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Many Lesbians on TV, Hathaway - Glee

I Can't Think StraightJust remembering when the Hayden Panettiere lesbian kiss on Heroes  was such a huge big deal last year ..now on my HDTV are lesbians everywhere.  Makes me want to get one of those 3D thingamajobs.

Anne Hathaway, certainly one of my latest lesbian crushes no matter which way she goes, has now been cast is the lesbian aunt of the show's gay character, Kurt, on Glee.  Now that is my favorite Gleegasm ever.   Actually, there is alot of gay and lesbian theme on the show (see my previous posts) so it's not a surprise that they keep satisfying the lesbian and gay regular viewers. She will sing, dance, and perhaps, give us a hot makeout session to boot.   :)

Here are the details about Hathaways first onstage lesbian kiss

In some other lesbian notes from tv, I saw two things this week with lesbian themes.  The show on SyFy called Being Human, which features three characters --a Vampire, Werewolf, and a Ghost , (not trying to capitalize on the whole Twilight thing are we now?) has a character who is the sister of the Werewolf, and she was portrayed making out with her girlfriend.  Yayyy for more lesbian characters.  In an almost throw away line on Showtime's trainwreck alcoholism comedy called Shameless with William H. Macy as a D R U N K and Joan Cusack (LOVE HER KISSABLE LIPS) as a bondage loving, handcuff using, dildo screwing interesting character, had a brief moment where a female bbw bartender was observing something on the bar's tv, and she says "I recognize those stairs ...I fell down them ..right after I got my first taste of another womans tongue."   Yum.

And now comes Olivia Munn's new TV series on NBC this Thursday called "Perfect Couples."   Munn does not play a lesbian ..but she SURE comes off a bisexual to me, and always has.  She has been the funny girl on lots of things including The Daily Show with Jon Stuart, and I am always excited to see a girl who looks this great and makes me laugh onscreen.  Here is a picture of a lesbian liplock with her and a blond beauty.   

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