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Those who have come here regularly know that I have taken a bit of a hiatus from posting and publishing, but my past work is still here and if you are new here there is much to be consumed. I am working on several stories right now and writing from the same mix of experience and fantasy that readers have told me they loved.

Those stories will be the foundation of my upcoming compilation book. Today, you get to read for free. Welcome, and I hope you stay awhile.


I LOVE this lesbian love position ! 
lesbian from behind

lesbian finger from behind


Torture, Sweet Torture For My Love & I

I have loved you forever and yet we have not been able to make love due to the distance between us, and other circumstances of our current relationships.   I want to imagine us together ...coming together believing it will be the first night of many nights, and perhaps a forever of many nights.  I imagine that on the first night we dont do anything but cuddle because we have a lifetime to do everything.

From making out to orgasmic crescendo, we agree, it's a  sweet torture of love and lust.

You implore me to "devour every single inch of the others body over and over again before we even attempt to devour what's laying in between the legs."

Just as I want as well.
Our bodies melded together, you thrust harder and check me to see if our trust is betrayed. My eyes and actions, and especially because it is how I communicate my love, my tongue, all begin to ask if you can feel trust in the kiss where my tongue buries deep in your mouth ...or where my mouth invites a rush of blood to your nipple with each hungry suck ...or where my tongue rounds its mark and then flutters on the target to gauge our trust.   Will we know its more than mechanics ? In the fog of our immersion, can our souls fuck as hard as our bodies ?
I know that you enjoy pleasuring a woman as much as me, and so I know I would have to get good at letting you do me.  I know you like that thought.  But for now I want to think about making your rose bloom, settling in between your legs, just admiring you and hearing you say "quit looking at it and do something," in jest.  But not in jest, you thrust your hips into me until they reach their destination.
Your pussy strongly suggesting its long overdue that my lips would be swallowing your desire, and I  would accept that suggestion with everything i could engulf, providing as much wet and warm lips, mouth and tongue to feel it all throb and encourage your acceptance of all I'd want to give you
You could free your mind to relax knowing how much my mouth wants to be fucked when you thrust.  And when you pull back its everything ...everything.... everything I can give you
As you could hear my thoughts "let me let me let me."
Black and white becomes color at certain flicks or sucks....   a flower blooms and brings beauty.
If it gets a bit raw you get your thighs flourished with my lips, your cheeks and anything else thats sensitive until your pussy gets its mouth back to fuck again.  Hear me thinking and showing you with my actions "let me" "want me" "accept me."
Take my fingers to the hilt and my tongue to dance its dance of both the gentle butterfly and a flat tongue soft rapid sizzling twister licks and sucks of our pleasure, yours to feel and mine to collect your response.
Rake my scalp with your nails, ride my chin and mouth with undulations from your inner soul.
Hold me with your thighs and your palms.  Beckon my spirit with the sounds of your pleasure with us knowing that tonight we begin to make these noises together  to accompany our every full breath of the life of our mutual passion.
Look down at me looking up to you with my mouth so full of your intensifying passion.
See my eyes, my soul
See all the way back to the little girl when you see me that way.
See how much i want to please you in every way
See glazed love on my chin, see sweat on my shoulders, see the pink blushing of desire on my chest above my glistening breast.
I imagine one million things to do with you
for you
at you
in you
My skin is on you ...my lips are everywhere at once, yes,  but also,  only on your lips and clit and around your tingles and shivers.
Your every reaction guides my next action.
At the bottom of our bed, my juices run into the mattress below my waist, at the top of the bed my hands reaching  grope  you, reaching towards your breast, your nipples,  your neck, but trying  trying trying to remain gentle, and unable to reach into your beautiful hair to run my fingers through the wispy softness.
Baby, read my mind and know I am saying "let me."
Yes you felt that before with her but not with me.
Its different with me
You know how badly I want you to feel different with me than it was with anyone else.
And this moment in the air is its own moment to linger forever.
Knowing that in these mental polaroids  I'll never forget what i see in your eyes
And what different I see in your eyes at the next flick or suck.
And what either contrasting or convergent emotions emerge at the next act of sexual and emotional engrossment.
When the question asked by my fingers, lips and tongue again and AGAIN demands the answer to "is it good."  I know as your breath, sound, movement and with our mutual touches and responses that the answer is yes.
Still, I feel your pussy pleading with me.

And with every oral skill I have ever known and the reading of your body and hearing the whisper of your souls desire, my mouth pleas for your orgasm.

That intense concentration can finally fade at the ripening of your climax, each of us with every of the five senses totally stimulated at your magnificent eruption, where your essence spills into my mouth, onto the mattress, and into the air of the room in the  magnificence of your spirit as vibrant as your soul.

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