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Thoughts on giving lesbian oral to the squirting point

Wet, sloppy, lesbian oral sex with or without squirting.

I like this topic and will add that I am not a squirter and have not been with a girl who does ...or at least not like you see it in girl porn, usually with the girl masturbating herself to that because she knows which buttons to push.  From what I have read, the squirt is tied to G-spot stimulation which brings me to this.  I am not a squirter like they do on video, but I am such a gusher if someone can get me to the BIG one that the bed is wet so I almost always want a towel down when I masturbate, although that doesn't go with spontaneity when having sex.  

I am pretty sure I have not had a "G-spot" orgasm ever.  But when I come like that, I can feel the warm..actually hot wet liquid down the crack of my butt if laying on my back,  and can feel the difference in slippery / sloppy with her or in the past "him".   So, 3 times (2 male one girl) I have been with have asked me did I pee? ....NO ....  I have asked if it was ok.."was it gross"...nobody said anything but that it was a great turn on,   I don't have a complex about it and think it's just natural that good things in life are a big sloppy ...think of donuts :)

Now from the giving standpoint ...been with about a dozen girls and I like to go down for a long time ...LONG time ..hour or even hours (with breaks)..and to my knowledge, nobody ever squirted.  But let me explain...because maybe some did.

That "wet spot" is a source of pride and passion for me.  It always gets wet and sloppy ...I am sure some of that wet and slopppy comes from me and my mouth, but most of it is from her getting more and more involved in what I am doing with my lips and tongue sucking and licking her clit and my fingers working their magic.   Even  for the girl who told me "I don't get wet but that doesn't mean I don't like it."  Trust me, she left the wet spot as much as the rest.  :)   Its just that it seems so natural to me...and it isn't even anything you notice while it's happening ..but then you look down and go "gracious" its wet....and can be commented on, or laughed about, or just ignored because everything else is happening at the same time.  It's buiild build build and often 'gush".  Really never expecting it but its just what happens when the oral is good.    

Anyway ..I am intrigued ...if a girl told me she squirted, like if she prepared me and said "you know I squirt,,"  ...I think I would try to do what it is that makes her do that if thats the best release for her....but I want to say it doesn't have to shoot up in the air like in the vids for me...and I have wondered that if I would get my face out of the way if the "squirt" effect would happen.   I've seen it in vids where the girl that squirts just lets her lover mostly watch her masturbate at the squirting point, and I would do that and think it was pretty hot to be next to her while it was happening.   I'd love to know from the girls that squirt if the orgasms that happen including that are their best or just different ...for instance ..if the come but don't squirt are they left needing more?   Anyway ..hasn't happened for me yet.  

I just love when a woman drenches me, herself, and the bed. 


Blissful Queen said...

I'm a squirter - but not in the porn star sense... it doesn't happen all the time, and only if its done right - but never when I'm orgasming. It leads up to it. But when I cum, I gush. I've made a couple women squirt - all in variations of the word - some where SQUIRTERS, some were in the middle, and some did just a little. I take pride in the wet spot - no matter who big or how small it is - if its mine or theirs (more so theirs of course). The sign of a job well done! :D

Anonymous said...

I used to be more of an occasional gusher, but with a leap in sexual insight in my mid-30's, have unintentionally become a squirter. This happened to coincide with the time I started exclusively dating women, interestingly. Anyway, for me it is generally something that only happens leading up to orgasm, although once it starts, it tends to be extremely easy to trigger, and occasionally the two things happen simultaneously. It feels really good and more of a release than what I have always known an orgasm to be....(which makes me wonder if there really is such thing as a true g-spot orgasm, after all). But, for me anyway, the traditional orgasm is the pinnacle experience...squirting is the runner up. I'm not left needing more if I don't flood the sheets....but will if I'm really really close to "regular" orgasm. :) So, to answer your question, they're not necessarily better, just different.

I was with a girl, during my whole sexual awakening, who was incredibly comfortable with her body and expressing her wants and needs. She didn't hesitate to masturbate in front of me and she was a squirter. It was insanely hot, whether watching or participating.

Anonymous said...

i never knew i was a gusher until i met my girlfriend. i was sooo embarrassed at first she loved what she made me do. what we found out i can do.she still loves when i do it i cant control it it happens damn near every time we do the "business".even when i squirt big or small i can keep going and going. when i squirt i still need to feel my full climax til i can take no more.

Anonymous said...

I am a giver and derive at least as much pleasure in giving as receiving. To give the pleasure to the level I make my lover squirt or gush, or both is another level higher than normal pleasure. This is the ultimate in satisfaction to me. mmmmmm, it tastes so good too !!!

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