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Those who have come here regularly know that I have taken a bit of a hiatus from posting and publishing, but my past work is still here and if you are new here there is much to be consumed. I am working on several stories right now and writing from the same mix of experience and fantasy that readers have told me they loved.

Those stories will be the foundation of my upcoming compilation book. Today, you get to read for free. Welcome, and I hope you stay awhile.


communications, conversations, kisses, convulsing

communications, conversations, kisses, convulsing
lesbian office romance

This is a "best of akd"

She just kept giving me signs that I had a green light
green means GO

over the course of about three weeks, in our communications and conversations
she stepped it up ..and I noticed....slowly believing she just might be into me.
"I left a surprise for you in your office."
I first thought, "well that's no big deal, she's always doing nice things for everyone."
A purple envelope ...two handcrafted flower pens attached. A card that didn't stop at "thinking about you." She flattered me with words about me ...sweet, caring, and nice....but added some words that made me THINK about how much she also had to THINK before writing them. "You're the only one I know who is tender, delicate, beautiful, and you still have the power to get people to do anything you want them to do."

crush level = kiss


Our friendship tightened ...again she adds just a little zest to the nice thing she says ..
"so when you need someone to talk to ..call ..or when you just want someone to hold you and tell you its allright ..im here ..i would do anything .and i mean anything for you. do you understand ?"
I laugh and of course reply, "anything," but ..I am imagining what it's like when the anything includes her coming all over my chin ...and I am either guessing she is thinking that too ..or wishing.

crush level=mentally undressing

day to day ...at various times...just making eye contact and giving me the most meaningful looks at times when there was nothing to be done or discussed. after a morning of what seemed to be quite alot of that causing me to seriously think about moving US along ... then naturally that afternoon, I am in her office and we are going over things on her computer. I am behind her and offering my hand in a friendly neck and shoulder rub with my free hand, the other hand holding a report. We're working...but I am thinking about IT ...is she ?

"Sooo good," she says

I am about to kiss you
you are
"yes i are" I tease," and im hoping you will kiss me back"
and she surprises me by replying, "ive been waiting forever for two things
one..for you to kiss me
and two to kiss you back
and theres a three......but that comes later"

I lean to her ..she leans to me
softly-"you smell so good."
softly "so do you"
we kissed
"...ive been waiting forever for you to do that" she reiterated
"why didnt you tell me?"
"what took you so long?"
I peck at her lips,, "i dont know....but i dont want to stop"

and we kiss and kiss and kiss so deep, warm and wonderful.
"if you have a suggestion ..its time you make it"
(what she always said in a business setting to me to let me decide what we were both thinking)

"I hope we aren't making a mistake," I say thinking ..office lesbian romance is probably not the best thing for one's career
"its too late" as she opens her mouth so wide to fully invite my tongue as sensuously deep at it shall go.

Very deep kiss

reaching for her soft breast
a soft sigh of release...I never ever tire of a lovers reaction to my touch

ever done this?

uh uh (no) you ?

mmmm hmmm (yes)

I thought so

Our kissing leads to the slowly undressing of each other...her breasts taste like pure sugar to me, appear as fluffy, white globes so smooth ...her nipples so tenderly acknowledging my lips with each tickle and nibble and smush of my fingers and mouth.

and finally I am there to lick ...where I sooo wanted to be for so long. Her legs spreading ever wider to lure my dancing tongue and expose her whole sexual soul to my mouth. In the next hour I cant stop ..wont stop ...her come is the wettest ...her writhing is the most satisfying ...her convulsions as I pull her into me by the her cheeks I grasp underneath are the most savory gratification ...fully aware we are within these moments that will live forever in our minds.

When its her mouth on me, I sense a devotion in her zeal to give so much to me ...an earnest intensity we are both completely lost within the waves of pleasure we trade one another.

And each time her eyes meet mine, a sassy quip ..a rejoiceful smile of wonderment, and in our minds flash all the flirtation, chance taking, and genuine affection for one another that brought us to the sexual fruition we relish this moment and long for the next time.


Haizey said...

seriously one of the hottest pieces I have read in the longest of times, simply brilliant ...

akiss2desire said...

I know it must be conceited to say anything like this...but this one is truly one of my favorite things I ever wrote from a strictly erotic standpoint.

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