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Thoughts of Pillow Princesses Past and Present

For she who wants to be my latest pillow princess ...inspiration for remembering and indulging in what I most love to do
By akiss2desire 2013
all rights reserved

I have described myself to others as a "giver in search of an appreciater."   If you want to be blunt about it ...and be less cryptic ..I am someone who loves to suck a woman in all sensual details...perhaps for hours ....while her responses fill my affection cup by  savoring my complete devotion to her longing.   A pillow princess to lay there for me and with me is a princess presented as the most precious gem. 

It's kind of the way I started in my first lesbian experience and so many of them since when it just keeps going on and on and you look at the clock and can't believe how long you've been making love. 

In my experiences I love making out and feeling skin against warm skin, where those first touches, kisses and strokes are tender and trust building, and eye contact reveals mutual hunger and burgeoning need.  I cannot get enough of feeling and hearing a woman respond to what I am doing.  I love deep tongue kissing and the feel of my lovers bosom first against my body, then against my hands ...soft over clothes and smooth skin to skin, and eventually an erect nipple between my lips and accepting my tongue licking and my mouth sucking while my lover strokes my hair or cradles my head or stretches her arms around me to pull me close while I flick my tongue and lift and squeeze with my hands a beautiful pair of breasts.  I see my pillow princess picture and long to cuddle with her special tattoo.  I dream of riding upwards to hang my breasts above your mouth and see your beautiful eyes close and your red lipstick engulf my nipple because I love SO much to feel my own nipple sucked with sanctity, sincerity, and  affection while my vagina secretes it's first declaration of my own desire.

I would caress closely and swallow my princess boobs forever if it weren't for that I can feel the passion rising and need to reach down and feel just how wet a woman gets for me.  Nothing ...NOTHING is more exciting to me than to feel the physical proof of a woman's excitement for me down there...it's 100 times more strong than the times when a stiff cock greets my palm. When she is slippery and warm to accept my fingers and spreads her legs apart to invite me it affects me in so many ways ....tells me my lover feels that way for ME and what I've done and knowing where I am going.   Fingering and tracing around the lips and inside with one or two digits as she clutches and tenses while I graze and tease the clit..it elevates my own excitement as much as her squirming under my touch expresses her pleasure.   While I encircle the button and probe to gauge what feels best for her ...a soft touch or something harder and perhaps faster, I almost never want to finish her first orgasm this way.  I love the closeness of making out upright and fingering my girl ..perhaps breast to breast and mouth and tongues tangling together while fingering ...gawd thats wonderful to feel so close above the waist while the orgasms are bubbling below ...but its just my natural way...my hunger ..my immense desire to look into her eyes and relish in her beauty, taking a deep breath and thanking my stars for the good fortune of being with such a beautiful creature who for some reason wants me this way, as I begin to kiss my way down. 

So many ways to begin ...but for me it begins with admiration...the sight of her most beautiful and glistening center of our mutual gratification.  Every sense involved as I lower my head slowly, feel the first electric touch my lips to her skin, and enter inside with my tongue, soon sweeping over the lips with my lips, tonguing labia and clitoris first slowly, and soon more intensely, to bring about the shudders and quivers and moans and quakes of release, joy, and ultimate togetherness.   My tongue going to its work, flicking and rounding, flattening full tongue licks and lip surrounding clit gentle sucking, tickle tracing and tingle penetrations, location jumps from the top to the bottom, or lingering moments in a favorite place as time freezes for both of us.  Lip sucking and gentle teeth grazing, rapid runs  and side to side wiggles ...fingers involved and not ...juices leaking on me and the sheets ...butt squeezing and thigh massaging...anus stroking and encircling and tongue elongating to plunge as deeply as it can to twirl her walls and deepen our intimacy beyond expectations.

I am in it, around it, on top and underneath my lovers vagina with my mouth and tongue, introducing my fingers, thumb, and palm ...my grip and massage ...my control and release of control ...my complete and total devotion to oral pleasure in everything I've learned in experience with others, and everything I am learning moment to moment of her special needs.  Each shake of her hips, moan or groan or sigh ...each quickened breath...encourages me to give more to receive more of that which fills my lesbian soul.   Using warmth of tongue, cheek and lips, and breath to add sensations, tempo and texture against her velvet pink saturation ...applying firm pressure or backing off to a feathery touch ..twisting my head this way to lick this way or tonguing up and down or around for an all new sensitivity, or knowing she feels the vibration from my own moan against her pussy.  New fiery tingles with each specific and seemingly uniquely designed but spontaneous touch.  Generating tingles and throbs and preparing for the convulsions of release and riding her explosion ...her first ...her next...slowing down so she can catch her breath and let the tingles subside so we can go again and again til when she begs me to stop, I might for a moment ...but I can never get enough of the addiction to each individual, completely unique orgasm that I create imagining I am writing her pleasure as a conductor writes a symphony.

As I imagine, fantasize and relive, on her back and propped on the pillow isn't all there is of course.  Climb up on all fours to allow me to enter from behind for different sensations....or dangle her legs off the bed while I kneel on the floor.  

For me....oh I am wet and swollen and wanting and for a pillow princess to shower me with appreciation and a kind of close devotion that is on a higher peak and on the precipice of my own building an imminently volcanic explosion...it can come from her fingers or her mouth ..but I have to really know she wants me that way...she wants to eat me and just can't live without tasting me the way I have devoured her with all of her juices still slightly sticky on my cheeks and neck and more.  If my pillow princess just wants to reciprocate because thats the right thing to do but doesn't yet feel she wants to go there ..well...that can be for another time ....It's better for me to trib my way over the top, for I thoroughly enjoy being right up against her side and slightly on top with my tits flopping upon hers as that flesh itself makes its own luxurious love and squished together symbolizes how our souls have become in these minutes of erotic collaboration, and if she will hold me, I can take control of my own, writhing against her thigh with my drenched lips and swollen clit ...just if she pushes that thigh into me I push my spirit against her ...fucking her with my own thigh while  fucking myself against her. so she can feel when my eruption against her and into her sweetly soaks the sheets beneath her thigh while my turbulent thrusts slowly dissolve  into sublime collapse of sweet but temporary exhaustion.  Or if my lover wants to taste me ...perhaps I can let her lay and climb aboard to lower my pussy to her lips to ride her and guide her beneath me.   When all is done for me and for us, eyes meet for confirmation ...what reverence might I see.

hey...here is an honest question ...if the term for a woman who wants to be loved on like this is a pillow princess ...what is the term for me ..someone who wants that from the other side?

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Blissfulqueen said...

There isn't an outright term for someone that would rather give than receive... The only thing I can think of, is being a "top".

As you know, from our MANY talks, I'm a give more so than a receiver. Oddly enough, I can not get off at all when I'm with someone, and be perfectly fine with it. Just pleasing them, please me.

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