I submerge my tongue into your wet window to your soul.  I pull your skin, your lips upward and expose your clit for my tongue to softly lick and then encircle, flitter, tickle and cause to undulate against my mouth.  I push inward and you shudder and the slippery sliding of two of my fingers joining under and inside while my tongue and lips concentrate on your ultimate pleasure.  Licking side to side or up and down, writing your pleasure in cursive or sucking your clit in between my lips.  Flattening my tongue and tossing my head and neck side to side at first slowly, eventually, almost violently.  On you, in you, under you, and with you my mouth and hands and fingers.  My extra hand upon your breasts, my shoulders riding your thighs, your cry's and breathing and sound to lead me to your bolts of lightning we both feel before it washes me in your love.


I Collect Orgasms - Nicky on Orange Is The New Black - Are They Reading Me ?

I was watching Orange Is The New Black on season 2 in episode 4  when Nicky says "I collect orgasms," in justifying her "fuck book."      I about fell over ...Not that I believe I am the only lesbian with this novel concept ...but I have written about that I collect orgasms more than once.  Here is my favorite passage from a writing in 2013 (linked here)  :

Sexually I should state upfront that while I am open to most anything that doesn't hurt, my main desire is your desire.  I am a giver and always have been.   I get off on getting my partner off and so whatever that may be is where I want to go.   I hope it means you want to accept my desire to give oral for long enough periods of time it might seem I can't get enough ...it's truly what gives me pleasure is to feel someones body respond to what I am doing ...using all of everything available ..tempos, textures, pressure, tenderness, power flip flops, intensity ebbs and flows, every sense enhanced, and especially...tuning into what my lover has told me what was good by her reaction, and anticipating what she wants next and next after that.   I collect orgasms like precious gems and afterglow caresses like diamonds. Nothing would zing me more than for you to say I was your favorite.   Oh yes, there is more ...I love to be liked, loved, and loved upon....perhaps always my disease is the desire to do anything for affection both in bed and honestly in my "real" life as well...but know that if there is chemistry I will do anything to make our short time stolen away wonderful and unforgettable when we are in the bubble --when it's just the two of us and the whole world goes away except our pleasure.  -Alesbiankiss2desire

From 2013 :)  Love YOU Natasha Lyonne


A Lesbian Tribute to Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried in Chloe

I remember knowing that this movie had a lesbian slant, but had no idea that when this scene came up it would be the hottest onscreen Cougar / Kitten lesbian scene with big name actresses in the history of Hollywood.   There is Julianne writhing, getting "they aren't faking that" fingered by Amanda.  Beautiful and erotic. Here are the images :)

I remember knowing that this movie had a lesbian slant, but had no idea that when this scene came up it would be the hottest onscreen Cougar / Kitten lesbian scene with big name actresses in the history of Hollywood.   There is Julianne writhing, getting "they aren't faking that" fingered by Amanda.  Beautiful and erotic. Here are the images :)


"I Like When You Call Me That"

Original first person lesbian fiction by akiss2desire
"Best Of"
All Rights Reserved 2014

I had zeroed in to that doorknob....waiting for it to move...staring at it and urging it to turn ..and finally it did as you entered my room almost sneakily.  No words as you approached, but you took your jacket off to reveal  the dress you wore at the party you left early to come up to this room and be with me , and your incredible breasts and cleavage revealed in the soft light were so lovely I elicited an audible sigh, which caused a slight smile upon your soon to be kissed lips. 

The five minutes I have been naked and awaiting your arrival since your text that said "I'm on my way up baby," felt like five hours.  I can hardly catch my breath now that you are here.   I had missed you so much since you spent around 10 minutes getting me settled in the hotel room and told me you'd cut out of your company's holiday party early so we could have our night together.  I didn't mind being your secret.  I had bathed luxuriously in the executive suite's jacuzzi, gotten bored with the tv quickly, touched up my makeup, dabbed perfume,  and settled upon the softness of the sheets and pillows of this room.  A simple country girl like me had never seen it this good.   I was impressed, and planned on doing whatever you wanted me to do when you arrived.   I knew when you got back from the party it was to be our time.  I had mulled over how I should greet you when you returned ...in the suite upon the couch in the nightie I brought, in the clothes I arrived in perhaps, or, as I eventually decided, in bed, nude, wet, horny, and acknowledging that we were both there to fuck.   As you had written in your email, "I can't wait to spend the night sucking your juicy pussy." 

"How was it ?"

"Drunken assholes making asses of themselves more by the minute. I couldn't wait to get out of there."

"I missed you ....alot."

"I got out of there as fast as I could...I'm even a little earlier than I told you aren't I ?"

"Is this ok ?"


"That I am in this bed ...waiting for you ...wanting you."

"Is it ok ?   It's my dream come true."

You sat down in the hotel rooms comfortable chair a few feet from the head of the bed.  You disengaged our mutual gaze to slip your red heels off.  Untucking your white blouse from your red skirt, a white lace push up bra conceals your nipples, but the beauty of your ample breast is evident. 

"Did you have a drink while I was gone ?  Or two ? " she said making a hand gesture towards to bar where she had told me to help myself to as much as I wanted while she was gone.   Making conversation as she stripped down. 

"I did ...Captain Morgan and I are old drinking buddies." 

 I had visions of climbing of the bed and devouring  you on that chair.  But you stood up and off came the skirt, but left the slip on.  You looked at me and exclaimed "You have the most incredible eyes I have seen in so long."   Out of the chair, you come to me and knelt down next to the side of the bed I am on about midway where you softly grasp my hand which us clasped upon the top cover of the bed.  You gently stroked my hand and then lifted my hand to your lips and began to suck my fingers...middle first, then the ring, and twirling your tongue around my pinky, then finishing by closing your eyes sensously and sucking ---actually closer to fellating ...my index finger in long up and down strokes.  It felt so good with your warm mouth, and had my mind wildly dancing to wonder what would come next.  I was on fire for you, and you still hadn't even french kissed me ..the quick peck before you left for the party helped me understand and trust you ...just a feel I had for you...and now you were giving me incredible sensations with your mouth and tongue ...your experience showing, and my inexperience lending credence to the vulnerability I felt in my being and with every nerve ending of my skin ...even in my bones I was at your lesbian mercy and in as submissive state of mind I had ever been with with any lover.  

After you sucked my fingers, you pulled my hand to your breast ...so soft.  I saw in your eyes when contact was made there how much desire you had and how good that felt that your desires were so astoundingly obvious for me.   You unhooked the bra and my fingernails grazed over your skin and your nipples as the straps and fabric fell  down over your shoulders and with a soft tug from my fingers, down to the hotel room carpet.  The absolute most beatiful nipples I have ever seen responded to my fingertips touch of kneading and soft pinches.  You went from stroking my wrists and forearms while I did this to over top of the blanket grasp both of my breasts.  How quickly my senses were becoming overwhelmed with all the sensations our heat was producing. 

I knew before I said it that I would be sounding like a "bumpkin" but I said it anyway.  "You sure know how to treat a woman."   I meant it in a first date way, and I meant it in a way that had a subtext of submission to wherever she was going to lead us.   "You make me feel like I'm a teenager," I said honestly.   You replied, "I am so taken with you too.  This is going to be so wonderful for both of us."  We spoke as we caressed each others breasts.  "So I hear you love to eat pussy," she said ...."I understand we have that in common," I replied.  "I can't wait." 

You lifted yourself up, turned around and slithered out of the remaining fabric upon you, and nude now you first sat upon the bed and I looked up at you.  ...then you quickly lifted the coves to expose me, your eyes drinking in the site of my breasts and with your mouth agape in a breathless gasp, told me "how marvelous" my tits looked.   I wanted them sucked right then as the colder air of the room stiffened my nipples and drove me to a higher desire.  You started to lay next to me and I scooted over to allow you room to get under the covers. 

Then you rolled me to my back and looked down into my eyes ..then to my lips your eyes went and you lowered yourself to me.   Our skin now touching and mushing together at our sides, and then the sensation of your lips. 

Your lips so soft.  Deep, powerful kisses from us both with wide open mouths and warm slithering  tongues.  Each kiss topping the one before it even more passionate.   You were causing me to say things I didn't care if they sounded dumb or not...but they were things I had never said before.  But felt right ..and true.  "You make my pussy burn with your kisses," I panted.   Sucking on my bottom lip now, you broke it and said " I wanna suck that hot, juicy pussy."  Not ever one to have done this kind of dirty talk before much, I blurted out something that felt right ...."You want my juicy pussy," and at the "yes" you murmured into my mouth into the next french kiss, I said when our lips parted, "want my hot cunt," and you reached down, lifting my breast..then diving to my breast, sucking with a medium aggressiveness upon my breast and my nipple and as I strained not to shriek in delight, you whispered "hot cunt."  I answered back, "hot cunt,"   and you said "are you MY hot cunt ?"  "I'm your hot cunt."   Your hand upon the breast you weren't sucking now squeezing quite hard as if to leave an imprint ..and squeezing outward towards the nipple then being pinched lightly, then much more firmly "hot cunt" you said into my tit and with a noticeable increase in anxious desire.   Your lips released my nipple and my pussy was gushing for you and awaiting your imment touch.
You then lifted up and hunched over me and my eyes couldn't look into yours for a moment cause gosh...I never dreamed of this feeling going through my body.  Your long dark hair fell upon my shoulder from above, and as i looked away from you...I took your hair into my mouth and simultaneously lunged my hips up into your thigh so that my wet pussy lips would kiss your skin and you could feel how badly I wanted you. 

