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Those who have come here regularly know that I have taken a bit of a hiatus from posting and publishing, but my past work is still here and if you are new here there is much to be consumed. I am working on several stories right now and writing from the same mix of experience and fantasy that readers have told me they loved.

Those stories will be the foundation of my upcoming compilation book. Today, you get to read for free. Welcome, and I hope you stay awhile.


For She Who Live Too Far Away (Part II)

Part II   In Bed We Share Our Lesbian Lust and Love
by akiss2desire
all rights reserved
 Part I (our first lesbian kiss) is found here
In bed she rolled into my arms and I held her like a child. against my shoulder ..she felt so right against my bare chest. We both enjoyed so much these moments of just stroking and cuddling and not rushing things...she fell into my body naturally. I peppered soft kisses in her hair, felt the goosebumps rise as I stroked her arm, and forgave her for not wanting eye contact for the moment in the building of the bond between us and our nude, chilled to the air, warmed to each others skin in desire.

Slowly, slowly, slowly, I grasped the suppleness of her breast, and she immediately reciprocated to mine, as if we were both waiting for the time to be right, or as if she wanted permission to proceed for what she was now ready for. She looked up and I saw the want in here eyes...she whispers "it feels so good." I cant resist her lips and we begin to make out...first with me towering over her and then we shift downward in the bed until we are side by side and arms draped over sides and stroking and including one anothers breasts and ever strainging stiff nipples ..eyes engrossed in each others patient and forgiving gaze.

Slowly lowering my head to her full, melon size breast, I gulped in her nipple and thrilled to its response against my tongue and lips. She had told me that she didn't understand the attention boys gave her breasts....I knew that I was changing all that when she began her soft moan and clutched my head against her there. From her breast upward to her neck to suck softly, back down to between them both to make a choice between theleft or right ...engaging them with my hands and mouth ...looking upward and making fleeing glimpses of eye contact in excstacy ..hers for the way I was making love to her, and mine for the pleasure I felt in feeling hers.

I reached down and knew how wet it would be. I was very very slow in rolling through the soft hair before finding her lips and entering her with my index finger....sooooo gently and softly...knowing she'd never been touched by a woman and furthermore...never been touched by ANYONe who wanted her pleasure to unfold as much as I did.

There are these times when its apparent that how she comes is a choice we are about to make...and though it wouldnt have taken much for the fingers to rouse the rumbles, I wanted her in my mouth...and quickly. My passionate kiss ...deepest tongue possible was a signal that it was time for both of us to know this.

I slid my tongue over her thighs, around her vulva, and admiring the sight so close to my eyes and the first taste so close to my lips ..and my tongue. The massage upon her thighs prompted her to relax ...and I gently parted her legs a bit more with each squeeze of her muscles. My tongue grazed her clit and my thumb parted her to expose it fully ...beautiful to my sight in the candlight. My tongue fully licked from the bottom of her opening, upwards drinking in the moisture and arriving at her clit to twirl and tickle and begin to lick. I felt her clit engorge against my tongue...gawd that is such an amazing testemant of love for the moment. I reached up to remind her nipples that my thumb and forefinger had certainly not forgotten the rest of her body,and I lovingly gently pinched and enjoyed the fullfillment of creating her erection there, but i was compelled to fully engage into what i was embarking upon, and that mean reaching a hand underneath her buttocks to pull her closer, while the other hand would be engaged in either fingering inside, or spreading her lips and pulling her clit upwards for me more fully. She was enjoying and I was in heaven with her reaction and the wonder of the wait being over. Her pussy was pulsing...and so was mine despite the only stimulous being me grinding into the mattress. Moaning "Meagan" into her muff in response to the cries of my own name so lovingly being involuntarily offered in what is quiet for me, but I know her and any noise like this is loud for her ...so I appreciate her for letting go.

When her body signaled it could wait no longer, the rapid back and forth tonguing my head back and forth ...gasping for air between the stiff strokes of my tongue on her stiff clit when the rapture comes. If she is accepting when I use this technique, I am rather rigerous in the final stage before explosion...and its the one that causes her to lose control...and I soooo want her first with me to be so by far the best ever that i am pulling out all stops...finger against her lips, entered just a bit and tickling, and my mouth, lips and tongue sucking her and furiously and feverishly causing her complete quaking, hips jabbing into me, cries of joy filling the room, ..she knows me well enough to know that this explosion is her gift to me.


Shelly Rayedeane said...

You're a very good erotic writer. Nice imagery with this one.

V said...

Mercy me. Is there a part III?



Anonymous said...

I miss the way you make me feel.

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