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The time I got fisted by what I now realize is the one true lesbian love of my life.

I posted this on shybi because I was remembering the time I got it deep.   Wow ...I just couldnt stop remembering and having new feelings too.   Here it is :)
As some who have read my blog know, this happened to me ...the girl I was with and in the night when I can say without a doubt we were the most in love at that point, was much younger and had been thinking about it and hinting about it.  We talked about it after we broke up and she said she wanted to give me something nobody ever gave me   It was also a true test of something I had always said which is that I truly am not that into penetration.   This was penetration extreme. Whatever I type from this point on, I need to say this...I never loved her more in those moments when she was inside me ...we were never so close and I may never be that close to anyone ever.   I am not saying the act of fisting is what brought us that close ..in other words, if someone else does it to me it might not have the same effect.  It was the moment we were sharing.  

artistic lesbian fisting 
...I blogged about what happened and what it felt like in the moment, but in this forum I will say that I have thought so much about that night since.  I get very very very very wet so the lube thing was not a concern for either of us.  In times when she had 3 and 4 fingered me before the thought was crossing her mind that it was possible, and after reading about it and seeing it on computer had determined she was going to do it to me if possible ..and had picked out that particular night.   When she not only had the 4 finger going but also started putting pressure I started to realize she was probably testing the possibility and I did have to make a deciscion as to whether or not to obtject or let it happen.   I was relaxed with her and trusting her but still ...if I were thinking RATIONALLY would have told her to stop.  

In truth, where I made the choice to see if we were going to do it was when I went from on my back to when got on all fours and its hard to describe this position but she was reversed and I was able to reach into her while she was doing what she was doing, although my fingering was just keeping contact ....keeping touch of her for closeness.  .  I  helped her fingers back into me.and rocked with her.    Her soft boobs were on my back and we were so cuddled together.   While I realized she probably was about to attempt something and I was a little afraid, I think when I look back in the five minutes before it happened I thought "that will never happen."  But she was persistent in  both the in and out of me with all those fingers, but twisting her wrist and probing and pushing a bit harder.

While I felt the knuckle pressure pushing really hard, .  I am sure my moans were encouraging to her and she kept going.  ANd it was getting hot because my finger was getting to her and she was nearing orgasm.   I had mixed emotions about what was ready to happen and I think I only gave in to allowing it a split second before she was totally into me.  At my pussy I felt it POP in ..and yes there was a singe shot of pain there for a few seconds at first....almost a state of shock.   It was scary ...if I had to do it again I probably wouldn't be so scared.  It was like :"ok we've done this now what."  But I felt SO close to her and I know her to me while she was in me.  I twirled her pearl with my finger and rocked back and forth with her inside me.  My walls were involuntarily bearing down on her, but every single nerve ending on my entire body was singing....a feeling like I cannot describe ...aware of everything, and as I blogged, especially aware of my naked tits hanging and wanting to be touched so badly.   When I felt the need to stop, she must have felt comfortable and reallllllly went deep.   I remember an almost ugly sounding grunt....but also thinking "this is it ..remember this..remember this."  Yes I nearly passed out I think.   The full so full sensation was replaced by total emptiness when I asked her to stop.  "We have to stop now." She told me when we talked about it that my eyes had an animalistic quality afterwards. "I knew you would never be the same and I changed you forever...I had to find a way to do that because you changed me forever in so many other ways." 

Iam waiting for trust like that again ...that was the most magical night. 

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