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Those who have come here regularly know that I have taken a bit of a hiatus from posting and publishing, but my past work is still here and if you are new here there is much to be consumed. I am working on several stories right now and writing from the same mix of experience and fantasy that readers have told me they loved.

Those stories will be the foundation of my upcoming compilation book. Today, you get to read for free. Welcome, and I hope you stay awhile.


Lesbian Car Sex

This is just a snippet from an upcoming story about my total experiences last winter with a couple of local college girls.   This is when we met for real.

I knew of a gone out of business manufacturing parking lot near where she was, and when I arrived first, it looked sufficiently abandoned and dark.  She pulled up next to my Red Kia Soul on my drivers side with her blue Honda and looked through the window to make eye contact and smile.  My heart leapt at the moment and excitement.  She stepped out and I did too into the cool Virginia late fall evening where we both should have had a coat on, but didn't.
When I met her she was more beautiful than her picture did justice. She came dressed for sex.   White American flag Tshirt off the left shoulder with no bra.  Dark eye shadow and fantastic natural lashes, and a natural and healthy look. Ripped jeans of course!  She was dressed and as wistful as her youth and exuberance would allow.  And I must have looked like an old school marm to her, with my glasses and hair tied back in pony tail, jeans skirt (same jeans skirt I had worn before to meetings like this and appreciated it’s easy access” and red checker cami.

We hugged and looked at each other …told each other how beautiful the other looked.  “It’s so nice to finally meet you.”  All the typical preliminaries before I said “I’m freezing …wanna get in my car ?”
In my car I told her I thought we were safe here in the parking lot and we began some small talk, as the intention was not to have sex but just meet.  After all, I didn’t think in only having “20 or 30 minutes” as I had made clear to her was all I had to spend with her was enough to do anything but frustrate us.  But I grasped her hand and looked into her eyes and had no words, and she lifted my hand directly to her left breast. 
“These seats lean back right ?”
“Yes but…”
“Put your seat back….”
I waited about 10 seconds trying to come up with a protest, though I didn’t want to, and said “this is happening fast.”     I looked in her eyes and she was dead serious.  So I undid the button and leaned back the seat…and as the seat was reclining she pounced upon me.  

And like a cat pouncing, she rolled over onto my seat

Warm lips on my neck giving me chills and full body thrills with her tongue and slight but unbruising suction on my skin below my earlobe and down to the nape, and curling to the most sensitive back of my neck when my head moved forward to encourage her there.
Under my shirt her hands went swiftly and under my bra to begin gently pulling on my stiffening nipples.  Real “oh god” moments expressed verbally and within a minute I was moaning ….like middle of the sex act moaning.
“Unbelievably hot” she whispered to me.  She groaned “love these tits…love them.” 

She kissed me probably harder than I’d ever been kissed by a girl ..aggressive, deep tongue, firm lock between our wide open mouths.  If I’d ever been ready for a taste of my own medicine in this department, kissing me this way gave me lots to think about …asking how the women I’ve kissed this way must have felt.  It devolved at her discretion to something more soft and sensuous, but she was asserting her control on me in every way, and I was too excited not to keep submitting.

I could sense she was going to finger me any moment and while I was clutching at her shoulders, her arms, her back and saying “you can’t be comfortable, “ “I’m ok,” in between panting, down me and under the skirt she went.  For a split second I was thinking I might not be wet because we had virtually just started making out, but when she slid my panties to the side and stroked my lips I could tell I was slippery as ever.  

What happened next is virtually indescribable.  She fingered me in the most amazing way.  Right hand working me below, left hand working my breasts, and I really cannot describe exactly WHAT she was doing to me down there, but it was far and away the best fingering I ever had or imagined.   She spread my lips and twirled around my clit, entered me with one finger and used her thumb in a rotating fashion.  Electric shocks were happening where it was so good, tickled a little, but drove me into the seat of the car like nothing else. “Oh gawd you know what you are doing,”   “Just enjoy it baby,”   “But I need you ..need your pussy in my mouth so much,”   “Shhhh …just let me give you this …I know you need it,”  “Yes I need you,” “You need me…yes,” she said and I exploded so suddenly and completely that I screamed and cried into her shoulder, convulsing and shaking the whole car and rocking her body on top of me.  

Just sat there bewildered for a moment while she grunted into my neck with soft kisses. I thought, “how does anyone become that skilled with their fingers?”   I believe there were tears in my eyes when I looked at her and said “that was so good ….how will I ever get over that?” 


CodyK said...

If she was that good with her fingers, what's she like with her tongue? Loved it. More!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh....that is one of my biggest fantasies!

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