And then you said to me the most sexy, the most romantic thing any lesbian woman said to me in the heat of our desire.  "I want you to know that  want to do everything with you...at all once...but of course...not possible...so tonight...like this. all the other ways for all the times to come....because I want you to always be my sweet, hot cunt"

"I'm your hot cunt."

"My sweet, wet, burning ....hot ...cunt."

And in case there was any doubt...."keep calling me that ..i love it when you call me that," I told you. 

One more deeply passionate kiss and I knew you were to devour me in moments.  I was ready to come right then. 

"I want you so bad," I said as your mouth sucked in my right breast and nipple hard enough to leave a mark and make a sound as the air slipped between your lips, and you even gulped as if you were drinking my skin in.  

"I'm going to make this juicy, hot pussy come for me all night,"  you said as you began to kiss your way down my belly towards my undoubtedly steaming vagina.   I think I loved you at that moment as much as I ever loved any woman. 

You slipped two fingers inside me on your way down ...everything a blur  but I most remember contractions of the muscles around your fingers, the twisting and writhing of  uncontrollabe of my...and the high pitched noises that accompanied each orgasm, while I either looked down at you in the soft light sometimes to see that I believe I had finally, FINALLY met a woman who loved to give head to a woman as much as I always had.   Your face contorted with the most incredibly beautiful eyes in the throes of each of my powerful orgasms. 

Sweetly but forcefully, you spent the next hour  wearing me out ..inside and out i am completely spent but i dont want you to stop. 
And when it came to for my mouth upon your pussy, I asked you to do something for me.  I wanted to suck it from underneath, laying on my back.  "Will you ..umm..." and I couldnt say the words "sit on my face"  So I guided your thighs towards me and slid under you and explained  "...so I can eat you from down here "  
Without anything being said, you might have thought you had to do this for me... something in me let that be ok for now.  I wanted you too badly to give you any possible chance of backing out just yet.  I remember my mouth latching on to your clit with my lips and the tangy, slightly sweet smell of your wetness. Your pussy captures my tongue inside you and releases it gently.  I pull you into this kiss upon your mons, or do you push your luscious lips into mine to invite my tongue to continue to penetrate you and slide up onto your stiff button.  Your love to drink your thighs upon my cheeks and shoulders.  The shudders of your pleasure engulf my soul.
That lesbian fire in me that had dissapeared like a ghost ..now has come raging back through every fiber of my being thanks to the inspiration of your beauty. your way, and the honor of your affection.  I cant give you enough with my mouth but I try. 
This is the heart that has been beating only for you today ..yesterday ..last week and last month ...and wishes to beat for your forevermore.


Our Lesbian Blindfold Experiment

Our Lesbian Blindfold Experiment Short erotic fiction by akiss2desire
all rights reserved
I want to do something a little different with her, and so on this Saturday night we have together, we will. See, by MY definition, I am not very kinky ...but that doesn't mean I haven't engaged in quite a few things in my sex life that would be considered by many to be kinky ..and by kinky for many, the meaning is anything beyond heterosexual missionary position. You know ...even vanilla sex is pretty good ..and for most of my encounters with men and women, what would be memorable would be the level of passion or lack thereof rather than what position we stretched our bodies into or what implements or flavors might have been included. So, for me to say "I want to do something a little different" does not mean we will swing from the ceiling, nor does it imply we will need heavy duty power cord extensions. It just means that there are so many ways to express this love for her, and we'll roll the dice and see if this different way feels right for us.

I am by definition neither defined by the term dom or sub. I am familiar with the dom / sub lifestyle and just couldn't see myself fitting either of those labels. But ..introduce a blindfold into the bedroom scenario, and I guess it's hard to escape that the roles become something like that. I'd made up my mind to ask her to trust me with the blindfold when I was in a second hand store and saw a beautiful and inexpensive maroon silk scarf. While my imagination ran wild with the suppositions of what might happen between us while she couldn't see what i was doing, or about to do, I tried to quell the many thoughts for fear of losing the spontaneity that would make the experience as delicious to me as I knew I could make it for her. I had always thought that for an experience like the one I was thinking about creating for us to "work," it would take ALOT of mutual trust ..and with my sweet wonderful girl,

When she arrived that night, we did the usual drinking each other in, enjoying a first passionate kiss, and even though in these moments neither one of us know exactly how it will start or where it is going, there is the sureity of our always smoldering passion flaring up into the white hot hour of orgasmic give and take in these meetings that have become the highlight of my every week. A freshen up and small talk and a wine cooler opened and mostly put away, it was time for our arms to lace together, our tongues to begin to tangle...and how GOOD of a kisser she always is with her tongue entering me, sweeping back and forth and mine swirling around and entering past her lips to explore her warm invitation. Juices are flowing and we know, as always, how into each other we are, and how easily our love for each other meshes and quickly into making love.

"Wait wait....hold on a second." She resists at first, my breaking of our deep kiss, and unsuccessfull tries to continue it ..but I just hold her tight, lower my head to nibble upon her neck and then back away to put my hands upon her shoulders and look her in the eye. I gently push her down on the bed before me, and she sat with a look that almost said "get on with it." Beautiful before me on the bed with her shoes long since kicked off, but her sky blue square neck loose fitting top that not only accentuated the round of her breasts pushing upward and urging to break free from the black lace fringed bra concealed but hinted at so slightly, her long dark hair softly laying on her shoulders ...her sweet eyes so innocent and trusting of me.

"So I told you I'd like to try something different ok?" I said standing above her, reaching out my right hand. She held it with one warm palm, reaching up to twirl the tassels dangling down from my purple floral v neck raggy cardigan that emphasized my braless cleavage.

"Babe...I love that look you give me." She can melt me with that half smile, half pout. She bites her lower lip and drinks me in with her puppy dog eyes. Oh how she makes me want her and so thankful that I have her.

She began to giggle ...not that anything at all was funny, but just her natural response to the nervous, sexual tension building up between us in the darkly lit room.

"Alright, listen...hear me out. I could never hurt you, or scare you, or torment you, orrrrrr, " I flashed a naughty smile, "tie you up and get out the whips and chains," (she laughed) "or make you think I am asking you to submit to me as a submissive to a dominatrix.

"yah want me to tie YOU up ? " she smiled ..I knew she would if I wanted ..and probably will someday ...

"However, " I continued as if I wasn't taken aback by her candor, " ...I kinda do want you to submit to the pleasure I want to give you ...If you trust me ..if we trust each other ..I think what we can have would just let me have you completely, we can make a wonderful memory. " She nodded ...kinda curled her neck to her side and smiled as I started to walk away ..."let me get something," I said and from my purse I quickly retrieved the scarf and returned to the bed, but on the other side.

"What are you going to do with that?" she said looking back at me.

"Find out how much you trust me.

"I've always trusted you babe."

"We'll see"

As I began, there was a part of me that was experience that "here we go," thrill of the type you get when the roller coaster ride start, As in, It's finally here. Coming up behind her on the bed and on my knees, I elicit another nervous giggle from her when I drape the scarf around her and begin upon my mission. After the scarf is tied and I have confidence in her vision being taken away, she giggles and laughs "couldnt you have just turned out the light ?" and then adds .."so what next...are you going to tie me up ?" "Do you want to be tied up darling ?" "oh please don't tie me up..and don't spank me either, even though I've been a baaad girl," she mocked. I could tell she was thrilled to go along with whatever I wanted...but there was also a hint of unsure about what is next anxiety. She knew that my intentions weren't to play out that kind of scene ..well, maybe not tonight anyway, but also, it was clear already, I was in enough control to where she didn't know what was going to be coming next.

I started to gently massage her shoulders from behind on the bed, and then reached around to lift and gently squeeze the orbs of her breasts through the fabric of both her top and her bra with both hands. "You really smell so good tonight," I whispered in her ear before wrapping my lips around her soft and sensitive earlobe. While tonguing and sucking there, I began to unbutton her blouse and stroked her skin with my fingertips and nails all along the path...down and up..feeling her lean back against me , and when the bottom button was undone, my hand wandered to between her legs, pushed into the fabric of her jeans and back upward my fingers traveled to again lift and caress her breasts for a moment, before tugging the top over her shoulders, pulling arms out of the sleeves, and stroking and gently raking my nails along her skin as I went about it, upwards to undo the clasps of her turquoise bra , and sensually removed it ...pulling the fabric over her nipples to stimulate both to their state of obvious excitement. I wanted to get her undressed because I knew the feeling of being there naked, and blindfolded, would be a delightfully wicked sensation.

Between my legs I was getting quite the itch, and the dampness was seepin. I have to confess in knowing that I wanted to DO this, but having no plan, realizing it wold just play out, I was typically fearing that I wouldnt make this a memorable ENOUGh experience ...I was determined to find every opening to pleasure her in proven ways, and find as many new ways to arouse her as well.

