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Ultimate submersion into her lesbian first time

The Pleasure of Submersion into her Lesbian First Time
(the first half was formerly known as 'untitled lesbian fantasy' , I have finished the story for now ..reserving the right to further edit)
By akiss2desire

2010 all rights reserved

It started as an honest conversation with her ..and became a dream ...or a dream come true.You know that when I get reaction from my blog, From the heart and soul in my writing, I'm really flattered to get a response.   That makes me so vane or narcissistic ..but ..  i like that you read that and react.

And so, she is beautiful, and I her friendship fill strokes my ego, and fills me with a giddy glee.

"it was how you described things
it was like i was able to re create the setting in my mind, and feel like i was an observer standing there
and the things you didnt say i was able to fill in the blanks any way i wanted"

I can't describe how much that zings me anytime I hear something like that.

"I couldn't help putting myself in the place of the women you were writing about.  After reading, I turn the lap top off, its just me in my room, its quiet, still filled with the images youve painted and I'm full of desire.  I've let my hands explore all over wishing it was you touching me like you described how you do in your writings.  Maybe once or twice a week....... has been every night this past week, several times.   Well not several times each night... the other night I did it 3 times though."  

Now its so personal...and she is so beautiful...how can I NOT think about her.

"I wish you were holding me ..and that the embrace as more
hearing you whisper those things into my ears
feeling the warmth of your breath on my neck and cheek
the warmth of your body against mine"

And so I drifted off to dream of her. Sitting together on the bed after just having that conversation as if she has just told me the things she wrote....romance between us blooms. Her words give me permission.
I picked her hand up and put it against my cheek
First I just stroked it there and gazed into her soft, vulnerable eyes.
I kissed her hand, her fingers and took her middle finger inside to suck gently while gauging her reaction to the first feel of my mouth upon the warm tender skin.
I know her juices were flowing already and that was getting me ever more aroused.
...sucking in her finger...letting her know my warm wet mouth, and undeniable hunger shown in my eyes
I wanted to reach right for her full, voluptuous breasts and am tempted to dive right for her warm wetness, shock value aside, instinct and pent up desire are fogging my brain to advance our experience a bit too quickly and I almost have to talk myself out of doing what would not be wrong to do...

....if it weren't a first time.
(these first times are getting to be a fetish for me ?)

a special time and a time she has chosen me over all others for to remember for a lifetime.

I avert her luscious  lips for another moment to hold her by the shoulders and begin to engage her earlobe with my lips, sucking and swirling, gently nibbling and feeling her innocence melt and limpen.  Whispers mean alot to us both .."I cant believe how beautiful you are...you make me feel like the luckiest woman on earth."  She doesn't have to answer...all signs of submission to the feelings for us both are there, and before I kiss her I whisper at the same time my embrace tightens lower and more full " We eventually need to get out of these clothes don't we?"  "Eventually," she confirms, "but not yet," and I know when I say "just tell me when you're ready," that it won't be long, and I doubt I will need her to say the words...we just know.

I kiss a soft cheek and look deeper into the loveliest eyes, kiss cute, attractive freckles and raise my finger to her lips and elicit a wonderful smile, tugging a pouty lower lip downward, and wait for her to take my finger. She closes her eyes as she sucks it in and her innocence dissolves into a hint of a dirty girl who knows she's driving me crazy.  My hand now goes to the back of her neck and I pull her towards my mouth, and almost as a vampire attach my lips at the nape of her neck and gently suck...I know I have permission to leave a mark if I want to ...but for now I will pass, only gently sucking and stroking the back of her neck with my fingertips.

If you have ever had anything you wanted so badly put right in front of you for the taking, you know that if you don't have to snatch it right up, its better enjoyed slowly and in measure ...and for that reason our first kiss, which could have been there for any moment , has built and rising and the wait is about to be over for us both.

