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Sherry and Me on A Lesbian Blind Date from Craigslist NSA

by akiss2desire
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copyright 2009 all rights reserved.
When I sat down in the booth with her at the meeting place she had designate,  I took off my jacket,  and unexpectadly, but not to my dismay,  half my right tit fell out.  As I covered,  I glanced around and there were quite a few gawkers ..not all male.  I liked that ..and I liked that Sherry had that "trying not to look but I can't help it" look in her eyes right at me and right at my breast. I wondered to myself in the split second that all this was occuring, "where did all this self confidence come from?"  How far I had come in a few short years.  I once was shy "bi" woman seeking lesbian emotional experiences, and had emerged as a lesbian (albeit still married)  seeking no strings attached relationships on craigs list.  I used to seek  comfort in finding  older and perhaps more desperate subjects for hooking up with.  Here now in the booth and the low lights of the restaurant was the realization that when you post an ad that honestly stated that I am a "married, 32 bi mom in search of someone sweet, honest, perhaps in the curious stage and between the ages of 18-25" that the shoot the moon mentality I posted that with had now become the dream come true sitting in the booth across from me in freckle faced, doe eyed, whispy red headed 23 year old Sherry.  SO beautiful to me in her purple embroidered tunic that was equisite, and although it didnt plunge to show the cleavage I would have hoped for, she had made a good choice for our blind date in pkcing something that clung to her breasts, outlining them so much as to leave little to be imagined about the size and perfectly round shape.  WHile I show my tits with a plunging v-neck, she shows hers in the cutest top that was exquisitely sexy on her.  How I had come to crave lesbian sex from younger women is just how my path down the yellow brick road of my lesbian adventure had taken me.  I had become a woman who wanted what she wanted.  And Sherry not only exemplified what I wanted, but the way she treated me proved the feelings of attraction were mutual. 

"Did you notice everyone in the bar watching you ?" she laughed.  She too was one of the gawkers.

"You know..there are watchers and there are doers...which one are you..which ones are we both?"  I asked her.  And that seemed to set the stage for the banter and mutual admiration as we ordered our drinks and rattled off whatever came top of mind ...she was one of those people who are just so easy to talk to about everything, and we clicked immediately.  But whatever we talked about that WASNT about sex, getting out of there and getting somewhere more private was on both of our minds from the get go.  An internet hookup has to be like this.  No matter how good the chat conversation is, and no matter how the telephone set up of the date happens, when it becomes reality you agree to meet in neutral place to make sure the chemistry isn't awful.  I don't know how it is for others, but for me, as long as she looks mostly like her picture was and acts fairly pleasant, doesn't smoke or if she does doesn't blow it in my face, doesn't act like she detests me or comes across as so self centered you can't get a word in edgewise, then the fact of the matter is that the nuetral place is just a staging area for where we are going to wind up ...hooking up in the car or a room or in some way.  Once we realize the attraction lives, its trying to deal the cards down to the end of the deck til someone can feel comfortable enough to say in some way that its time to go do this thing we came to do. 

But she was different ...acting like she was so into me with flattering comments and the way she made her eyes at me melted me each time we locked gaze.

"I'm not sure what it is you do to me" she paused and twirled a ringlet of her shoulder length red curls, "But ....ummmm... this effect you are having on me is ...its like im on a drug here,  I am so captivated by you."

"So you have never done the girl thing ?" 

"The girl thing ?  You mean  the lesbian thing ?"

"Yes, the LESBIAN thing," I half mocked myself for not being able to say what I meant. 

"Well no I haven't ...but ... something tells me this is the last night I am going to be able to say that."  She looked down embarrassed but with anticipation for what was to come for both of us.

We had held hands across the table a couple of times in conversation lulls,  but this clasp of each others fingers was one that communicated more.  The grip didn't linger for not wanting to attract attention to ourselves in a small town Ruby Tuesday's, but it felt like torture for me, and I felt for her as well, to not be able to touch each other as our eyes drank each other in. 

"It feels like you trust me," I stated. 

"No reason not to is there ?   If I am acting nervous, I'm really not ...it's just I don't know how to act or what to do or really anything more than...." and she stopped and searched for the words.  The pause went on long enough to where I thought she might not have more to say.

"Or more than what ?"  I smiled.

"See ..I thought I came here to make love with you..to have sex..the NSA ..no strings attached thing.   But this just feels so different and it's about alot more than just sex."

I told her  "I feel completely the same way..and I want you to know that you can ask for anything.   In fact I want you to ask me for whatever you want, and this goes for here in this bar, or wherever we might be heading in a little while...that whatever makes you happy, satisfied, content, whatever helps you realize the highest pleasure is mine."

