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Fan Fiction - Dreams of Celebrity Delight in the Land of Make Believe

Lesbian Fan Fiction on Acid ?   Not really but I can't wait to see what you think.  Not my best, but was fun to write something in a new genre.  I drove around for the last few weeks knowing I needed to make this story all inclusive.  I hope you like it.  Let me know what you think and be honest @akiss2desire on twitter.

I'm dreaming that I am the weather girl on CNN Headline News.  In my dream I am a much younger version of myself, around 21 or so and before my marriage or my child.  It feels completely natural because I had wanted to be a meteorologist and took communications broadcasting courses at community college, but my life took a different path and I never had those dreams fullfilled.  But here I was, skinnier, cuter, younger and getting away with showing more cleavage than can usually be shown on TV.  I feel nervous but I know my routine and look out to the shadows where the Program Assistants are going over rundowns and blocking the next camera angle.  A really cute assistant comes over to pin my microphone on my blouse and can't help but brush against my breast where my nipple springs up.  I know she knows and I let the PA know with a look that I'm ready anytime she's ready.  I am clearly lesbian in my heart in this dream version of myself.
Coming back on set from  is Robin Meade from out of the blue hued shadows wearing blue jeans, which the viewers will never see under her desk, and the most georgeous leopard print top, cut low of course, and wearing pear shaped diamond earings and a wooden bead and silver necklace that just pops.    She's humming as she sits down and in the dream I WANT her to NOTICE me, and ever second she doesn't I am filled with angst.  She reaches under the desk and pulls out a box of chocolates and sensously devours a piece in one bite, rolls her eyes back in the pleasure it gives her, and finally looks over at me and motions to the box for me to have one.  I fidget in front of my green screen and smile as she knows I can't at the moment so close to air, and hope that I've made a connection to her, reminding myself not to let how starstruck I am affect my proffesional performance. 

She realizes I am the new girl and says "welcome lady ...you look like dynamite," before the floor director counts us down to air "five, four, three, and two."     Robin glides through the first stories of the day while I review my notes nervously, and I realize my CNN debut is just moments away.  Robin pauses and looks down at her notes, then over at me where I feel every bit of the heat from the studio lights and says to me," Well as we welcome beautiful, lovely Brenda to our crew, lets check the weather where half the country is going to be hot today, while the rest of the country will be wet ...Brenda, do you like it hot or wet dear ?"   I tingle and even go numb from head to toe and while aware of only the lesbian aspect of what she just said on live national TV, I go forward with the dispensing of my information.  But it's hard to concentrate because I see Robin out of the corner of my eye and she is smiling a "gotcha" practical joke smile and I completel sense my chest turning beat red...the rashy red that happens when I get really horny.  Soon my part is over and I should be proud and getting ready for what comes next but all I can think about is how Robin looked at me when she said that.  And as if I wasn't completely sure if that was a come on or not, an authoritative man scolds Robin and says "hot and wet Robin...WAY over the top ...way too much flirting..we aren't going to do that," and Robin playfully replies, " but she's cute Jerry," and he says "too much ..can't go there Robin ...never again!"   He's serious and so is Robin when she says "FUCK YOU JERRY!" and apparently with all taping finished for the time being,  she motions to me to come with her and says "Brenda...chocolate ..best you ever tasted."

Next in the dream I am in her dressing room and wanting sex right there and then.  She wants me equally and wastes little time getting to it.  She's changing in front of me and exposing her beautifully shaped natural breasts.  I hunger for her slightly puffed nipples, and as she turns and faces me, it seems we all know where we stand.  Somehow she wants me and I can't wait to make love with her.  "Youve no idea how hot I get seeing a topless woman in jeans."    "So, does that mean you want to suck on these ?" and I move towards her as if I am obeying a command from my lifetime leader. 

Her nipple slides into my mouth and I gather my arms around the soft skin of her back to run my nails down towards her jeans.  Stroking her there and sucking her nipple, I feel her knees weaken and she tils her head so I can feel her soft long hair brushing against my cheek. "Oh Gawd your tits, they're perfect," and she reaches under my blouse where she lifts and squeezes my breast and says "no lady, I love YOUR tits," and her touch feels SO good. 

