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A "Real L Word" recap worth seeking out

  Well I can't always watch the Real L Word, the new Showtime series that is a reality version of the Old  L Word ...which I think has its characters that pop less, I imagine because they are real and not written ..but having said that, they are pretty intense and you either love or hate the girls on the show.  But like I said, I can't always watch it, but I want to keep tabs on it, and thats where the recaps come in.  The funniest and best right now is on After Ellen and it keeps you up to date with the brightest and smartest sense of humor.  I needed to pass along this excerpt :

This week's "Lesbionics for Dummies" lesson is about lesbian sex. What is it, exactly? Mikey says it's a lot of work and involves push-ups, leg lifts and hanging from light fixtures. It's a full body work out, really. Whitney reports it's "anything you want it to be," much like her idea about relationships and dating. 

Tracy describes frottage but assures the Fire Marshall that rubbing two vags together will not start a fire. Actually, it might. Good thing we have built-in sprinklers. Nikki admits she's a big fan of the multiple O, because "We're not one-hit wonders. We can go and go." Good job, Jill.
Jill explains that women have many tools at their disposal, including, but not limited to, hands and mouths. "That's the reason your girlfriend will leave your ass for me," Rose warns, "It's a little bit more than you sticking your d--k in her p---y." What a poet. 

OOOOH KAY ...I think you will be happy whether you watch the show or not to read the what ups on After Ellen including the HILARIOUS side by side picture of Whitney and her Alien alter ego from another planet. 

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Blissful said...

I've only seen the first episode.. I don't have showtime, so I had to find it out online ;) Gonna go hunt down the other ones... :)

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