We both contemplated for a moment when the waiter showed perfect timing in asking us what next, and in her eyes I confirmed that it was time to ask for the check.  She didn't object. We were ready.

"What do you think of me?   I'd like to know?   I mean..this is a monumental experience for me and for you ...I mean, you have done this before?"

"Well ...Sherry ...you have this quiet sexuality ..wait ..sensuality is a better word ...its like ...you are one  of those women who can walk into a room of 100 people and everyone notices, everything about the way you walk and your mannerisms and the eye contact you make when you talk suggests a sexuality.  It's like, every woman who sees you simultaneously wants to guard against you fucking her man, while also wondering what it would be like to fuck you themselves...and for that I am very lucky to be in your company tonight. " 

"I wasnt expecting that."

I knew my words had an affect on her and decided to pour it on a little.  "Your eyes and hair and smile ?  Id love to know what you are like when you come ..what you are like when those beautiful eyes are exhuasted from coming all night," I said, lowering my voice to a whisper only she could hear with straining, " When I make love to your pussy, I want every drop of your passion."

We took my car to the hotel and held hands with very little conversation along the way as the nerves were building.  I rather enjoyed this phase of the conquest and my pussy was already aching to be touched and my mind was already ravishing her.   She asked me something nobody ever did before.  "I want to know if I ask you to stop ...can we stop?"  "We can stop at any time."
I thought that this was a trust issue ..that she had no damn intention of stopping ...but needed reassurance that it was ok if the chemistry suddenly became an issue."

We were in the hotel room before we had our first full embrace, with her fully 6 inches shorter than me, I held her against my chest and she locked her arms around my neck.   I looked in her eyes searching for any hint of doubt, but there was absolutely none as our mouths accepted each others tongue.  When i kissed her, her deepest secrets came to the surface ....and flowed right  through me. There was no doubt that most of what she was thinking was penetrating me without any words needed. It was like her whole history of pent up lesbian desires, the buildup of not just our needs we brought to craigs list that led up to that moment and the buildup of the last half hour to this sexual fullfillment, that the hopes, dreams and fears of our future, the next few hours and the next few years, were all there exposed in her deep, vulnerable  open to my tongue and open to anything at that moment kiss. Standing, kissing, my breath quickening and feeling a faint flush and my legs feeling rubbery.  She was saying sweet things in between kisses ...compliments on my lips and tongue.  "I can't tell you how different this is with you....its never been like this," I stated with some truth, while knowing we were both caught up in the moment.  "It's (kiss) very (kiss) difficult to (deeper kiss) go slow with you tonight."   And with that she crossed her arms beneath her and lifted her tunic over her head in one fell swoop.  I gave only one quick squeeze and lift of her breasts and reached around to unclasp her bra.   She had begun to turn around to help me when it unlatched and left her breasts to bobble below my boggled eyes taking in her pink skin and freckled chest a bit blotchy from the heat between us.  She...yes she, the first timer, reached down to undo my jeans and inch them down around my waist, then almost desperately pulled my top the first half of the way over my head ...I finished and didnt stop to accept the admiration of her eyes, unclasping the front hook of my black lacy bra that was on the floor in seconds.  Now skin to skin and both of us only in panties, the soft skin of my large breasts plopped onto her medium ones below them and our embrace was tight, warm, and assuring to us both.  I was buried in her fragrant hair, nippping at an earlobe, then an open mouth, wet mouthed, full tongue, gentle but passionate assault on the nape of her neck  She tugged me down towards the bed and laid me on top of her in a deep french kiss.  Sooooo needing more I disengaged from the kiss to go lower.  I cold never describe the timber in her voice in the "oh gawd yes."  Those are words but don't do justice to what I heard when my mouth engulfed her left breast at the nipple.  I so love to suck on boobs ...like my favorite thing in the world in those moments, and was soon swirling my tongue around her areolas, enjoying the erectness of her nipple, grazing my tongue along the edges.  She had her first lesbian kiss, was now fully involved in her first lesbian sex, and her passion was building with each passing moment.  She reached down to grab hold of one breast of mine, and then another, mumbling "I love your tits ..you have the greatest tits."  I accepted the compliment by moaning into her nipple, sucking in deeply.  

"Are you ready ?"