I enjoyed her topless, staring straight ahead into the darkness of her scarf, as I got out of the bed, came around to her side, and then,after standing abover her for a moment, running all the possibilities through, resisted kissing her, or bobbling her ample breasts, because those would be what she would perhaps expect, and the point of the blindfold experience was to add some unpredictability ...so, instead for my next move knelt before her ..my fingertiops tracing down from her neck..to her boobs ..her stomach ..and on the belt loop of her jeans, I undid them, then unsnapped and unzipped...took just a half second to check her warmth between her thighs, and began to remove first her jeans over her knees, finally sliding them off her calfs at the floor...so that now she was sitting upright on the bed and completely nude except for the scarf tied as a blindfold around her eyes. Don't you just know how proud of all of this I was ..I never undressed a woman so expertly ...it was clean, erotic, and got to the point I wanted for both of us. While I was undressing her, when one of my tassles dangled aganst the skin just below her bosom, she twirled it and then instinctively reached towards my boob and giving it a gentle squeeze, she said "Am I allowed to touch you ?"

"You aren't my slave ....I just want you to feel how much I care for you."
"I miss looking at you.....but ...don't stop."

It was not the first time her words caused a white hot flush throughout my body and soul. She always knows what to say, how to touch, how to moan, how to inspire me.

And kneeling before her when i finished undressing her, even though I was sooooo ready to remove my own clothes, or to help her get them off of me, but i knelt there admiring her, as she ran her fingers through my hair, I drank in the vision of her pink erect nipples juxtaposed against the creamy skin of her round C cup boobs, the dark tuft between her legs parted for me to be between them on my knees. Allll the things I could do next ...I was wondering ...her feet called to me, and I massaged first the right, then the left, while she moaned as though I were inside her with my tongue. "This is better than sex," she uttered. I loved the feel of her skin and when my breast laid upon her calf I realized how badly I wanted that feeling with my bare breast, as opposed to through my top. So, I stopped rubbing, "oooooooh," she complained, and I lifted the top over my head, and then playfully draped it upon her head. "Heyyyyy," she whined, and knocked my top to the floor as I nestled between her legs to resume gently kneading and pushing against her toes and the arch of her foot, while this time resting my boob upon her smoothly shaven calf ..soft skin against soft skin. "You're giving me goosebumps all over."

I began to kiss from her feet, upwardly licking past her right thigh and knee until I was once again kneeling and facing her ...I spread her legs, and she invitingly spread them more. I pushed upon her belly, " Lay back ...I want to taste you."

"mmmm I love when you eat my pussy," she softly said, and I replied, " who says I'm going to do that >?"

Well she knew I could never resist.

I began to lick, nibble, and suck the inside of her thighs, and I hear you " ohhhhh waht are you doing to me,"

"I honestly don't know...have no idea," i reply between licks ..and then upward I go towards her mound to gently suck, lick and tickle and tease. Further upward I climb and reach up to clinch a breast in each hand while my mouth gently kisses your belly ...my bare right breast rubs against and absorbs the moisture from her pussy lips ...it feels good enough that i more purposely roll my boob against her there ..then again, adn we are having the same ideal because then she uttered "babe, I've always wanted you to fuck me with your tits...don';t stop."

"your wish is my command,"

Now, SHE is the one tied up, and look who is giving the orders. Funny isn't it how things are ...but thats how it is with us ..always the perfect sharing and give and take of the power in bed.

"Damn," the curse escapes from my subconscious and aloud in the room. I cuss because this is nothing like what I planned ..then again, I didn't have ANYTHING planned. Still ... it's going much faster than I thought the blindfold experiment would go ...this was supposed to be more of a study of slow sensuality ...yet here we are, in just as much the heat of passion as we ever are, with no turning back and seemingly no slowing down.

When I am able to give up the sensation of her wetness and feeling it get ever so more wet beneath my stiff nipple, all those wonderful sensations between us, I kiss her side and your hip and slink downward running my nose and lips down the smooth skin, but moving decidely away from where I know of her achinng, growing need. But it's not in my nature to make her suffer long. Once again licking and sucking on her thighs, perhaps trying to make you feel I might just stay there all night, I can feel the squirm of impatience, but when my finger reaches towards her, so slippery, and I imagine throbbing, and I can tease her desire, nor can i deny my intense hunger any more.

The euphoria of licking her is equal every time to the first time it happened ..when it was the first lesbian experience for my younger. most beautiful, amazing lover. I creamed thinking so much about how her mind was swimming, processing all the amazing sensations and emotions between us. That euphoria, as I dove into her as if I hadn't been fed for a month, was every bit the same euphoria as the very first time.

It feels so good to twist and twirl my tongue around her lips and her clit ...my complete satisfaction ...my need taken care of totally. My own pussy aches as I kneel with my hands underneath her ..lifting her into my mouth. Each way she responds to my love urges me on to the next of sensations. Fingers inside her, tongue up and down, slowly coaxing her clit out of its hood, then rapidly swirling it, tickling until I can feel you need something with more pressure, harder both inside and on top ...together we feel each others needs ...my need to maximize your pleasure and cause your every next moan or gasp or breath, or grip of my head or hair or tightning of your thigh muscles and of course, the way all time stops just before your gushing upon my palm and lips release of all these waves of pleasure in you that we both so crave and desire.

The foundation is laid for the rest of the night. Moments later the blindfold comes off ...we will gaze into each others eyes for the rest of our orgasmic evening.


Lesbian Poetry "Come Live Inside My Soul"

Come Live Inside My Soul
by akiss2desire
all rights reserved

A flood of warmth raced through my body
and my soul

The tingles shot past my stiffening nipples
down to my ever dampening pussy
which she grinded into with her thigh
as her lips gently sucked on my neck
her tongue tenderly adding to the thrill

More tingles down the neck
surrender me to your desire
come live inside my soul with me


The Lesbian Week that Was ....Ellen Page, Juliane Moore, Gay Marriage in Virginia, and a lez flirt :)

I guess if I had gotten laid...it might  have been perfect.   Well, a little flirting happened ...but the big stories were big stories for lesbians and especially here in Virginia.  I had been told by a friend that 2014 was THE year Virginia would get gay marriage, and it turns out that looks like it's going to happen thanks to a decision made by a judge this week. Marriage equality is steamrolling right along, but if there was one expression heard by many, whether conservative or liberal, gay or straight, it was "I never thought that would happen in Virginia."   I blogged about the story here   http://saphicsophistication.blogspot.com/2014/02/next-state-for-gay-marriage-virginia.html  Got some cool retweets and a few new followers too :)  @akiss2desire on twitter.

Then, one of my heart strings, Ellen Page, not only came out as lesbian ...that honestly doesn't surprise me ...however, there has not been a more articulate and moving speech as hers in the course of announcing that she is a lesbian.  I cried, replayed it, copied some lines for the blog, replayed it, made a visual of her most inspiring words and tweeted it, and encourage you to find my coverage of this event here. http://saphicsophistication.blogspot.com/2014/02/ellen-page-comes-out-as-lesbian-and.html and here http://saphicsophistication.blogspot.com/2014/02/ellen-page-comes-out-as-lesbian.html

THEN came the news as my heavy older woman lesbian crush, Julianne Moore, is going to be Ellen Page's lesbian lover in a new movie about Marriage Equality.   That just seems to mix allllll these stories together.  Then, what if I told you the flirting I got this week was from ..get this ..wait for it ..an older woman named Julie.  Seriously ?   Now the whole week seems a destiny.   Here is my story on Julianne and Ellen, http://saphicsophistication.blogspot.com/2014/02/julianne-moore-and-ellen-page-to-be.html

Now if the flirtation becomes something more, I will have some more first person erotica to write about here LOL>  (Says the writer who has about 5 unfinished projects right now)


Lesbian Breast Love

Once again our eyes meet and hers seem to say "like this" as she grasps and lifts my boob ...instinctively using her thumb to stimulate my nipple and cause me to gasp.  I respond by gripping the soft skin of her breast harder, and we both know that the urge to go slow is about to be a bursted dam of inhibitions lost between us.  I lower my head to swallow a nipple and moan into it, hearing her own moan in my ears above causes my arousal to heighten ever moreso.  Devouring her breast, aggressively, yet ever so softly. Moaning ..slurping even ...loving the weight but also loving the give and response of her tightened nipple between my lips and teeth.


Lesbian Blog Review and Interview Us Five with Jacklyn

This begins a series of reviews sometimes including interviews of lesbian themed websites and blogs.  These will primarily be posted on my newest blog THE RAINBOW REVIEW.  If you have a site to recommend to me, email me at akiss2desire@gmail.com or hit me up on twitter @akiss2desire. 
Review: Us Five
I'm Jacklyn. Almost 20. Three Babies. A Lesbian :). Fiance, Ami. A whole lot of love
Interview: Jacklyn who blogs about her thoughts and lesbian mom life with fiance Ami.
Site Link: 

In the best lesbian blogging, I think it's all about honesty.  My favorite new lesbian blog is a friend and fan named Jacklyn who has the knack for making one feel for her wants and needs and experiences.  It's called USFIVE and its about she and her lesbian partner and their kids. 
She blogs about her life and the things she likes and doesn't and about her kids and her partners feelings about what’s going on.  Beautiful pics of the babies.