I rise from making love to her neck to look passively in the eyes of a woman who trusts me for anything in this moment, and just admire the tremendous beauty ...all stroking, caress and movement between us is stopped ...this moment frozen in time..."are you ready," I try to say with my eyes and grin rather than words.  I am a deep kisser, an open mouth kisser, and our first kiss will be exactly that.

Her response comes in wide acceptance and she softly moans into my mouth as the passion grows quickly and  includes our tongues meeting, mine gently probing wetly at first before entering  more deeply at her invitation.

I think that she didn't have to dress up so much for me, but now I am pleased to lower my hand and against my palm, grasp a breast and through the fabric feel a ripe nipple respond ....how I can't wait to have each one in my mouth ..."soon" I keep telling myself...s l o w   d o w n, but its almost impossible with the desire I am feeling. I lower the straps of her dress and pull down to expose , one by one, the most compelling breasts that ever have or  could ever meet my vision, much less, about to know my taste and the excitement.   Keep saying it over and over to myself "stay calm and composed."    But how ?   So SO SOOO excited.

Attacking one another??   Well...I know I have permission to do that, but that will have to wait for another time.  While we are taking our time, or more truthfully, it is me who is taking my time making love to her, it is not a leisurely stroll and in fact, carries this magnitude of intensity.   Gently squeezing her breast and slightly pinching and massaging with acute presentation upon her nipple, our mouth to mouth hunger intensifies and we both begin to squirm as our bodies respond.  I wonder about her arousal while mine begins to seep ...I think, "I cant wait for you to know my desire for you that way. " 

I pinched my own neglected nipples, one after another, then lifted her soft hand towards my boobs and pushed her hand squashingly into my now heaving chest ...heaving with the heartbeating so hard from the discovery of her affection, and heaving from my breathing ever harder and heavier by the second.

Once again our eyes meet and hers seem to say "like this" as she grasps and lifts my boob ...instinctively using her thumb to stimulate my nipple and cause me to gasp.  I respond by gripping the soft skin of her breast harder, and we both know that the urge to go slow is about to be a bursted dam of inhibitions lost between us.  I lower my head to swallow a nipple and moan into it, hearing her own moan in my ears above causes my arousal to heighten ever moreso.  Devouring her breast, aggressively, yet ever so softly. Moaning ..slurping even ...loving the weight but also loving the give and response of her tightened nipple between my lips and teeth.  She clutches at my breast and whimpers what I interpret to mean a request to quickly remove my top, and I oblige as quickly as I can, removing my top and rapidly unclasping my bra to free my boobs....letting the straps dangle  as she takes them down my arms and tosses it on the floor to join my top. 

I embrace her to let us both feel the wonder of our boobs warm and pressed erotically together.   Our mouths involved in another ever so deep and tonguing kiss.

"My goodness...baby you are so beautiful...so beautiful, " I say stroking her soft hair behind her ear and caressing her cheek, lingering at the look in her eyes and the trust she gives me to lead us.  "Stand up," I say and hold her hand as she rises, I lower the dress down past her hips and to the floor at her ankles, and as I stood up to wriggle out of what was left of my clothes, we embraced tightly, now totally nude, and our next deep kiss culminated with me pushing her back down on the bed, laying her crossways. 

"I;m going down on you now baby, mmmm kay ?" 

"Oh my gawd," she exclaimed and my nails crawled gently into the skin of her shoulder.

"Is it alright ?"

"Yes," she said in combination of resignation and anticipation.

I kissed my beauty one more time before this romance would give way to hot sex.  Our kiss included a lingering when our tongues first touched.  When I probed deeper, the desperation to "do her" was a second by second realization of her lesbian virgin soul which soon would traverse from only the imaginable to a throbbing, WET TRUTH to be left in evidence upon the sheets on which we were making intense, overwhelmingly intimate love.   Every part of me was pulsating, and in each kiss she was with me there. I was tingling and she was making me feel competely alive in mindy, body and soul, in fingertips and lips and in the aching desire of my breasts and drenched vagina.  