I slipped off the top of her and on my knees on the floor with her legs draped over the side of the bed ...she strokes my arm while my fingers find her drenched for me. We are making eye contact and she is smiling, laughing, giggling and giddy, and I am too but then my tongue first swipes her clit and I look up and her whole face changes, ecstasy, eyes roll back, jaw drops, hips scrunch into me, and my fingers manipulate her lips spreading for the probing spear of my tongue  This is her first time but she has fantasized this for so long it feels right for both of us.  She instinctively handles her own breasts , massaging and pulling on her nipples quite a bit harder than I would have ..nice to know that she knows what she likes, and I take mental note for later.  Her eyes softly half closed and concentrating on the pleasure my tongue provides.  I like the way my hanging breasts squash across her warm thigh in this position when I lift myself up and stop licking and sucking for a moment to give her better finger, and cherish her beauty.  In looking down upon her pussy,  and with my fingers starting with my pinky and finishing with my thumb, five fingers dragging across her clit like strumming a harp string, and then so wet
while my 2 digits enter her again and again while my other hand seperates her wet lips and gently strokes her clit.   I can only keep my hunger to suck her in check for so long before I dive back down upon her with ever more lust, and as I get more serious there, her breathing and sighing and squirming  let me know we are advancing together. She's not much of a moaner at this point, but thats ok because there are so many other ways she shows me its good.   I love looking up at her towards the headboard, lapping at her as she can see how much I am into this, into her. Again and again, she can only keep her fingers and palms off her breasts for so long before she is back stroking her soft skin or clawing more firmly and aggressively at them.  Watching her play with her tits excites me more, and the pleasure of seeing her bite down on her lower lip when my tongue flicks faster. Her stomach muscles tighten and the grunt comes from deep within.   While I often like to finger and penetrate while licking and sucking the clit, with Sherry I am using both hands to part her lips wide and my cheeks are buried deeply into her pussy, tongue lapping and sucking and her right hand latches on to my left arm and strokes me, but also guides me, when a particular tongue motion excites her greatly, she squeezes harder a wordless communique.

I scrunch downward towards the floor and get a different angle where I lose contact with the beauty of her eyes, but ready myself for her first lesbian orgasm.   I stop for just a moment to massage my breasts, reach down for the wetness between my own aching legs, and then find myself looking upward.  Her beautiful, sweet, wonderful, and yes I have to say, young pussy.   My eyes beaming at its uniqueness, its vibrant beauty and the lips folded around the glistening gap my mouth began to be drawn back to.Placing my fingertips and palms at the equisitely soft skin of her inner thighs and gently pushing her legs wide open ..my first nudge providing the first movement by suggestion, her legs opening all the way in acceptance of what we both wanted..she dropped her hips over the edge of the bed and hung her cunt right there for me to suck and drink in.  And then a tiny thurst  of her hips into my face as my tongue touched...to not only find comfort, but also to exemplify her anxiousness to get along with it. My tongues sensual caress became an exaggerating motion and her hands clasped the back of my head and though I couldnt see from my vantage point, I knew she had half sat up and was tensing for the no longer to be denied climax. 

Before her explosion, one of my fingers came down to my own need.  I guess I've fingered myself while giving head to guys, but don't remember ever doing it while going down on a woman.  But I was so into it. The tingling and aching sensation within me became deep desire as if my heart would leap right out.  There is a feeling I dearly love ...when the wetness begins to trickle from me...seeping and trickling down my thigh ..its not a gush but its just that masturbation is absolutely wonderful in so many ways, and in my distant past, sex with men had momentary thrills, but it was only when making out with another woman did my pussy produce moisture in abundance to where I could squeeze the walls of my vagina and feel that warm squish, the wetm stream down my thighs, and the excitement of knowing how SHE was going to react when she felt how wet I was for her. Only her. The position I was in enhanced this "drip" and it excited me to feel such a reaction to myself.  Oh forgive me for the vanity of this statement ..but I'd have have loved to have been buried in my own pussy at that moment.  But, the next best thing, was being buried in Sherrys, and the walls of her vagina were pulsating against my two thrusting fingers and her ability to keep quiet during all this was shattered as she began to convulse and undulate.  I went from sucking her clit with my mouth and fingering her, to reversing the roles....tweaking and very very rapidly rubbing her stiff clit to orgasm while my tongue probed deeper - it was passionate without being predatory. 

As wave upon wave upon another surprising wave of orgasm built and released I wondered if it would ever stop , and when my "newbie" did it all to me with her first time, yet expert technique, if there would come a moment that night when she wasn't able to coax another screaming orgasm from me.

For a casual encounter ..a no strings attached lesbian blind date from craigs list meeting for seemingly sex and only sex, there was alot of love in that room in the afterglow.  Such soft caressing and hardly able to say goodbye.


Anonymous said...

It was certainly interesting for me to read this blog. Thank you for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to them. I would like to read a bit more on that blog soon.

Indigo said...

Take the love, use the kiss, taste every tonight with every tomorrow. I love your blog, I am Lesbian... I need women...... Just getting over one, it's not easy!

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