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Those who have come here regularly know that I have taken a bit of a hiatus from posting and publishing, but my past work is still here and if you are new here there is much to be consumed. I am working on several stories right now and writing from the same mix of experience and fantasy that readers have told me they loved.

Those stories will be the foundation of my upcoming compilation book. Today, you get to read for free. Welcome, and I hope you stay awhile.


All I Can Think Of

Now and then she and I will rekindle just a bit with an exchange of an email ...or I will see her somewhere for a brief moment.  How I loved her and have longed for her to tell me she wants more than just a quick, and from her side always, a reserved hug.   She absolutely knows how badly I want her and probably, wanting her that deeply causes her purposeful distance.

But this week, in a down in the dumps email, she tells me making love to me was the best night of her life and that she will prove someday and someway she's my lesbian Snow White.  That we drift together and back apart.   I joke with her that I am one penis shy of being her Prince Charming.

Resistance to her is futile.

Though I went through something of a drought, she comes along when I actually have some "irons in the fire" so to speak....but considering ...for her ..giving all that up to be only hers.

I've been subtle with her and I've been direct.   I close my eyes at night and I can feel her soft hands clutching my breasts as or orgasm explodes on me while tribbing.  It just seems it can't ever be better than that with anyone.  She was willing to be tender and affectionate with me in total adoration as our tongues tangled in delectable kisses, and in the next moment would drag me into her pre -fantasized experiment.

It never felt so right than with her.  Licking up and down her inner lips, spending wonderful exploratory time and containing  her squirms.  Hard for me not to admit that making her come was so fucking easy and like a puzzle I had figured out, putting in the last piece before her volcanic explosions was only a matter of choice of when I wanted to pull the trigger ....or if she wanted to beg me.   From the first time I pulled back the lips and clitoral hood so that her pronounced clit would invitingly pop out, every sensation was mine...that more than anyone else I could feel her pleasure rounding her button, directly flicking her clit with my tongue or finger, sucking in my lips, gazing at her reactions and undulations and HOW BEAUTIFUL were her eyes and face in the throes of the pleasure I inflicted.     I felt her every sensation ...her delight swallowed me...crawled into my soul ..so that again and again and again, when I might have thought "it cannot get better than this," she would grip my hand and send me again, her pump her pussy into me in a different way, or I would hear a different moan than before, or ...especially during me giving her oral, it was like this dance between my lips and tongue and her hips and thighs and toes.

She says she wants to be my Snow White ...torture that she doesn't follow that with definitive plans to lay once again together ...her girlfriend keeps a close eye on her every move.  Forgive me for wanting her to just fuck up a little bit more and send my darling into my arms and mouth once again.

Unable to think of anything else but the eagerness with which her much younger mouth touched off wave after wave of such powerful orgasms I literally thought I was a moment before losing consciousness.  How the just right, just perfect fit when we scissored felt like nothing could be better on the planet...in the universe ...for a lifetime ..unless ...unless ...she and I could find that magic again. 

Her whole hand has been inside me.   I saw stars.   Yes, it was decidely "just sex,"  just "friends with benefits," supposedly me the teacher ..but truly, and she knows, she taught me the most.  

There is MY love of eating pussy...no lover I have had showed as much gusto in return.  She adored me in every ...in EVERY touch, taste, glance, and especially, her committed kisses.  

For the past week she is all I have thought about.  I close my eyes and her soaking wet lips upon my tongue again are all I can think about ...laying sideways or me upside down, or her sitting on my face and riding me, or laying legs off the bed while I am on the floor, or the most wonderful time where the come, rest, come again, rest, come again cycle recycled over hours with me never tiring and her accepting that this was what we both wanted.  

So many images burned in my brain...and gawd I hope in hers too ...to never forget the first time I tasted her ...her jaw clinched while I kissed and licked her thigh ..and then...upward ...to her lips...cheating a look to gauge her reaction of the first female kiss down there...her mouth falling open and her eyes rolling back ...I never ever felt anything so "mine" as her that moment ...and how I long for her to give me an hour or two to show her that even though it may be just a strap on or a stiff tongue, I long to be her Prince (ess) Charming ...warm skin to skin and breast to breast...arms enveloped in arms once again.

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