I am starting to wonder how much time we have and how wet I am making her, for I know damn good and well how hot I am getting, and it just feels so natural to be making love to one of my idols.   A sharp rap on the door and someone yelling "five minutes Ms Meade," startles us both, but Robin is so together and so in control . Taking my hand and putting on her pussy, her jeans have vanished, and she sits on a love seat in her office and says "think you can beat the clock ?"   I eagerly hit my knees and delve into her thighs to kiss and lick towards her pussy accented by soft feathery hair as a landing strip.  Her clit is stiff and her lips are juicy and I go into my rapid finger, tornado tongue licking and lips surrounding her clit sucking enthusiastic love making with my mouth.  She shudders and begins to climax almost immediately while gasping ," come on sunshine ...dont stop baby ...on gawd sunshine that's it ..I'm coming ! " and I feel the warmth and wetness trickle down my tongue. 

I sleep while still on my knees and when I wake up I am still on my knees and slowly tonguing a pussy that I know I have made come ...in my minds eye ..my "dream minds eye" I have drivin this pussy I am licking to a half dozen orgasms and we are in a slow it down mode before we pick it back up.  I look upward and see ...not Robin Meade, but Hayden Panettiere, who is looking just about passed out with pleasure, wearing a cute pink bra, and I look over and see what appears to be an awards show caliber dress on the floor.  Weirder still is the fact that I am fully clothed strangely   in gym shorts and a white tshirt which shows my tits completely through.  I'm aching and wanting to be touched by her and nothing  feels different or wrong about the way my subconcious has switched my lover in the snap of a finger.  

My dilemma with her is that I don't know what she wants, and so that gets answered when she pulls me up by my shoulder towards her and guidees me on top of her.  I am no longer in my early 20s and in fact am worried I am going to get caught doing something I shouldnt be.  We are in her hotel room, which appears huge to me, and I begin to mouth her neck and kiss her earlobe.  She writhes about beneath me, but just appears out of it.   I start to remove her bra and she tells me "don't ...I'm not ready," and while I clearly don't know what she means by that, I just kiss her harder and deeper and she responds by grinding her hips up against me with strength ...meaning I can feel her thighs muscles tense and her grinding is more like thrusting with power.

Although its not the way I have ever made love, something tells me to grab her hair and pull it gently ..actually a little harder than gently ...and she thrust hard against me from underneath and says "good ?"  Apparently my response to her isn't enthusiastic enough because she pounds into my vagina with her hips and more demandingly asks " GOOD?"...she looks a bit mad but softens when I cry with pleasure 'oh yes yes yes."  Soon we are grinding and my pussy is throbbing and ready to come and her eyes are determined to send my soul to oblivion.  I am about to come when I start to think we aren't alone ...like I am being watched ...and sure enough, my dreaming subconcious has now put a man in a rocking chair with an obnoxiously enormous cock beating himself off.  I think for a moment I might go suck him, but Hayden has my complete attention..where I pull her hair slightly harder and she fucks her hips into me harder and it all feels so good and so right.  I let go of her hair and RIP her bra off releasing the front hook and exposing silky, creamy, very young looking small boobs with cherry red nipples so stiff and now I realize her chest is heaving with every breath and she is covered with sweat.  I bend down to take her nipple into my mouth, and she grunts and thrusts into me yet again which is where my blinding orgasm starts. Im screaming and crying out with pleasure when I look over to the man and his dick starting to come ...which in the dream grosses me out and I find myself wishing I ALONE with Hayden and not in this twisted threesome.  

I am done coming and get up to go to the bathroom where when I get down an unfamilar hallway, open a door instintively and find an opulant bathroom with gold and pearl fixtures.  The shower looks good to me and I strip out of the shorts and white tshirt and get into the warm shower where everything feels good and smells good.  I like the soap and the shampoo and even though I have just come in the dream I am in that wanting stage where it sure isn't enough and I need some more. 