 I took a moment to admire her body glowing in the afternoon sunstream from the small gap in the hotel room curtain.

I love that kissing down the belly thing...I'm always uncomfortable for a moment when its done to me ..but I relish the kissing down down down licking her side, licking under her belly button, lingering at the panty line.

When my mouth reached its ultimate destination, my body was at the point where, because she was half off the bed, I slooped down to the floor, maintining, for the most part, and probably comically, mouth contact against her skin the entire time.   Now on the floor and looking upward as I began to minister to her pleasure, I stopped to tease her clit with just the very tip of my tongue...knowing she needs and wants more is a way I like to play at first ..and then she pushed up into me, I refused, at least temporarily, that demand to suck her swollen cunt and continued the tease until it illicited a whining moan as if to beg me to get into her ...and knowing she'd suffered enough, opened my mouth wide and swallowed as much of her juiciness and sucking her into me while rounding my tongue and starting to give us both what we needed....the submersion into her, and therefore mine own, ultimate oral pleasure.  I put a lip lock on her clit and there were audible slurps.  My tongue flicked and teased her engorged clit, and my fingers entered into the fray softly caressing her labia and stroking towards her clit, then one followed by another gentle entering finger into the constant but unpredictable contractions inside her pussy.  In and out and swirling around, my tongue, lips, fingers and desire. 

Oh those cries out when she came.   When her legs drew  her knees upward and she was shaking  her head side to side and biting down hard on her lower lip.  As I witnessed this,  I felt so special as if she has bought the most expensive gift for me..."for me ?"

After orgasm after orgasm...never stopping...knowing she didnt want me to til we were just both gone, I slowed to a soft lick barely touching again, and she sits up as if to say "we are done with this" and I let her believe that for a split second when our eyes meet and I smile and gently nudge her back down...or at least attempt to...but she resists...so I push harder.

"I  think I dont have any more in me....please let me know what its like make love to you this way."  I loved to hear it, but still needed convincing...but my cunt screamed loudest, demanding her attention anyway she would give it.

I stopped and got up wobbly off the floor, and she rolled over on her stomach. A playful slap on her rump and rubbed in the sting, and got into the bed, longways, sliding her aside and diagonal.

My beauty may have been involved in her first time with a woman, but how strongly she surprised me.  I had had my butt slapped and provided the same stimulation for lovers before..but she surprised me with an open handed SLAP upon my breast and my nipple straightened right out at the sting while I involuntarily shrieked "ouch!"

She looked at me with a look that simultaneously begged forgiveness and searched for signs of whether or not it was a turn on or turn off.  I made a mental note to return the favor at the earliest point, as anyone who woulld do that so unannounced must like to have it done to her. While a thousand responses crossed my mind, I settled for "you gonna say your sorry ?"

A wicked look in her eye knew it was ok, and while rubbing the sting out grasping and massaging the offended boob, she whispered "Im sorry...wont do it again, unless you want me to." She lowered her head to suck on my tit and give my breasts the hand and mouth love they so crave.  She nibbled upon my nipple, biting much harder than I had bitten her some half an hour before in our foreplay to her orgasmic enjoyment.  I was willing to let her find her way with me.  The slap and bite ...they were signs of her confidence...something maybe not expected in someones first time, but also signs she wanted to impress me for this time and perhaps beyond.  Her rough play told me some of what she may like in the future, and it told me where we were going...not necessarily that it was going to be rough, in fact, if that's what she had in mind I would certainly put up enough roadblocks ..but it was clear indication that she intended to withhold nothing in the name of passion.

