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Those who have come here regularly know that I have taken a bit of a hiatus from posting and publishing, but my past work is still here and if you are new here there is much to be consumed. I am working on several stories right now and writing from the same mix of experience and fantasy that readers have told me they loved.

Those stories will be the foundation of my upcoming compilation book. Today, you get to read for free. Welcome, and I hope you stay awhile.


The "Moment" Of My Lesbian First Time - Share Yours

So many first time stories start with "we were so drunk" ... Silly. 

Mine was when I was 18 a woman who was several years older and had been a student teacher of mine a few years before ...longtime readers know my first time story is detailed and is published here and on several places on the internet   We had become acquaintances and then friends and were pursuing each other for several months before IT  finally happened. There are descriptions by everyone on here about what women do with each other ...and yes we did some of those things...(making out, fingering, oral, lots of boob play) but my major memory was when I realized I was dressing myself and fixing my hair and makeup for a date with a woman and that we were probably about to have sex ...MY first time with a woman.  When I was getting ready I was probably as excited as any time in my life ...with a WIDE range of emotions from trembling to the other side of the spectrum in total confidence that I was READY, and just praying that I was right that this was IT. . It was a morning rendezvous and  when I showed up at her door, she was still in her frumpy morning attire,  there was no doubt in her mind I was there and dressed to entice her....that the message I was sending was "I'm ready if you are."  

.The next "moment" for me was when I was between her legs and just getting ready to lower my head into her muff.  After years of fantasizing it was FINALLY going to happen. I was aware of every sense imaginable.   Visually ---it was a bit shocking at first to be sooooo up close to another woman's vagina, certainly a soft smell of her excitement, touch ...as I had fingered her gently and knew how wet she was for me, and how time almost stood still for that moment before I went down. That freeze frame is forever etched in my mind, as was the moment a minute later when I realized how much at home I was giving oral pleasure to a woman I cared about.  

So that's my first time  "Moment"  (actually didn't limit to one did I ?  Sorry) and I am curious to know what freeze frames from YOUR first time stay with you forever.  If you haven't done it, what are you most looking forward to ??.

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