Its not sexual or erotic ..but that is not to say that this isn't a sexual and erotic couple, because ...well, you will see when you get to the interview with Jacklyn....and in fact, the blog is erotic  ..well because it IS because its love. Love in and of itself is sexy and erotic just for that.
Jacklyn does the writing, and Ami is the spouse to be.  She agreed to this interview for my new blog about lesbian authors and their creations.  This lesbian blog is wholesome and American.  A peek into the life of a lesbian mother of three.  Some excerpts before the questions:
It is a blessing to have a baby momma this great to help me with our the kids. I don't give two craps what anyone says or how anyone feels about us because nothing could ever separate us, we are imperceptible. We are in love.

And  Jacklyn writes about what it is like to come out of the homosexual closet :
Have you ever wondered about why people are gay?
If people are just born that way or if they make themselves that way?
I was born this way. 
After having two kids within two years, I had reached the time to finally come completely out of the closet.
When I did my family was accepting even though they thought it was just a faze, I proved them wrong about that.
Overall, I would not change the way I am, even if I could!

And I selected this passage because I am a lesbian who is also Christian (convinced that my God loves everyone !)
God, he plays a big part in my life and is definitely a reason for me and my family to live for. Without him to look up to everyday I think at this point I would be lost. Whenever I am having troubles in my day all I have to do is pray and take a deep breath and things start to unfold before my eyes.

Now let me first confess that I have a very natural crush on both of the women in this family.  I appreciate their love, but call me for the threesome if you are into it because I will be there with bells on.  Jacklyn and Ami are beautiful and erotic, sensuous looking and attractive and voluptuous.  I have enjoyed getting to know Jacklyn as a blogger and now to get to know her more for this interview I will ask 10 questions ...and maybe one more :) 

Welcome Jacklyn and THANKS for the interview.  I am going to ask questions about you AND your spouse, and you can answer, but if she chimes in do share.

1 Got to ask ...how did you first hook up …was it from a date, natural friendship extension, or the sudden hot sex hookup? We were set up by a friend. It was the beginning of July two days after the 4th and we finally decided to meet in person. We’d been talking for days and this was finally it. Downtown in my hometown (Mount Vernon, Ohio), we have this thing called first Friday and it is a festival on the first Friday of every month. Ami lived in Marion, Ohio, she finally came up to meet me, and our plan was to meet at the festival. My first look at her blew me away. She was so gorgeous! She was wearing a wife beater and basketball shorts. Mmm, did she look good! After the festival we headed off to my friends (I was house sitting), Ami drank some beers and we snuggled up in bed together. It did not take long before I was rubbing up on her. I tried to induce a “sudden hot sex hookup” but the girl wouldn’t let me get past rubbing on her. The next night though was a different story ;).
2- The more I read how natural your writing is, the more I think you are on your way to being the quintessential lesbian married mom’s blog.  There isn’t anything else like it online but it’s a subject everyone is interested in with gay marriage in its infancy.  You are set for a huge following and quickly.  You already show us a glimpse into your life, are there subjects and issues you can’t wait to tackle for your readers?  What can followers look forward to reading about in 2014? Well since I just finally got my blog up and running, the subjects of my posts come as I go. Really I just want the world to hear my story, that lesbians can make perfect moms, even if they are young. I think one day I might get the courage to write about some more personal things (which Ami is not very fond of) and I hope one day that Ami decides to put some of her own input and words in to my blog. About a year ago she flipped when I said I was starting a blog about us, she did not approve of me writing about us where everyone can read it. I finally talked her in to it so I am hoping she will get interested one day. One of the biggest subjects I will be writing about coming August will be the sergeant pregnancy I am doing for either my mother or our close family friend. I will be doing a diary like blog linked to mine.
3-The concept of “lesbian bed death” portrays married lesbians as losing sexual interest and becoming more like roommates after a period of time.  For some it’s a stark reality.   How many times a month do you get it on and how do you keep it interesting? Is one or the other of you more likely to mix it up?  Is one of you more dominant than the other under the covers? I am more likely to mix things up a bit, Ami is usually up for anything but she draws limits sometimes. We are usually equal when it comes to being dominant under the covers but sometimes we take turns taking control depending on how horny one of us is. I feel sometimes we can have that sense of roommates but for the most part we can be pretty active. We have sex about once a week and sometimes more than that but in between having sex on days that we get too lazy we play with our vibrators together.
4- Society still doesn’t seem to accept fully that children can grow up with two mommies.  Have you begun to explain to the kids that your relationship is different than most? How will you tackle these issues going forward for the kids? The kids are 3 ½ months, 1 year, 2 year, so they have not had the chance to ask any questions yet but Xavier, our oldest calls Ami, mommy Ami and me mommy Jack. He knows he has two mommies and a dad (which he only sees once a week) but he does not seem to be confused about the situation. Arie, our second oldest calls us both just ma’ma. I do not think it will be much problem explaining to the kids in the future, I think they will be very accepting. I feel it is more fun for them to have two moms rather than the traditional mom/dad.
5-As I write a lesbian erotica blog, I ask about things that stimulate you. Now on two years together, tell me what facets of lesbian culture do you partake in together and / or alone ?   The things I am thinking of are lesbian erotic kindle books, lesbian pop culture movies (have any faves ?) lesbian fiction, lesbian themed TV shows like “Black is the New Orange” on Netflix or others featuring lesbian characters, 1st person erotic lesbian blogs (Ahem!) and last but certainly not least, lesbian porn.  Talk about these things in your life. Of course our favorite Erotic Lesbian Blog is yours J AlesbianKiss2Desire. My favorite lesbian movie is “But I’m a Cheerleader”. We watch the L word but I have never heard of “Black is the New Orange”, I’ll have to check it out. I read lesbian erotic stories online to spike things up sometimes, I read them out loud and it really gets us going. We do like lesbian porn, occasionally we will watch regular porn but lesbian is definitely our number one.
6-Speaking of pop culture ..now with non lesbian themes, what kind of music or artists do you listen to? What TV shows do you watch or sports ?  What movies have you most enjoyed the last year ?  Since you’ve been living together, is there one of you who most often “gets the remote control” or makes more of the entertainment choices ? We listen to pop and country a lot of country though. Right now we are in to watching seasons of shows like House, NCIS, The Killing, Secret Life of the American Teenager, and we just finished up Nurse Jackie and Weeds. Ami watches football but I absolutely hate sports lol. For movies we loved That’s my boy, Burlesque, Mama, We are the Millers, Now you see me, Hunger Games & Catching Fire, and of course Twilight. Ami is the controler of the remote usually but we usually make the entertainment choices together, we like all the same movies and shows (except for her sports and movies like Fast & Furious, I’m not one for action flicks).
7-For those who just don’t get it, or someone like me who hasn’t lived it, talk about the difference between lesbian sex and lesbian marriage. (or lesbian co-habitating with a fiance) I think we are both more for the lesbian marriage than the sex, the sex is good, but it is not as often as I’d imagine (I’m the sex fanatic) but I think there is a difference with lesbian sex (I think it would be nice to have a good threesome here and there) as for Ami does not approve of such sexual favors. She does not think of sex as a big part of our relationship as I do sometimes. I think the marriage is a big part of our relationship that needs to happen but I do like to have a little fun I just don’t anymore lol.
8-Was there a traditional type proposal of marriage or is it just assumed ?  If it was a proposal, tell that story of how it happened.  When do you think you will actually tie the knot? Ami proposed to me after our first daughter was born, it was about a week later. We had a candle light night with whipped cream and cherries it was so romantic. Out of nowhere she started getting emotional and got down on one knee and asked me. I said yes of course. Since our date is July 6th we are thinking about either this coming July or waiting a year, we just want to make sure we can financially afford a wedding. We plan to go off to another state to get married then come back to Ohio and have a reception with our families.
9- You say in your blog that when you came out your family was accepting.  GOOD !  How did you break the news?  How did that go? I broke the news years ago, I was thirteen years old. They just told me not to make jokes like that but I was serious! A few years later they finally took me serious when I started bringing my girlfriends around. When I was pregnant with my second child (my first daughter) I came out and said this was it, I’m just with girls, I am a lesbian. They all said it was just my pregnancy hormones and I would change my mind when the baby was born. They were obviously wrong. They didn’t mind, they were pretty happy they didn’t need to deal with me being with guys anymore.
10- Time for the big sex question?  Explain to me …and you don’t have to get dirty …what about lesbian sex and love that caused you to finally realize after being with both men and women that you were “born this way” and the answer that you are lesbian was obvious ?  I always am curious if the revelation occurred during lovemaking or in contemplations afterwards? For starters, sex with a woman is a thousand times better than with a man. Women know what you like and take the time to make sure they get things right. I can tell her when something is not right or the way I like it and so can she and we do not take any offense to it. With guys they always seemed to think everything they did was right and I just hate the way sex with guys was. They did not please me even close to how much a woman pleases me. Woman also have more emotions and in my opinion more intense love for each other, sometimes this can be a little out of control with certain girls but for the most part it is a good thing. I think girls know each other better and can get in each other’s minds more easily. I definitely knew I was born this way because I could never stand being with guys I hated it, I hated them. I just had this feeling that they were not right for me.
11-Time now for “The question this writer will always ask!”  What were the circumstances and who was it with when you had your lesbian cherry popped J    (Jacklyn) I was thirteen years old when I had my lesbian cherry popped. It was my neighbor, she was a couple years older than me, and I always had the hots for her. One weekend we ended up staying with each other at her house and no one else was home. We took advantage of the situation… We were playing truth or dare and it turned in to her kissing me and not stopping, everything went from there. (Ami) I was twelve when it first happened for me. This girl from school and I were starting to become real good friends and started hanging out a lot so one day she came over and we were running around the yard outside and she tripped and fell on top of me. It was raining out so we had mud all over us I just grabbed her face and started to kiss her. The rest happened when we were in the shower cleaning up.