I loved knowing the sensation she was about to feel.  My pussy was as wet as a bowl of soup.   She entered me first with two fingers, I gasped and moaned, and while still sucking upon my boobs she entered me with a third, I guess determined to make me enjoy penetration more than I usually might.  I clutched the back of her head against my breast and soon she was finger fucking me harder than I would usually want for pure pleasure, but the pure pleasure was how much she was into it.   It felt good,  and while it isn't the way I usually want it, I couldn't deny it was a sure path to orgasm as hot as I was from pleasuring her, did feel good and didn't want to spoil the moment to tell her to slow down.  I was getting off on her enthusiasm to make me come, and the learning about her wants and needs  as much as I was coming from the sexual stimulation.    She was jabbing up deeply into me and her  thumb nudging my clit on each penetration was sending waves of pure delight throughout me. 

My love was showing outward in sure physical excitement and the script of making love, but inwardly, I was deepening and deepeningly fallling for her because of every way she showed me that us being together was so right.  It was too soon for those feelings, but they were undeniable.  At a moment when I was going to explode, she found a rythym on my clit with her index finger and I grabbed her wrist and demanded "just like that," and neared and neared and neared the bang and writhing and shaking while she pulled me close to her body and knew how to finish me. 

It subsided and I knew she wouldnt be complete without licking me...though truthfully, I was ready to go back to licking her ...but having been in her place, I knew she wanted to, and wouldn't mind if I asked.  "Suck my pussy...please." (well it could have been the C word, but am I that dirty of a girl ?  dont answer that LOL)

She really didnt hesitate...going down, positioning, looking so so so beautiful as she lowered between my legs and into me.  I was so fully excited it wouldnt be long before I popped again if she only touched me with her warm tongue.   "I cant believe I am about to do this," she said and it happened with the fireworks and fairydust tingles giving way to rumbles giving way to the pow when it let go.   I shouldn't have been surprised that she was GOOD with her mouth...didn't expect anything else...it should have been no surprise at all that she knew exactly how to flatten her tongue, mix up her technique, and test which pressures I responded most to.  I told her over and over and over with every way I could whisper or moan or make the words out "how good , so good baby." 

When it was imminent for her orgasm, yes HER orgasm I will say because even though it was my muscles contracting and spasming, it was the one she created and needed to feeeeel, I  reached down and clamped her head against my pussy, surrounding her with my thighs, and she braced against my butt cheeks and I just let her have the real me...gushing, dripping, her gulping sounds and moaning into me as I moaned above.   My coming slowly subsided, and when it was truly over and I lay motionless and spent and her furious licking had faded into kisses around my labia and included my thighs combined with knowing massage to ease me back to reality, she slouched and smiled and I didn't need to be a mind reader to understand she was thinking "I did it," and that it was good, as it always is when a woman first knows the love only two women can make.  She arose to lay with me against my shoulder.  Close, so close she and I were under the warmth of the sheets, never mind the gigantic and ever chilling wet spot my butt was laying in.  She slumped against me and laid in my arms while I caressed and comforted and stroked her soft soft hair.    How difficult it was to get up from the bed, get clothed again and say goodbye to the time, passion, and affection we shared


pleaseeatme said...

Oohhhh! That did it!!

Indigo said...

'OMG' I know's I'm going to dream well tinight after reading this!! I remember my first Lesbian kiss that led to a six year relationship.. then it all ending in disaster!! I don't dream about her anymore, but it doesn't stop me dreaming about my next.

Indi x

Anonymous said...

hyep,new readers in your blog and i fucking love it<333
but how i wish one day u could include,well u know..some videos.


Kat5 said...

Wow Wow Wow.

And Wow!

akiss2desire said...

I am loving the comments on this latest story. Thank you and welcome Kat 5 ...your blog has some hotness as well . Love to get to know you better.

Lany said...

that was incredible... so beautiful... i FEEL the love...

Shân said...

I only discovered you last week and I love this one the most so far...

My God you write it so goooood!

Anonymous said...

That's hott!! ok and i've never done anything with a woman but yeah it sounds good. Thanks! :p

Anonymous said...

OMG! I am SO WET I am going to have to go play with myself! One of these days I will do more than fantasize about making love with a woman.

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