Out of the shower and down the hall with a towel wrapped around my body but no towel for my hair which is a brilliant mess, at this point in the dream I have no expectations but sure enough, in the living room, some kind of orgy is in full swing with about a dozen lovers at various places within a huge well furnished space.  In the middle of the room is a overstuffed couch where Tina Fey is laying down on her back and a woman is eating her pussy.  She looks over at me needingly, and I know what she wants without needing to ask.  The dream version of myself saunters over in disbelief while trying to process in my mind who I have already made love with, and now is my crush Tina as Liz Lemon looking like she is going to say something to crack me up but needing to come good taking precedence.  From the far reaches of the room a woman cries out in orgasmic pleasure and everyone laughs...it's my dreams perception that Tina says something funny or that there is an inside joke I am not a part of, but whatever it is, her sweet laughing smile compells me to confess "I love you," and she says with half sincerity, "well I love you too."  The faceless girl continues to eat Tina's pussy, and I easily kneel before her on the couch to begin sucking her small but firm boobs.   "yes yes ...oh gawd yes baby," tina cries out to both of us making love with her, and behind me, I feel a womans breasts against my back (my towel now off for some time) and she's cupping me from behind and caressing my shoulders with her tongue.  I never know who it is behind me but I know she is blonde and likes to use her nails against my nipples and her teeth gently sinking into my skin.  Tina is loving my mouth upon her and gives me a look that I interpret as an invitation to sit upon her face.  But I don't think I can pry free of the woman who holds me from behind cupping my breasts and scratching my nipples, so I continue to suck Tina as the surreal experience continues.  When more orgasmic cries come from elsewhere in the room, tina looks at me pleadingingly and says "I can't fucking come damnit," and I take my left hand and join the womans tongue with my middle finger upon Tina's clit and start to finger her.  It's wet ..it feels good to have the tongue licking my finger as well as Tina's clit, and after a few rapid up and down strokes against her soaking lips and stiff knob, Tina cries out loudly as well.   I gather her in my arms, suck her tits for the life of me pulling on her nipples with my lips, and ride her orgasm with her against my palm.  It ends with the girl behind me unlatching and me stroking the faceless pussy eating blonde at the crown of her skull , enjoying her soft hair between my fingers.

I am thinking wht the hell, it's an orgy, and look for another female conquest, as it felt natural to do so. Elizabeth Mitchell is an actress I have loved since Gia as her photographer lover.  These days she is in Revolution, but she was in Lost, and wherever she pops up I am sure to follow.  Her eyes are so soft and alluring and appealing to me.  And now in this marelously star studded lesbian fantasy dream, Elizabeth is there with a strap on dangling, standing by herself over near a bar.  I am dumbfounded when I realize she is wearing my white shirt, and it comes down over her ass and down to her thighs, where the strap on cock is coming out from under the shirt.  Then  I realize it's my strap on too.  No rhyme or reason how Elizabeth Mitchell has my shirt and my never used strap on, but thats what my dream has conjured and for the moment the only thought I have is to figure out how to get her to fuck me.    I head to her ...almost float to her ...disbelieving she wants me ...wondering what she will do to me if she does, telling myself I am willing and able to go along with anything she wants to do to me.   

I get to her and she asks, "are you that girl ?"  "I'm anything ...and e v e r y t h i n g  you want me to be."   I want a kiss but instead she motions me to a futon and I climb on it and get into a doggy style position to await her need.  In my mind, she needs to fuck me and I need to get fucked, even though in real life I am not big on penetration of this type.  She bangs it on my bottom and comes up behind me and cupps my hanging tits.   I think I am so wet that she won't need any lube, but as she enters me I feel the rubberiness of it and for a moment its not pleasant to me.  But soon, she is fucking me in and out in rhythm and I feel like she really knows what she is doing.  She plunges into me dozens of times and I moan and as she hangs her boobs against my back and reaches around to finger my clit while shes fucking me, I decide to fake an orgasm to be done with it.   "Oh oh gawd I am coming," and as fake orgasms go, if you ask the men who have never known, they might nominate me for an academy award.  She plops out of me and I feel the wet rubbery cock against my thigh...my nipples are extremely hard, and I just want something ...specifically I want to sit on someones face ...and I look up at Elizabeth and she is stroking her fake dong and making eye contact with an enormously endowed redhead across the room. Her huge tits bounced as she walked towards us and I thought I was Elizabeths and that the redhead was going to join US. 

It didn't turn out that way ...she gave me a look which told me she was done with me.  My feelings were hurt and I thought I was going to die, and when i am hurt, I tend to lash out , and in my dream it was no different.  I looked at the dong hanging and said "I'll take that back now."   She looked at me with a sarcastic "gotta be kidding me," look, and ripped the thing off and handed it to me.   I didn't say "keep the shirt," but I felt it.  

So with a strap on in my hand and the buckles dangling I wandered through the orgy room.  I needed to get off ..I needed more pussy in my mouth.  My mind wandered as I contemplated who next I would end up with.  I wanted to go back to the beggnining and get some more from Robin Meade, but I was in a different place with different circumstances...and like Alice in Wonderland, I had no idea what was to come next, but there was certainly nothing ordinary about all of this, even though it felt totally natural in all of it's sexual splendor and excess.

