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Lesbian Aspect of Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook

Jennifer Lawrence is bisexual without a lesbian scene in Silver Linings
I just rented and watched Silver Linings Playbook ...very excited to see the movie that everyone was making such a fuss over, and Jennifer received both the Golden Globe and Oscar for Best Actress.  I had already decided that ANY movie with her in it was worth watching.  I had been introduced to her with a movie she was nominated for, Winters Bone ...which was before the mega stardom that came her way with The Hunger Games.  She is witty, smart, funny, attractive and sooooooo sensous but in a strong woman kind of way.   I had rented recently House At The End of The Street, a predictable kind of movie that she was the only saving grace of, and now sat down to finally see Silver Linings.

Spoiler Alert ..there is not a lesbian scene in it.  Not technically.


There is a scene where she is connecting with the Bradley Cooper character and admitting that she slept with everyone in the office. Cooper says "even girls" and she confirms that.  He asks "how was that ?" and she says "HOT."  More information is divulged that she sat on their laps and did naughty things.   It's left to your imagination.

I have that imagination ...in loads.

So ..adding to the list of women who have played lesbian or bisexual women in movies Miss Jennifer Lawrence.

I am thrilled to tell you I am imagining this woman on my lap ...doing naughty things.

Her hair smells wonderful ...and she kisses so softly.
Click to Download Silver Linings Playbook and tell me if the big lesbian admission gives you tingles too.

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