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Lesbian Porn review "The Best with New Positions and Ultimate Passion"

This is from a little side blog I set up called I'm a Lesbian Who Loves Free Lesbian Porn where I kinda review interesting, real, erotic lesbian porn I have enjoyed.  This clip was so erotic I wanted to share it with the widest audience so I am sharing it on both blogs. 

Should We Take A Break" is an interesting title, because once these two get going, there is no break in the multi orgasmic lesbian erotica.  Some scenes out there are sex scenes, this one is a long love scene with much to offer that is out of the ordinary without being  overly wildly kinky, and I am convinced...and I like it !

From the opening kissing scene it is just clear to me that these two women are totally ..totally into each other.  I love the way they look for certain, with great eye contact and tenderness and intimacy way beyond what one usually sees in the "produced for males" lesbian porn world.   I have no idea the actress names here, (any help ?) but I am in love with the girl with darker hair, and beyond in love with the girl brunette with slightly lighter hair and strongly desire to make love to her as she is the absolute best lesbian lover I have ever seen on film ..and that's saying alot because, as you know, as the "lesbian who loves free lesbian porn," I have seen quite a bit. 

The tender kisses and grinding that start their session off is accentuated with heavy breathing and, something I do when making love, moaning when one touches the other as much as when one is touched.  Very early, before anything oral happens, an awesome tribbing and orgasm scene while both still wear their panties adds to the realism portrayed. 

Both very beautiful with vulnerable eyes and super sexy soft whispered voices, ample breasts and a wonderfully erotic old fashioned baby doll wardrobe, this love scene leaves me believing that either the girls knew each other well before the scene, or after it was shot they made a date to continue their affair. And truly, it reflects a combination of things I love in making lesbian love, and at times, some innovation and improvisation gaves me some new moves to think about (and masturbate about.)
Well, the one I like gets fingered to coming wonderfully, and at only 8 minutes in we know they aren't finnished with each other at all quite yet.  She turns around and begins to return affection with her hanging
breasts brushing against the bunching panty hose and lifted knees with pointing toes legs of her lover she is topping while sucking upon each breast side to side.  SHe works her way down and pulls her lady's panties aside to begin to minster with her tongue. She has a particularly talented tongue, and if it sounds like bragging I am sorry, but she reminds me of myself in the way she flicks and licks while pulling back the lips to tantalize the clit unimpeded. Her slow, then fast, thin tongue than flat tongue, flicking with her tongue followed by bobbing her neck and head, mixture of light pressure followed by buried face pressure, and her beautiful eyes when she makes eye contact and smiles, ALLLL are such turn ons. 

She doesn't finish her with her tongue, instead coming up for some more panties on frontal (not scissoring) tribbing which (I think ?) leads to the darker haired girls orgasm.   They trade again and the panties are now off while the darker haired girl tops the other with incredible breast sucking that leads to the oh so erotic sounds of her moans, only surpassed by her moans when first tongue contact is made upon her clit.
Some perfect fingering from behind is nice. She is just SUCH a good lover and it shows SO much in the video. I think it is clear that both are intent on the other ones pleasure and that comes in knowing that it all comes back when there is this much chemistry. I mean, when the lighter haired lover,the absolute best, and for instance, makes sucking on her lovers breasts look like she is famished and hasn't eaten in a month and was just given delicious and succulent melons to consume heartily.   Such a good lover ..watch how her lovers cheeks flush after being tongue fucked at about the 17 minute mark.  Right after that she moves her head side to side, tongue stiffened against the clit ..ladies this is MY MOVE (LOL) and it causes the hardest and most real orgasm you will ever see I promise.

But its about this time that things get creative, and where things happened that made me say to myself  "I have to share this with my readers."  It's a backwards, almost doggie style scissoring that had me saying "I have GOT to try that." (first problem with this is to find a new lover>)   That turns into a sideways scissor...and again..haven't done this and WANT to.  It appears they both orgasm AGAIN here. ...at least my lovely light haired lady does. ..and then she frontal tribs the other one until she definitely comes.

New Lesbian Tribbing Position
Sometimes the tender kissing and loving of afterglow turns into even more sex, and that's what happens here. She perfectly and romantically kisses the dark haired one and with her perfect breasts photographed straight on in the best view of them through the whole video, she strips off the pantyhose and then lays down.  At this point the dark haired girl comes up and squeezes her boobs and then straddles the right one with her pussy and rides her ...nipple fucking.  I have loved nipple fucking like this except I was between my girlfriends legs and I was holding my breast and rubbing my boob on her...turned her on wildly and we did it for a fairly long time til she came and i was drenched from the sensation on my tit.  THIS positition is GREAT.  A camera closeup shows her erect nipple stroking the darker haired girls erect clitoris, and once again, there is just no faking her at all.  I have seen LOTS of lesbian porn but never NEVER saw this position portrayed.  In fact I am saving this vid for my next lover and going to send it and say "watch this..some of these things we have to try."  WHen she is riding / nipple fucking and then leans over with her hanging breasts first tantalizingly close to the others mouth, and then engulfed within them,   The  noises, moanings, and erotic "yeah"'s come across with utmost sincerity.   The dark haired girl comes again this way and collapses tit first into the face of the lighter brunette.  Her next orgasm comes a minute later from the fingering of the darker haired girl and now they are giddy because its obvious to them as it is to us how GOOD this sex is.

More from this multiorgasmic duo in a 69 to finish things off with another explosion from the darker haird girl who may have had enough and looks like she is too sesitive to be touched for awhile, but  they progress to a beautiful, sensuous spiderman kiss. (upside down kiss for those who don't know my terminology.) and my incredible, most amazing lover girl (if you are reading this I have never wanted anyone so badly ! ) expertly fingers one more orgasm out of her lover ...who looks at her ...all of this on camera ...and you tell me readers, if she doesn't look like she feels true love ...at least in the sexual sense.


Anonymous said...

HOLY FUCK!!!!! I Sooo need a dose of that right now.

Anonymous said...

Taylor Vixen and Zoe Britton from Girlfriend Films Pin-Up Girls 8. Zoe Britton is the lighter-haired one.

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