THANK YOU Jacklyn and Ami for this candid interview.  I can't wait to follow your blog with the story you tell....and good luck in your life going forward.  Follow Jacklyn on Twitter @UsFiveJacklyn

Answering Your Lesbian Sex Questions @Akiss2desire

I have been a member for years of a website where bisexual and bi curious women converse about what they are feeling, fantasizing about, and wanting to do.  Because I comment  (as an expert ????) often on this site, I realized that if I take the subject matter of the thread and reprint my own original answers, then I essentially have a Q & A for A Lesbian Kiss To Desire.  So here is what I have so far, and then if you can think of any question you want to ask me that wasn't answered here, or if you want to send me a personal comment, write me at akiss2desire@gmail.com   or hit me up on twitter @akiss2desire (I don't spam people or anything )

Can't Come Without Vibrator. Help!
I got to a point where it was hard to come without the vibrator and I kind of didn't like that ...so I quit using it.  I own one now but I only use it ...wonderfully ..a time or two a month.   When I was quitting ..must like a cigarette addict ...it was ALL i could do when masturbating not to reach for it.  But now I soooooo prefer just using my palm and fingers.

Did cybersex lead to real sex ? (my topic)
So way back in  the 1990s I was on AOL where every single guy you were chatting with would predictably say something like "what are you wearing," to try to facilitate a sexual conversation.  Yes it happened in the lesbian chatrooms too, and was usually the sign that the "woman" you were talking to wasn't a "woman." at all.  But having said that, when I was talking to someone I trusted was a woman, it could lead to phone verification and even phone sex.   At some point some of those relationships began as conversations that evolved into cybersex ...reaching down and touching yourself between sentences.

Now, alot of cybersex was role play ...or descriptive playings out of the sexual scenario at hand.   I didn't like that and would state it up front, which meant that 95 percent of those online seeking cybersex would not talk to me after determining I wouldn't go along with them on a "first you do this, then I do that, then we do this together," play by play of imaginary sex.  I enjoyed much more subtle ways of getting to know someone, getting comfortable with them, and then eventually ...fingering myself in front of the computer while they presumably did the same.   But for me, I had to have SOME way ..usually, phone verification, to KNOW it was a girl or I wouldn't go there.   But once I was comfortable ..see ..I masturbate ALOT ..and masturbating together was just a way I enjoyed to get off.  There were phone sex sessions, cybersex, and it often got more than just sexual, but also emotional.

It also evolved to real meetings 3 times.  Interesting when I'm making love to her and she comments "Oh, you told me you were going to do it like this."   LOL.   Seriously though, have you met anyone after cybersex or phone sex ?   Did the sex in reality feel like you had imagined it would in the cyber world ?  For me, I was never dissapointed and would gladly do it again if circumstances were right.   I'd even say that having had cyber experiences enhanced our first real experiences because we more understood what each other liked, wanted, and expected ....my girls knew to expect that I would never get fatigued when giving oral :)   Can't get enough.

Do You Have A Standard Body Reaction When You Orgasm (Or About To?)?
I point my toes and dig my nails into something ...a mattress or a head of hair, my thighs are very tense and in rhythm with the stimulation I can hold back the moans but I get more out of the orgasm if I let them go as they will so I do.  I'm swirling and a bit weightless, lunging my hips often, and at THE moment the legs are tense, the back is arched, I am soundless for a few seconds, and I am sure I have the stupidest look on my face :)

Embarrassing Question: How To Be Quieter?
I can do it silently ...i prefer not to ...having said that ..half a dozen times when I need to be quiet ...it just comes out ...there you are exploding and involuntarily I am vocalizing my pleasure.  This has happened in bed but also while in the shower while hoping "nobody heard that."    I haven't been called on it ..perhaps I need the pillow precaution.

How Old Were You When you first went down on a girl ?
I had done it in my MIND about a million times between the age of 12 and 18 when I first got to do it for real.  I felt right at home ..where I belonged and after we talked she agreed that I was a natural.   She was good to me too, although I had been fortunate to have been with a particularly skilled guy before her and could not escape the comparisons in my mind while she was doing it.   It's important to note that in my first time and subsequent times with women that the physical pleasure is accompanied by an emotional bond that is just as fervent to me.

Realizing You Was Bi/bicurious
It crystallized for me when I realized ...really realized what women did together. I was 12.    It became the most obvious thing in the world...that I was at the very least bisexual.  I was considering at the time I might be gay but never let myself open to that until I was 28.
Is There Such A Thing As Too Wet?
Maybe it's my personality..a bit of ego ...but one of the amazing things for me is that everytime I feel a woman's wetness upon my finger, I like that she is that wet ...that turned on ..for ME :)   As for me, I was with men, and more so with women, SO much a gusher ...if not always on my first orgasm (come to think of it usually not) ...the second and third orgasm ...I just drench the bed and will often get a comment on it.  As I go down on a girl, not all women drench the bed in similar fashion, but for me, I look at that wet spot ...or a couple of wet spots, almost like a trophy of what we have created together making love.

I Have Become Obsessed With Breasts
I live in the country, but very close to a bustling college community where a trip to walmart will usually involve literally dozens of encounters with college girls. I'm not just a closet lesbian in the bible belt, as I say, but one with an extremely high libido and one who just doesn't get laid enough ...in fact, I damn near don't get laid at all.

Well, dear readers, something happens i9n April in a college town.  In the winter, perhaps a trip to Walmart will involve me noticing a woman more usually closer to my own age or even older, but all those college girls, for one thing, are not out in force, but for another thing, aren't dressed like that! . But a few warm days, and a chance trip to town for bargains, and one after the other after the other intrigue me.  I'm like, "she's hot, wow so is she...there goes another, " and by the end of the half hour I've mentally  fucked a dozen women, all under 23 or so, and not a damn one made eye contact with me, flirted with me, or knew I existed.

i wish we lived in a world where we could be as honest in a Walmart as we sometimes are online with women from who knows where from sometimes.   Imagine coming up and just laying it out there. "Pardon me, but do you realize your cleavage shows around 45% of your breast, which by the way is of perfect roundness and desirability, and between the sight of your boobs and the beauty in your eyes, I just want to tell you that if you want to have your pussy eaten like it's never been eaten before, here's my number, my email, and an offer to show you the hardest orgasm you've ever known."   Now, as someone who generally appreciates subtle seduction and the delicious ache that comes with the anticipation of the what if's of  the lesbian flirtation process as it applies to a closet fem like me,  I have to admit, I wish there were a time and place where that kind of blunt force forwardness was welcome..

Now throw this into the mix.  In addition to the annual showing of the cleavage festival the advent of spring brings about around here, now I run into the girl with the "I Kiss Girls" T-shirt, the two co-eds who were obviously a couple and in a very public display of affection that went beyond (sorority?) sisterly, and the girl who was not dressed to impress a woman per se, showing enough skin and tattoos to make it impossible not to associate the term "slutty" if even for a fleeting moment, and trust me when I tell you that I don't mean that term in any derogatory way at all, especially with the rush of blood in my veins her look inspires, making me feel like a trucker dyke with a chain wallet and a thick redneck accent saying under my breath "I'd like to fuck that."

While I confess this lust of the impossible connections to you, what simultaneously bothers me is that while I am ogling tits and mentally undressing these women as much as 15 years younger than me, trying to imagine their "I'm coming" eyes while multitasking the pricing of macaroni and cheese and pretending to listen to my 9 year olds enthusiasm for the latest video game he craves, is that my sex drive geared up like this, in this way, goes firmly against everything I would LIKE to pride myself that the lesbian me is about.  That I CLAIM to be attracted to ... the sense of humor and intellect and "I'm interested in you" reactions to a good give and take conversation, seems non-existent when large, medium, and small breasted women of the community I live in insist upon choosing every stitch of clothing to torment me into aching, bursting, needing to masturbate horniness :) So masturbate I will

As some who have read my blog know, this happened to me ...the girl I was with and in the night when I can say without a doubt we were the most in love at that point, was much younger and had been thinking about it and hinting about it.  We talked about it after we broke up and she said she wanted to give me something nobody ever gave me   It was also a true test of something I had always said which is that I truly am not that into penetration.   This was penetration extreme. Whatever I type from this point on, I need to say this...I never loved her more in those moments when she was inside me ...we were never so close and I may never be that close to anyone ever.   I am not saying the act of fisting is what brought us that close ..in other words, if someone else does it to me it might not have the same effect.  It was the moment we were sharing. 

