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Lesbian Encounter with Young Kate at The Wedding

Lesbian Encounter With Young Kate at The Wedding
by akiss2desire
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Now that I am in my early thirties ...I find that I am saying things I don't believe come out of my mouth. Like the phrase, "when I was your age ...." can come out before I have a chance to stop it if I am talking to someone from toddler on up to young adult. It is at those times I almost think I sound like my grandmother. But last Saturday afternoon, I started a conversation with Kate, 18 year old girl who is wonderfully beautiful both inside and out.

So, as you know, this blog is about my lesbian sexual fantasies and fantasies fulfilled. This story is about the latter......yes, YAY ME ! I got laid again! ... and my confidence in expressing my deeply in the closet lesbian sexuality is growing, perhaps, I admit, to a possibly dangerous and even self destructive level. Oh ..but when things happen, as they did with Kate ...when I am willing in the ever dampening sheets and cultivating the orgasmic bliss with my fingers and twirling tongue, it is soooo worth it.

I have to say that as I have slowly transformed. When I think back to three years ago, I was the girl who took almost no chances to further my strong lesbian desires and libido. While I knew how badly I wanted what I wanted, affecting the family so much and my status in my small town should I get caught. I chronicled the metamorphosis on this blog and I know that I am a new woman, and as it used to be when I was in my teens and early twenties and treated men as conquests, I believe I feel a bit of pride in conquest in my most recent experience ..not that it wasnt a deep and erotic and meaningful lesbian connection between us both ...or to take nothing away from it ...but ...the recent "If you want it go get it girl," attitude towards approaching, and then, fucking a woman, is getting to be a bit ...well...the word exhilarating doesn't describe the feeling strongly enough ...and thats just the description of everything BUT the sex ...almost as if the mutually multi orgasmic sex was a sideshow. Trust me...one should NEVER diminish the importance and enjoyment of multi orgasmic lesbian sex ..and especially, when it is (yet again ..I know) someones first time, as it was with Kate ...and while it was unfolding and happening, and since it happened, whatever it is about me and this blog, I could not wait to find the time to write about the experience and how it made me feel, and how it has made me feel since.

Our small talk started at the wedding about the couple and the weather and how beautiful the day had turned out for the outdoor, lakeside wedding of a cousin of mine. I had known Kate since she was 14 or so as the daughter of the woman who married my uncle ...we arent blood related, but have seen each other and gotten along in the past at family picnics and the like ...but we certainly never had an extended, private conversation, nor did I ever have designs on her as a potential lover ...but the way the day unfolded ..and perhaps helped by the wine that was flowing and the beauty of the day, gave me a window of opportunity that I don't think, in the past, I would have attempted to go through. But given that I sem to have developed a taste for younger women in the past year or so, and just the fortunate series of events, Kate and I started the day barely knowing each other ...and ended the night wiping tears of post orgasmic joy from each others eyes.

She is a full six inches shorter than me, and though she doesnt have the the large breasts I carry from the extra weight and from childbirth, they were definitely in the buxom catagory, and while Kate carried a few extra pounds as did I, her smile would light up a room, and her dark eyes and jet black hair and her lip piercing gave her a sub goth quality that appealed to me alot on this Saturday afternoon ...and I couldnt deny I wanted her from the start. Not a chance of getting her I would have thought, if I had thought to consider it, but I had no idea how the gods of fate would shine so favorably on my lesbian desires that day.

It was her teal dress that sooo complimented her fantastic shoulder length straight hair that was cut low enough, like many of the dresses women were wearing to the event, that tended to spill out the boobage when you leaned over, and when she leaned over standing over me, here came the boobage almost out, and as if I was a guy (talking to me giving off a vibe maybe?) she covered herself politely ...but my eyes were riveted and I instinctively said "You don;t have to do that." Maybe a bit too enthusiastically. "It's just us girls....and you've got alot to show off there ...and trust me, even if I was a guy, you "

It was just Kate and I talking there and she sat down with me with her drink, and we were talking about the guys she had been hanging out with and when a "whoop," came from across the room, I asked her why she was so annoyed. She had PLENTY to say on the subject.

"Oh ..just my brother and his college friends over there calling the brides mom, and also Mrs. Dulaney, and for that matter, anything with cleavage a MILF ....like the frickin invented the term. They must have said the word MILF ten times when I was over there (she rolled her eyes) and then giggling about it like they're 12 or something....or like they'd have a chance of getting some."

