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Those who have come here regularly know that I have taken a bit of a hiatus from posting and publishing, but my past work is still here and if you are new here there is much to be consumed. I am working on several stories right now and writing from the same mix of experience and fantasy that readers have told me they loved.

Those stories will be the foundation of my upcoming compilation book. Today, you get to read for free. Welcome, and I hope you stay awhile.


For she who lives too far away

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Part one --to our first lesbian kiss

Ever aware of the sexuality and sensuality of my being before we make love, our eyes meet across the room, and even though we are far apart n body and moments away from our first embrace of the night, the waltz of our encounter is beginning as our eyes meet one anothers, my white satin gown with lavendar lace framing my cleavage, chosen for just you and just this night softly caresses my skin beneath and feels especially tingly against my ample, half exposed bosom. Its not only the fire in the cabin that creates the heat in the room. The look of your eyes shows an appreciation, a hunger that I share looking at you with unbridled attraction, and the forces between us create a communication for which the two of us need not speak words.

A sixth sense of the presence of your eyes and the want to touch me givees me sensation as if you actually are ....as if your roaming eyes are turned into hands by means of your spirit and desire, and our night in the cabin promises all the sexual pleasures we two women crave to give and receive from one another, our sexual consumation long delayed, but our love and devotion long ago solidified in the notes and emails and chats where we realized our own very special place in the mixed up world of our closet lesbian pursuits. Fire in your eyes and fire in mine so much so that I avert my gaze to the side, not being able to fully handle the intensity we both share ....wanting everything we dreamed of in one moment, in one hour, in one night, in one orgasm. But, with patience we know will be rewarded, I am savoring every second and can tell you are too. Our long awaited night of making love with each other has arrived. Our hugs and our brief kiss earlier, while they are memories I will cherish forever, are not what is about to come, for the next time we embrace, our bodies coming together in all out response to one anothers touch, kiss, and pursuasion, we can finally let go and enjoy one another as only two women can. This next hug, we both know, will turn into so much of what we have promised one another, and the anticipation for us both is that because of our affection for one another, the experience will be more meaningful than whatever sexual experience preceded this night for either of us.

Your discussions of your inexperience with women are on both of our minds for certain, but I am determined not to be a teacher, but rather to guide your body and mind to firstly allow itself all that we can become in the hours to come, and also, to make love as your soul guides you to do, with no instruction manual needed, just the knowledge of your being a woman and respect of the desire between us. Your instinct will be your teacher and all the pleasure I will require from you, and we will each fall comfortable into the give and take of sharing the power from minute to minute ...from kiss to engaging, deeply persuasive french kiss. Our tongues about to tangle when next we embrace, and you are thinking it is unlike anything you have felt before, but its not just a truth for you. I am about to feel every pleasure you will through you ...you are about to know the bubble we will be in together with every concern of the universe shielded from the togetherness of just us two.

The spark between us as we walk together and the light shiver running through my body and the flash of uncertain hunger in your eyes ...it all slows down as if in a dream...we have not even touched but sensations are roaming my body and especially, when your piecing eyes welcome me without fear, my loins feeling heavy and achy, excited for the dampining I cannot wait for you to know. My tongue wets my lip gloss covered lips, my eyes shyly downward glance before relishing your beauty one more time before I take you into my arms, and you take me into your own. Fall against my body, our breasts erotically bump and then squash into each other in the indescribably arousing sensation that provides us both, and before our kiss I tear my eyes away from yours to once again drink in the head to toe allure of the beauty of your young body, the creamy skin of your legs, the silky fabric of the sexy nightgown you chose for our rendezvous tonight, the round fullness of your breasts and the shy embarrased, but wiling smile your give me as if to say "I'm ready."

"I love you Meagan," I whisper before deciding that instead of your lips, my lips will first follow the trace of my nails along the nape of your neck with a soft sucking kiss there, and then, upward my head tilts, feeling the softness of your cheek against my cheek, my eyes closed and I would love to know if yours are or not, but I keep mine shut while grazing against your lips ...closed but then inviting, melting then into yours, tongue warmly, wetly parting your lips and entering you softly first, then flicking and flirting its way past your teeth, and as your mouth and mine fully open each others, the longest, most passionate, deepest kiss with our tongues warmly dancing upon one another, I firmly hold you as I feel your knees go weak and I know that our love is shown as strong and powerful as any on earth in our rolling, velvet soft and trembling in desire for all we ever wanted.

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