...I blogged about what happened and what it felt like in the moment, but in this forum I will say that I have thought so much about that night since.  I get very very very very wet so the lube thing was not a concern for either of us.  In times when she had 3 and 4 fingered me before the thought was crossing her mind that it was possible, and after reading about it and seeing it on computer had determined she was going to do it to me if possible ..and had picked out that particular night.   When she not only had the 4 finger going but also started putting pressure I started to realize she was probably testing the possibility and I did have to make a deciscion as to whether or not to object or let it happen.   I was relaxed with her and trusting her but still ...if I were thinking RATIONALLY would have told her to stop. 

In truth, where I made the choice to see if we were going to do it was when I went from on my back to when got on all fours and its hard to describe this position but she was reversed and I was able to reach into her while she was doing what she was doing, although my fingering was just keeping contact ....keeping touch of her for closeness.  .  I  helped her fingers back into me.and rocked with her.    Her soft boobs were on my back and we were so cuddled together.   While I realized she probably was about to attempt something and I was a little afraid, I think when I look back in the five minutes before it happened I thought "that will never happen."  But she was persistent in  both the in and out of me with all those fingers, but twisting her wrist and probing and pushing a bit harder.

While I felt the knuckle pressure pushing really hard, .  I am sure my moans were encouraging to her and she kept going.  ANd it was getting hot because my finger was getting to her and she was nearing orgasm.   I had mixed emotions about what was ready to happen and I think I only gave in to allowing it a split second before she was totally into me.  At my pussy I felt it POP in ..and yes there was a singe shot of pain there for a few seconds at first....almost a state of shock.   It was scary ...if I had to do it again I probably wouldn't be so scared.  It was like :"ok we've done this now what."  But I felt SO close to her and I know her to me while she was in me.  I twirled her pearl with my finger and rocked back and forth with her inside me.  My walls were involuntarily bearing down on her, but every single nerve ending on my entire body was singing....a feeling like I cannot describe ...aware of everything, and as I blogged, especially aware of my naked tits hanging and wanting to be touched so badly.   When I felt the need to stop, she must have felt comfortable and reallllllly went deep.   I remember an almost ugly sounding grunt....but also thinking "this is it ..remember this..remember this."  Yes I nearly passed out I think.   The full so full sensation was replaced by total emptiness when I asked her to stop.  "We have to stop now." She told me when we talked about it that my eyes had an animalistic quality afterwards. "I knew you would never be the same and I changed you forever...I had to find a way to do that because you changed me forever in so many other ways."
I am waiting for trust like that again ...that was the most magical night.
Here is the story    http://alesbiankiss2...as-lesbian.html

Giving My Oral All For Pillow Princess Past and Future
Something from my blog ...how I most enjoy making love

Oh baby...let me tell you about the thoughts I am having about my pillow princess.

I have described myself to others as a "giver in search of an appreciater."   If you want to be blunt about it ...and be less cryptic ..I am someone who loves to suck a woman in all sensual details...perhaps for hours ....while her responses fill my affection cup by savoring my complete devotion to her longing.   A pillow princess to lay there for me and with me is a princess presented as the most precious gem.

It's kind of the way I started in my first lesbian experience and so many of them since when it just keeps going on and on and you look at the clock and can't believe how long you've been making love.

In my experiences I love making out and feeling skin against warm skin, where those first touches, kisses and strokes are tender and trust building, and eye contact reveals mutual hunger and burgeoning need.  I cannot get enough of feeling and hearing a woman respond to what I am doing.  I love deep tongue kissing and the feel of my lovers bosom first against my body, then against my hands ...soft over clothes and smooth skin to skin, and eventually an erect nipple between my lips and accepting my tongue licking and my mouth sucking while my lover strokes my hair or cradles my head or stretches her arms around me to pull me close while I flick my tongue and lift and squeeze with my hands a beautiful pair of breasts.  I see my pillow princess picture and long to cuddle with her special tattoo.  I dream of riding upwards to hang my breasts above your mouth and see your beautiful eyes close and your red lipstick engulf my nipple because I love SO much to feel my own nipple sucked with sanctity, sincerity, and  affection while my vagina secretes it's first declaration of my own desire.

I would caress closely and swallow my princess boobs forever if it weren't for that I can feel the passion rising and need to reach down and feel just how wet a woman gets for me.  Nothing ...NOTHING is more exciting to me than to feel the physical proof of a woman's excitement for me down there...it's 100 times more strong than the times when a stiff cock greets my palm. When she is slippery and warm to accept my fingers and spreads her legs apart to invite me it affects me in so many ways ....tells me my lover feels that way for ME and what I've done and knowing where I am going.   Fingering and tracing around the lips and inside with one or two digits as she clutches and tenses while I graze and tease the clit..it elevates my own excitement as much as her squirming under my touch expresses her pleasure.   While I encircle the button and probe to gauge what feels best for her ...a soft touch or something harder and perhaps faster, I almost never want to finish her first orgasm this way.  I love the closeness of making out upright and fingering my girl ..perhaps breast to breast and mouth and tongues tangling together while fingering ...gawd thats wonderful to feel so close above the waist while the orgasms are bubbling below ...but its just my natural way...my hunger ..my immense desire to look into her eyes and relish in her beauty, taking a deep breath and thanking my stars for the good fortune of being with such a beautiful creature who for some reason wants me this way, as I begin to kiss my way down.

So many ways to begin ...but for me it begins with admiration...the sight of her most beautiful and glistening center of our mutual gratification.  Every sense involved as I lower my head slowly, feel the first electric touch my lips to her skin, and enter inside with my tongue, soon sweeping over the lips with my lips, tonguing labia and clitoris first slowly, and soon more intensely, to bring about the shudders and quivers and moans and quakes of release, joy, and ultimate togetherness.   My tongue going to its work, flicking and rounding, flattening full tongue licks and lip surrounding clit gentle sucking, tickle tracing and tingle penetrations, location jumps from the top to the bottom, or lingering moments in a favorite place as time freezes for both of us.  Lip sucking and gentle teeth grazing, rapid runs  and side to side wiggles ...fingers involved and not ...juices leaking on me and the sheets ...butt squeezing and thigh massaging...anus stroking and encircling and tongue elongating to plunge as deeply as it can to twirl her walls and deepen our intimacy beyond expectations.

I am in it, around it, on top and underneath my lovers vagina with my mouth and tongue, introducing my fingers, thumb, and palm ...my grip and massage ...my control and release of control ...my complete and total devotion to oral pleasure in everything I've learned in experience with others, and everything I am learning moment to moment of her special needs.  Each shake of her hips, moan or groan or sigh ...each quickened breath...encourages me to give more to receive more of that which fills my lesbian soul.   Using warmth of tongue, cheek and lips, and breath to add sensations, tempo and texture against her velvet pink saturation ...applying firm pressure or backing off to a feathery touch ..twisting my head this way to lick this way or tonguing up and down or around for an all new sensitivity, or knowing she feels the vibration from my own moan against her pussy.  New fiery tingles with each specific and seemingly uniquely designed but spontaneous touch.  Generating tingles and throbs and preparing for the convulsions of release and riding her explosion ...her first ...her next...slowing down so she can catch her breath and let the tingles subside so we can go again and again til when she begs me to stop, I might for a moment ...but I can never get enough of the addiction to each individual, completely unique orgasm that I create imagining I am writing her pleasure as a conductor writes a symphony.

As I imagine, fantasize and relive, on her back and propped on the pillow isn't all there is of course.  Climb up on all fours to allow me to enter from behind for different sensations....or dangle her legs off the bed while I kneel on the floor. 

For me....oh I am wet and swollen and wanting and for a pillow princess to shower me with appreciation and a kind of close devotion that is on a higher peak and on the precipice of my own building an imminently volcanic explosion...it can come from her fingers or her mouth ..but I have to really know she wants me that way...she wants to eat me and just can't live without tasting me the way I have devoured her with all of her juices still slightly sticky on my cheeks and neck and more.  If my pillow princess just wants to reciprocate because thats the right thing to do but doesn't yet feel she wants to go there ..well...that can be for another time ....It's better for me to trib my way over the top, for I thoroughly enjoy being right up against her side and slightly on top with my tits flopping upon hers as that flesh itself makes its own luxurious love and squished together symbolizes how our souls have become in these minutes of erotic collaboration, and if she will hold me, I can take control of my own, writhing against her thigh with my drenched lips and swollen clit ...just if she pushes that thigh into me I push my spirit against her ...fucking her with my own thigh while  fucking myself against her. so she can feel when my eruption against her and into her sweetly soaks the sheets beneath her thigh while my turbulent thrusts slowly dissolve  into sublime collapse of sweet but temporary exhaustion.  Or if my lover wants to taste me ...perhaps I can let her lay and climb aboard to lower my pussy to her lips to ride her and guide her beneath me.   When all is done for me and for us, eyes meet for confirmation ...what reverence might I see.

Favorite Sex Position With A Woman
My favorite position I wish had a name.  I would describe it as an offset 69.  I like to turn myself upset down on the bed so I am going down and fingering on her from above, But I am not sitting on her face ..rather just to her side where I invite her to finger me while I am doing her with my mouth.  I tell her "just touch me ..keep my pussy interested ...but don't try to make me come that way while I am eating you ...let me do the work and you enjoy the pleasure ..which becomes MY pleasure."

