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I'll take the compliments and share them with you :)

Gawd I am GOOD.  Now you really are ROFLOL. know I don't take myself that seriously least not on here.

After I wrote the summary of the favorite parts of making love with my heartstring so far away, In the post entitled Our Tribbing Last Time Together , which I have to admit is a fairly transparent plea for her to return to the bedroom (or the hotel room as it would be) with me, I received this week a note from another wonderful former lover to ask me basically, "What were your favorite moments with me?"   We had never really talked much about our one night stand (one afternoon stand) after it happened, only that she fairly quickly determined that because of the long distance between us and the fact that she had found someone closeby she was hitting it off with, that our one time would be, indeed, our one time.  So I wrote back to her and said "As if I haven't already detailed it enough on the blog, I will tell you if you tell me ...and let me use it on my blog." 
When Paula (not her real name) and I did what we did about a decade ago, I was 24, she was 42.   We met online and after meeting at a restauraunt, went to a hotel room for a long afternoon of making love.

Here are some excerpts of what she wrote to me last night...mind you, my ego (and pride) only swell to new heights. It sounds almost like a letter of reccomendation ..wonder if it could get me a new job ?

The fact that we were only together once has been something I have regretted in all these years.  NOBODY but NOBODY understands how to make love to a woman like you.  Since you are putting this on your blog, let me say to your readers that the woman has a magical tongue, period.  If you didn't know from my reactions, you should know now that you didn't just make me CUMMMMMMMM, you made it cum deep and I felt it over my whole body.  Like,  the first time you were fingerbanging and lickiing my clit, right before I exploded my whole body tingled and that hasn't ever happened quite like that again. 

Also, you made me come like 6 times that day, so you know it was good.  But I have to say if you want me to tell you my FAVORITE part, was when you were rubbing your clit on my thigh, getting ready to cum, and your breasts were bouncing off my boobs, and that was awesome.  Your face when you came is something I will never forget, and then you licked me another half hour after I was sure I couldn't come anymore.  Even though I knew how tired you were, you didn't stop. 
When I use my vibrator  I think about you and replay what we did.  Again, you are not just a great writer, you have a magic mouth that  doesn't stop.  Maybe the best compliment I can give you is that when I am eating pussy to this day, I am thinking about how you did it to me. 

So here is my response

Wow !   I agree we had a great time, and I have replayed it many times in my mind, as well as letting our time be the inspiration for one of my earliest blog posts on here.  I think it would be easy to say to you that all the things YOU just wrote about were my favorite parts of our time together.  For the purpose of my writing this I am purposely NOT going back to read what I wrote that was inspired by our time.  I want to let these fresh memories go, which is what I did when reliving the experience with ((()))) because even though I thought I had written everything about hers and mine times together, I had memories of our last time I had not yet gotten out...probably because or the bitter sweetness of remembering it that the LAST time...the best time with her which can apparently never be relived.

I am not going to rewrite our entire experience, having done that already, but with you, in the few hours we had together, I have to say very directly that the absolute best moment I had with you is one of my favorite moments in y entire life.  It is after we were nude and had made out and truthfully, we had talked so much online about what we wanted that it was almost scripted up to a point when we began, with the kissing, "neckin" as you called it LOL, and the way you and I got comfortable so fast was all wonderful  But my favorite moment and one I remember like it happened yesterday is when I had turned myself around to go give you my mouth (which you apparently liked judging from your email) was that when I pulled the lips back your clit was glistening, protruding, and just so wide open to me.  I know remembering something about your anatomy is weird, but I was fairly inexperienced when we were together and did not realize how much I would always remember how GOOD your pussy, and especially your clit, looked to me, felt to me, and invited me to suck and lick with the wild abandon you commented on.  Literally hypnotized by your clit and they way it felt so easy and natural to give you pleasure.  

But the other real important memory was when we were in the process of making me come.  I had told you so much that I didnt need to come and you had said you weren't sure about going down on me which was ok with me, so while I was banging on your thigh you did something when I orgasmed that was SO perfect.  You reached around my butt and fingered me from behind and it was just the absolute PERFECT touch at the PERFECT time and as we both know, I drenched your leg and the bedsheets with the earthquake you gave me.  I rolled off of you and we just laid there and I don't think I ever communicated with you that what you did that moment with your fingers while I was making myself come on your body was SO perceptive.  I think if I am honest that I was caught up at that time in small dissapointment that you had given me only a tiny bit of oral ....but I understand now, and I sure can say nobody ever did so much with something so little as reaching around and getting me from behind at that moment.  I am sure you know the orgasm I had ...the one big one...was plenty for me...all I needed or wanted...cause what I wanted was YOU in my mouth all day.

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