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Lesbian Love Leter - Lace & Lace

Dear Kerri,

Just sitting here listening to Stevie Nicks sing "Leather and Lace," a beautiful song of love and lust ...and it made me think of us.  Not because we are Leather and Lace, but because, I think, we are more like "Lace and Lace," and there isnt a nice little song about that :) 
When we meet, I long for you to wear the black lace that you sent me a picture of you in.  How that pictures shows off your curves ...your breasts hidden by fabric, yet pouring out and illuminating my computer screen and my imagination.  You inspire a different stirring in my soul with your cool as ice blue eyes and mystery invoking look upon your sweet, angelic face that invites me (and anyone else who sees that picture) to go ahead and let the lust for your lips upon mine own and for that matter a few other places on my body.   As we become lovers and taste each others want and desire for our first time, as I have told you, my want is that the experience as a whole we are about to share will give us reason to come back to each other for more and more and more and more.

The picture you took of your breast from above makes my mouth hunger and my pussy ache.  Your pink and stiffened nipple begs of me to graze my teeth upon it, to encircle my lips around it and flick my tongue first teasingly and then warmly and wetly fully press my tongue under, over, and around your areola and suck in to feel your soft breast gratify my intense hunger for your pleasure and to feel the tip of your protruding nipple tickling the roof of my mouth in addition to the back of my tongue. I long to squeeze and lift your breasts into my mouth with first just the fingertips and then with warm palms to enjoy the weight and weight of your feminine beauty. 

I am thrilled to know that the long wait that you and I have both had for our lesbian needs for tender affection and appreciation for the way on we can make love is about to be over and that our bodies will warm each other, tantalize each other, excite each other in those ways we are familiar with because of our experience with previous lovers, and yet, how we know each others bodies and soul will reveal all new sensations and moment to moment attention to what you want, to what I want, to what our souls melded together will demand in the dizzying , in and out of focus fulfillment of our growing anticipation since, for me anyway, the first moment we began to talk.

And, yes, I suppose its true that I am embroiled in writing this steamy love letter to you that has my pussy aching to be touched, stroked, tongued and coaxed to climax by the love you have convinced me you desire to show me, and while I am ever so hesitant to say exactly how things might happen because I don't want to lay out a road map for us we would never need while caught up in the moments of our imminent convergence, I feel the need to say something to you directly ...and know that it's how I truly feel, whether it influences what we actually do together or not!   Kerri, your wonderful words to me, your genuine passion and your striking beauty and gorgeous body  have me so truly giddy and feeling like the luckiest woman on earth for us to be getting together and though we say we don't have to do anything if the chemistry isn't right, I think by now we both know that just a kiss or a peck or a hug is not going to be enough for us.  And I need to say directly to you that what you are inspiring in my mind every waking minute now whether working, at home, or drifting off to dream, is about a kind of dirty, raw, emotionally charged sexual hunger that I have honestly never felt with anyone else ever before.  I know that we will find our pace and our common ground in the sharing of our culmination in the bed (or the couch...or the floor ...or maybe even the shower LOL) ...but Kerri, I think about you, I look at your pictures, I talk with you, and right now as I write its like its so close now I can almost taste it with us, and in fact, taste is the perfect word, because like nobody I have ever ever known or been with sexually, I simply cannot wait to suck your pussy completely, totally, for the longest time, with the most complete abandon, as if I haven't eaten food in a month, as if I haven't eaten pussy for 6 months (truth) and as if I have never loved and lusted as much as I do for you and only you this very moment and soon to be OUR moments, skin to skin, breast to breast, mouth to mouth, fingers to wetness and how I cannot wait for it to be my mouth upon you clit and swirling and entering you in every way I have ever dreamed of giving my love ...for I cannot wait to give it totally to you, and when it happens, nothing will get me off more than the soul to soul connection we will share when you give me everything I want by letting me tongue you, suck you, pull you completely into me in every way we can for as long as we are together....for only the first time, for the many times I hope will come afterwards.   So, if you didnt realize by now how strong I feel for you even before our mouths have kisses our first kiss, I hope you know now ...and I hope you are ready for me, this woman who longs for you, waits for you, cannot believe how lucky she is to get to fuck you and make for both of us, the most memorable and most fullfilling experience we have ever had sexually. 

I cannot believe how much I want you now.  I wish it were happening now. RIght now.  If you only knew.

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