First Time Moment (started by me)
So many first time stories start with "we were so drunk" ... Silly.

Mine was when I was 18 a woman who was 26 and had been a student teacher of mine a few years before ...we had become acquaintances and then friends and were pursuing each other for several months before IT  finally happened. There are descriptions by everyone on here about what women do with each other ...and yes we did some of those things...(making out, fingering, oral, lots of boob play) but my major memory was when I realized I was dressing myself and fixing my hair and makeup for a date with a woman and that we were probably about to have sex ...MY first time with a woman.  When I was getting ready I was probably as excited as any time in my life ...with a WIDE range of emotions from trembling to the other side of the spectrum in total confidence that I was READY, and just praying that I was right that this was IT. . It was a morning rendezvous and  when I showed up at her door, she was still in her frumpy morning attire,  there was no doubt in her mind I was there and dressed to entice her....that the message I was sending was "I'm ready if you are." 
The next "moment" for me was when I was between her legs and just getting ready to lower my head into her muff.  After years of fantasizing it was FINALLY going to happen.             I was aware of every sense imaginable.   Visually ---it was a bit shocking at first to be sooooo up close to another woman's vagina, certainly a soft smell of her excitement, touch ...as I had fingered her gently and knew how wet she was for me, and how time almost stood still for that moment before I went down. That freeze frame is forever etched in my mind, as was the moment a minute later when I realized how much at home I was giving oral pleasure to a woman I cared about. 
So thats my first time  "Moment"  (actually didn't limit to one did I ?  Sorry) and I am curious to know what freeze frames from YOUR first time stay with you forever.  If you haven't done it, what are you most looking forward to ??.  

On Squirting
I like this topic and will add that I am not a squirter and have not been with a girl who does ...or at least not like you see it in girl porn, usually with the girl masturbating herself to that because she knows which buttons to push.  From what I have read, the squirt is tied to G-spot stimulation which brings me to this.  I am not a squirter like they do on video, but I am such a gusher if someone can get me to the BIG one that the bed is wet so I almost always want a towel down when I masturbate, although that doesn't go with spontaneity when having sex.  I am pretty sure I have not had a "G-spot" orgasm ever.  But when I come like that, I can feel the warm..actually hot wet liquid down the crack and can feel the difference in slippery / sloppy with her or in the past "him".   So, 3 times (2 male one girl) I have been asked did I pee? ....NO ....  I have asked if it was ok..was it gross...nobody said anything but that it was a great turn on.
Now from the giving standpoint ...been with about a dozen girls and I like to go down for a long time ...LONG time ..hour or even hours (with breaks) ...and that "wet spot" is a source of pride and passion for me.  It always gets wet and sloppy ...I am sure some from me and my mouth ..but even for the girl who told me "I don't get wet but that doesn't mean I don't like it."  Trust me, she left the wet spot as much as the rest.  :)   Its just that it seems so natural to me...and it isn't even anything you notice while it's happening ..but then you look down and go "gracious" its wet. 
Anyway ..I am intrigued ...if a girl told me she squirted ...I think I would try to do what it is that makes her do that if thats the best release for her....but I want to say it doesn't have to shoot up in the air like in the vids for me...and I have wondered that if I would get my face out of the way if the "squirt" effect would happen.  
Sorry for expressing so much about how much I love to give oral ...Love when a woman drenches me, herself, and the bed.

DO you or WOULD you do Lesbian Phone Sex ?
Well someone will call me a hussy :)  but I have really enjoyed phone sex with a LOT of  women I met in online chat. At least you know its really a woman that way.

My first lesbian phone sex was  when I was still in High School and was online on AOL and meeting older women mostly ...and fell quite a bit with a woman from Houston (I'm in Virginia).  We got so close that she was offering to fly me out to meet her ..we sure couldn't figure a way to explain that kind of trip to my mom.  Anyway ...when she first wanted me to call her, we had already done cyber sex and i was glad to make sure she was really a woman. We were at a very horny place in our discussion so I thought something like phone sex was possible when I dialed...and yes, by then I had done phone with a guy.

So, we engaged in small talk for a few moments and then she told me she was still touching herself and was I still, and she began to describe a blindfolding fantasy to me.  We were soon both moaning and I will NEVER forget this first time when I heard her say in her sweet texas accent  "if I was about to come should I tell you or not ?"  "Tell me," and I could almost feel her bed quaking with the letting go.  I was nervous and almost in shock at the "this is happening" feeling ...but soon she was talking me into my own orgasm ...and as our moment approached she would say "together," and I would answer, "together," so we went ...getting closer .."together" back and forth and right as I began to come she said "I love you Brenda," and I told her I loved her too.  

Since then I have had about 40-50 phone sex partners from aol and yahoo chat ..random ...great experiences ...my favorite being a girl who worked in an office and would listen to me and gently encourage me and if someone came in her office I'd be silent and she would conduct business as if she was on a business call.  Then, ""he;s gone...we;re alone again," and we'd resume ..she couldnt masturbate with me but loved taking me there.  It was SO hot.  There were other randoms from chat but also a strong long distance relationship.   There used to be a forum on Yahoo called "Women Masturbating Together," where you might find a likely partner ...but were just as likely to dial the number and hear a males voice.  (that happened almost half the time from that forum)  At one time there were even self named rooms in both AOL and Yahoo that were called "women for women phone sex."

In addition to random phone sex I have had sex with one of my real loves and that was just wonderful ...I wrote about that on my blog and called it (I think) "I am a phone sex mentor."

One other thing ...for me personally, I prefer the togetherness of just being with a woman this way..the intimacy.  I less like describing ...you know  "first I'll do this, then you do that," etc....but just knowing we are together doing the same thing is what gets me off.   And I've been told the experience is mutually wonderful...I am very passionate when I let go.

But, with no chatrooms like yahoo and aol anymore, I think my phone sex days may be over ...at least with random ladies on a day off...what I call an "alone day," where I know at some point in the day I am going to come by either writing erotica, reading it, or watching it.  I strongly prefer the intimacy of orgasm WITH someone   I sure wish tin this regard.  I sure wish there was a place for women to meet in this regard.   Makes me wet just typing this ... wishing and wanting for a likeminded lady.

I'm Not Sure if I am Bi and Not Sure Where To Start....
I want to chime in long enough to suggest ...ahem....that what's in your heart is important.  While the label "bicurious" and "Bisexual" and "lesbian" or "gay" can follow you and unfortunately back peoples perception of you into stereotypes, I would say that being one of those things in your heart, but going out and embracing the "heteorsexual" thing can cause you to be married to a man in a heterosexual marriage you might want out of because you realize, as I have,...that lesbian was the right "label" for me from a very early age.

I Think I Am Addicted To Lesbian Porn
There is one called xhamster.com where I find lots of well acted and targeted to women scenes ...some whole movies posted there.  I hate the porn where the girls are only in it for the money and you can tell.  Good success lately with finding girls really into each other in spite of the cameras and crew etc

Is Having Sex with a First Time a Turn on or Turn Off ?
I feel uniquely qualified on this one :)   Obviously, I was a first timer when I had my first time ...duh ..so that was such a powerful experience with a girl who had a little experience but I wasnt her first.  It seems as though I have had a knack for being other girls first in recent years.  I absolutely LOVE that.  There are moments in her first time that have sparks coming off the bed ...when I realize she is SO wet for me....when she's ramping up to orgasm and I know her mind is thinking a million things at once about what all this means.  The tenderest kisses are first kisses ...and the afterglow always includes her saying something like "it was the best."

Am I The Only One Who Doesn't Like Penetration
Ok ...I blogged about this and let me weigh in.   I don't like penetration ..thats what I say.  Could daydream about anything while being screwed by a guy, and never had an inside orgasm with a guy.  I have told girls that one finger is ok but two is too much and I don't want her fiddling inside for my G ...it just doesn't work for me personally.  BUT  (very  big BUT) the girl I loved the most got it in her mind to go all the way with and fist me.  I kinda knew it was coming but still didn't believe it would really happen ...then it did, and that moment was the single most amazing 5 minutes or so of my entire sex life.  (other than the first time I went down on a girl) ....No toys for me, no strap on sex yet  ...but truth is, if I could go back to that night where she went all the way in me...gooooood golly.  Seeing stars just thinking about.it.

How do you set the scene for masturbation ?
I am in the recliner with the laptop and either writing erotica, reading it, or watching lesbian porn.  I touch and type ...it goes kinda slow ...doing it now in fact.  But in honor of the topic, I admit I have done the whole thing while I was left in the house alone...Norah Jones, Yankee candles, towel down, lots of breast play, and freedom to make noise. Good multiples that way.  In bed, I have a bug vibrator bought at walmart that I like to lay on.  Again, free hands for breast play and sometimes reaching behind to my butt.  The bug has gotten me some great memories but only when I am totally alone.  I kinda miss the days when chatroom discussion would lead to phone sex ...that was and is the best but it just doesn't happen anymore.