I stepped into the loops of the strap on and on a mission to find someone to fuck, I found Jenna Fischer ...the actress from The Office having her pussy eaten by Tina Fey, who was rapidly tossing her hair back and forth, with her tongue extended, gripping Jenna from her butt underneath and riding her orgasmic gyrations out.  Tinas mouth was in it deep and Jenna was writhing with her big breasts swaying as she wriggled against Tina's offerings.  "Mind of I join in ?" and as I settled in next to the laying Jenna, I laid on my side and put the dildo up against her thigh and began to enjoy sucking her erect brown nipples.  I told her I loved her natural breasts and pawed at them as I sucked . Christina Hendrick from Mad Men joined us on the other side and we each had a boob in our mouth.  Christina was fully clothed and wearing a purple dress that lifted her enormous cleavage out of the cloth.  Her eyes were flaming as much as her beautiful red hair, and as I reached across to caress her breast, I pictured myself as the four of us in full lesbian wildness...I knew it didn't feel right.  I didn't belong in this scene and started to realize it was a dream.  It started to fade away and I knew I was waking.  It was a shame because I still had a desperate need to fuck someone with that strap on, and an even stronger need to find someone to eat my pussy...and eat it good.   As I started to leave the dream state and regain conciousness I knew I could probably just finish with my fingers ...but it just was not going to be enough.  I needed more...so much more.   It all felt real, from the first young encounter with Robin Meade, to the lesbian hollywood orgy.   And now, as I awoke, it was evaporating...I just wanted to try to sleep and re enter this world my subconcious had created for me. 

I crawled into the covers and leaned back into the pillows without opening my eyes ...oh the pillow felt good.  I was aware I was panting and sweating and my pussy was throbbing.  As I started to find my pussy lips with my right hand and decide on which masturbation strategy I would employ, I felt a sweet kiss ....a feminine kiss...upon my forehead.  What ?

"Brenda...thank God I think you are going to be ok," was the sweet voice above me, and as I struggled to open my eyes I felt a cold, damp cloth on my forehead.   "What ...who...huh ?" Brenda ...it;s me ..Snow,"  and I said "Snow ..Snow White ?"  "Yes baby ...I thought I was going to lose you there for a moment."  "What ?"  "You've been under a spell ...cast by Rumplestiltskin...and for a moment I thought you were a gonner."   "A spell...I'm ..what do you,"  "Shhhhh it's gonna be alright.  Apparently, the bastard read your diaries and with his magic potion, brought your dreams to life.  And baby...you did alot of talking in your sleep." 

Snow White was above me, tending to me as one would a sick child, stroking me and tenderly loving me, and even though the forest looked black through the windows, I felt I had nothing to fear with Snow tending to my needs.  I remembered now ...in this life in another land I was a servant for Snow in the castle, and she had taken me in when the Queen had vowed to punish all those who were known to oppose her.  That put me at the top of the list, and kind Snow was hiding me until I could find a safe place to go.  Oh how I longed to tell her about my lesbian longings for her, but with the dwarves always around, or adventure always calling,   But oh how I longed for her, and apparently now, my secret was out that I was a lesbian who longed for women in Storybrooke, and now in the land of Once Upon A Time, I felt I had nothing to fear now that Snow apparently knew. 

"So, do you know what I was dreaming?"   "A little ...I know that you fancy a tart in preference to a romp with a nob...do I have that correct Brenda ?"  "Should I be frightened that this is known to you?"   "You'd be surprised ....I too have lain with the fairer sex"   "Really...I've no idea...who with pray tell ?"  "Well you know in those long times without Charmining anywhere near, Red, when I commented on her exceptionally long tongue first told me the better to eat you with my dear."

"And my needs concern my hunger as well Snow...and I don't mean porridge ...unless theres a delicious porridge between your legs." 

"I know you need your rest now ...don't talk of such things"

"No actually...I cant rest until ....ummmm."

Oh Brenda...for the feeling has been mutual ever since we met...but tis I who must twirl my tongue into your velvet glove," and for that, she could have owned me. 

I laid back and enjoyed her talented ministrations as she dove under my dress to lick and suck me to the powerful orgasm I had needed for so long.  She so knew how to make me come to the point of a shaking orgasm and cry that echoed through the forest.  She was so loving and gentle, yet perfectly skilled with her mouth and fingers to my delight.  I came and came again until she raised up into the bed and held me tenderly.  She smelled so wonderful nuzzled against my neck.  I knew I needed to go down on her, but in exhuastion knew it would be another time.  I feel asleep in Snow White's arms, and slept a sleep so deep and contented, that I had no dreams whatsoever.

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