The Older/Younger Thing (my topic)
I am a bi married mom, just turned 36, and have been with a bakers dozen of women in my life sexually since my first at age 18.  I am totally in the closet about this, but thanks to a burgeoning craigs list community of like minded women, 2012 was a G R E A T year for me in meeting and being intimate with different women.

Here is the thing that I understand to the core of my being.  When I was younger, I was with older women mostly ,,,my first three were 6 years, 12 years and 15 years older than me respectively.   The biggest difference was when I was 23 with a 42 year old woman.   Now at some point I met and bedded a girl who became a relationship who was 21 at the time, and soon after met a girl  at a wedding who was 18 and had a one night with her.  At some point I just flipped ...from desiring mostly older girls to wanting younger.  

I reason that they always seem to ADORE me ...are SO affectionate ...allow me to explore them and seem to understand it gets me off to get them off.   I've enjoyed being a younger girls first time a few times ...and I now find that unapolitgetically, just as I had to admit to myself at some point about 7 years ago that I am mostly gay, that I am also mostly gay and seeking younger women sexually.    Yes, there has been some drama, some hurt feelings, some downsides ...but ...mainly ...with 100% conviciton I believe that while I will never shut the door on opportunity with any woman with which there is chemistry, I PREFER younger, frankly less experienced women.  (obviously of legal age)

Age is just a number ...intimacy happens as a mental thing so maybe I am just mentally stuck LOL.   But ...I just wondered if there are others who feel drawn to women of a different age ...older if you are younger, and vice versa if you are older ?   Did any of you have that "flip" that I talked about ?

What makes you moan ?
Ok...for me...love that I can make a partner moan when I am on her neck and see that reenforced here so much ...but the thing that gets me really moaning is when someone really pays attention to my breasts with a warm tongue and lips.

How do you lick pussy ?
No best technique ..just do what feels natural....however ..I will share my experience from my blog.

What I enjoy doing ..and this of course is after lots of making out and when I go down on her kissing her thighs and licking around her lips and teasing her clit with tingly tongue touches and flicks, is this technique.   I am not sure if this is in the basics or the advanced class ...and I am sure one of my readers will point out I’ve written this before.

OK ..she’s wet right ?  Really wet lets hope.   Your index finger tests this and confirms it by entering her slightly.  Trail your fingertip up her lips and towards her clit.  Above her clit, use either your thumb and index finger of your left hand, or use both thumbs, to spread the lips and expose her clit.  Some, but not all, will be fully exposed ..others still have some folds of skin nearby for you to navigate. You don’t want to just expose her beautiful bulb,  but also, pull northward on the loose skin.  How hard should you pull up ? Not extremely hard at first ...I think I gauge what would be pulling up vigorously and back that off by about half.  However, more lift later can vastly increase her sensitivity and she will probably accept and enjoy more pulling up on the skin there after you get started.  So, lift it up the skin above her now exposed clit while touching your tongue tip to her clit and circle it...familiarize yourself with it’s size, density, and stiffness Use your tongue and then use your lips to kiss it and encircle it.   Then for a few seconds, let go of where you were pulling up while continuing to gently suck and lick.  Alternating pulling up the skin above her pussy and then releasing it while tending to her clitoris is key to this technique.  Spreading the lips to expose her clit while alternating whether its very exposed or slightly exposed is key as well.

So at this point you have the variables of lift, spread, tongue and lips.  (see why I think it might be advanced class >?)   Keeping those variable cycling for a couple of minutes is probably going to make her scream, clutch your head with her thighs and cause your hair to be pulled LOL.  But wait, there is more.

Add a finger ...or if she is dirty wet and open, add two.  NO, you don’t have to have three hands.   Just lift and spread with one hand while fingering with the other.  Finger gently ...don’t fuck her furiously ..just add something to where she needs something to fill her a bit. 

Now you are lifting, spreading, fingering, licking....and now ...this is the time to add wrapping your lips completely around her clit and suck it with your lips ...bring it in your mouth if you can ...and after maybe 10 or 30 seconds sucking...add your tongue....then let go.  Gently blow on it and repeat if she will let you and hasn’t exploded yet. 

Now its licking and sucking with medium slow tongue twirls, pulling up and spreading in variable tension above her clit, adding a finger or two inside ...and now ...are you ready?  

Stiffen your tongue, place it on her clit, and while sucking gently, move your head side to side in a “nuh uh” motion.   Go side to side a few times and then, do it with increasing rapidness.   You have her and lady, she will come for you soon now. 
Lift up, spread lips and expose clit, rapidly back and forth on her clit with your stiff tongue while gently sucking, and gently fuck her with your fingers.  Got that ?   Elementary my dear ? :)

Thats my secret weapon ….but you are not totally in control because you have to get used to whatever her reaction is ...undulating, writhing, clutching, or in one case, just about suffocated (wonderfully) by her thighs.  

Which is more likely to take you to Orgasm - Tribbing or Penetration ?
Tribbing is the ultimate for me.  Usually something that happens after i have gone down on her for a few of her orgasms and I haven't come yet.  Priceless.

Did you orgasm with a girl the first time ?
|My first time led to orgasms for both of us.  The thing I will most remember was this moment when I was eating her and said "Don't worry, I won't stop until you come," which was something I said because so many times guys had not ...ummm..."finished" me.  ...Ahem...  but her response to me was SO sexy because she let me know she was well on her way.  "don't worry ..you are doing great."  And it was very soon after that when her body totally let go on me. From that feeling of giving her pleasure, I was ready to come myself with very little stimulation

Am I weird for wanting to be dominated and forced to give pleasure ?
I like to give pleasure and though I can be dominating in the way of "just lay there and let me," I don't think I want to dominate in the way of "say yes 'mam and wait for my permission to come" type of domination.

Is giving oral sex submissive or dominant ?
I voted both ...in the best sex there is always a sharing and exchange of power and that constantly flows.  If she is laying there with a "do me" mentality, who has the power ...is it her because she is getting what she wants ?  Can't be ...because I am getting what I want too.  If I have the mentality to "lay there while I do you," don't I have the power and am being dominant ?   Not really if she is on fire and giving back to me in the currency of her moans, breathing, and undulating hips.

What tips would you offer for making love to a woman?  I hoist her leg over my shoulder.
My tip for anyone making love to a woman for the first time is to be in tune with her cues.  Your guessing game of what she likes is as easy as a childs game of tic-tac-toe.  You are never going to lose, and ties are good !   Do what you want done to you and modify from the guidance her body gives.  Your mouth, fingers, hands, skin, and tongue are all the tools you need, but you must add passion and desire to the mix and when you do you can't go wrong.  In the Do's and Don'ts, Do start gently before surmising whether or not she wants rougher ...always be gentle at first and while there are no guaranteed techniques, pulling up on the skin above her clit to tighten the skin while you are licking, and then releasing, and alternating the two, always ..always get a reaction!

Have you ever met a woman off of craigslist ?
I have the craigslist experience.   First thing to know is that if you place an ad you will get a lot of BS responses from people who are either not real or not looking for what you are.  There also will be women who may frankly not be attractive to you.   But, when a connection is made through first email chemistry, and then perhaps texting, you must get very soon to some sort of voice verification to prove you are talking to a female.   Once you know you want to meet, always...ALWAYS meet first in a public place for safety.   In the last 3 years I have been through the blind chase that leads to a dead end and no meeting at least 20 times but I have met 4 girls that were both friendly and fun as well as being outstanding in bed.   The disadvantage of craigslist is all the pretenders and men who are hoping you will send them a picture of your boobs or something ...but the advantage is that once you meet a real woman you are attracted to, the two of you KNOW you are there for sex and that question does not have to be answered so that when you are on the edge of the bed and getting ready to get naked and dirty, each of you KNOWS the answer to the question "how did I get here."
Not sure what I should expect the first time I perform Oral Sex.  Taste ? how does it feel ? Any Advice ?
I'd like to weigh in here that I know that multi layered fear before first giving head to a girl that you don't know how you will react and don't know how she will react or if you will be any good.  If you can answer yes to the questions 1-Do I like her and 2-Do I want to pleasure her ..you will not only be fine, but you will be a natural.  She will like what you are doing and you both will be guided to where it only gets better.  In my first time I remember raising my head and looking up at her and saying "don't worry, I won't stop until you come."   She was in absolute exctascy and we had a good laugh at how funny it was that I wondered if it was good to her ..it was so good apparently she was in shock and afraid to go overboard on the moaning and such.  So, my point is that we all learn our way in concert with our partner ...but if you reallllly think about it, you have nothing to worry about.  It is not distasteful unless you talk yourself into believing that it is.   You KNOW the anatomy in basic so that you know what to do with your lips, tongue, mouth, and fingers,  You know how to be sensitive to clues and urgings ...and after all that, know that giving oral is one of the easiest things in the world to do well and just as easy to do even better when you let your mind at ease and think of yourself as someone who wants the most pleasure for your partner.  And oh ..how gratifying it is to know as a woman how it is for her as you perform.

What type of girls do you like to see in porn ?
Large natural breasts with feminine women and more than anything ...believability.  As a viewer its so hard for me to ignore the fact that a camera crew is there and that the women are getting paid ...however, and it's rare, when they have me believing that the pleasure is real, the orgasms are real and the affection is genuine, I am immersed and come right along with them. 

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