I confessed to her "Well , speaking as a MOM ..and a mom who got out my best push up bra and painted my nails bright red for the first time in more than a month and spending $112 for a dress I might wear maybe twice or three times at most ...I'd wouldn't be insulted at all to be called a MILF today by them or anyone else for that matter."

"Well I wasn't going to say anything ...but yes ...you're push up bra and $112 dress was worth it cause they ....they ...(she was holding back) ..lets just say they like you."

"Really ...I'm flattered...tell me what they said."

"....oh just that.... ...just nothing."

"Not nothing ...Kate ...tell me NOW ....( laughed) ...tell me now or I will...oh I don't know ..I can't tell your mom that you're underage drinking like it's telling on you, because I don't think she gives a shit."

"I'm not sure about that ..don't tell her."

"I wont ...but tell me what the boys said about me ....please... pleeeeaaaaassse." I pursuaded. "C'mon ..I'd tell you everything..>EVERTHING."

She lowered her voice to just above a whisper," ok...but you made me ...don't forget that if it pisses you off. They said ...ummmm...they said you have the best blowjob lips they've ever seen."

"Thats what you wouldn't tell me?" I answered a bit perplexed.

"well ...yeah...thats ..thats what they were saying....bunch of morons."

"They don't filter anything around you I guess ...do they always say shit like that ?

"They're drunk !"

"And you arent ?" I said.

"Yeah it's not like you're gonna screw him or ...or do that...or anything ....or WOULD YOU ?" she teased with a sense of humor that was also feigning innocence, which it was becoming ever more apparent, she was far from.

I bit down on my lips and thought about how to say it without saying it, and came up with "Kate ...I wouldn't rule out someone because of age ...I mean ...as long as we're talking 18 or above."

She gave me a fake but fun look of shock, "But Brenda ...you're MARRIED last I checked."

"Yeah...maybe a wedding reception isn't the place to talk about how wonderful that is," I said very sarcastically.

"....ooh ..I'm sorry," she said sympathetically, and I snapped with a smile " Don't be," and shrugged my shoulders at her.

We were at a lull in the conversation, with me thinking how amazed the chemistry was between Kate and I, and her, seemingly searching for the right way to say something she was ready to ask me.

"ok ok...alright ..so if you were salaciously chasing one of those guys the ...ummm...you know..."

"you don;t like to say the world blowjob ?" I teased.

" ok ok ..BLOWJOB for goodness sakes...are you happy ? ...if you were going to do it ...which one of them would you choose."

I took a deep breath and realized that I was realllly about say something that would be taking a pretty big chance at a family function, the ONE place I would think I absolutely would need to keep my lesbian life an absolute secret. But I am getting to a few more of those "what the hell" moments in my life ..and astoundingly, they seem to be working out. I just felt like I could trust her in that moment.

"Kate ..while I am completely flattered that those guys are picturing me that way...and dammit, I love to give head but...I didn't bring my kneepads today," I joked and she laughed, "...if I was looking for any of these younguns to go down on from here today ...trust me ..it wouldn't be any one of them."

"Ok ..well who?"

"I don;t know ....if you told anyone I'd probably have to kill you," I joked.

"I won't tell anyone," she smiled, as if to remind me that a minute earlier I had told her I would indeed, tell her anything, and now was being called on that.

"Well lets see ...that one has the best hair, and the DJ is obnoxious, but he's cute ...but ...its not anyone of them." She waited for my answer as I hesitated ...."but if I were to admit to you who I most wanted to go down on in this room ..I think you might be surprised.

"yeeeaas ?"

"You're 18 now aren't you ?"


"I didn't mean to shock you...I'm not trying to seduce you....just being honest...you;re the most attractive girl here to me."

"It doesn't bother me..."

"Well I was hoping not ..I just figured you can take it as a compliment ....its about your beautiful hair and eyes ...and if we hadn't been getting along so well, I'd have never told you ...and I trust you not to tell anyone I'm lesbian."

"You mean bisexual don't you?"

"It is pretty complicated..."

After some fidgeting by both of us ...she told me, "I wont tell anyone I promise....and its cool..you're the coolest ..most fun woman in this room...no matter what."

"You mean the most fun MILF with blowjob lips in the room don't you?" I flirted

"I was going to say with the $112 dollar dress and the pushup bra, but if you want to BJ lips to be your compliment so be it," she quipped, without missing a beat ..and the chemistry and back and forth flow continued. Wow it was exciting to talk with her, to admire her beauty, to feel the energy between us ...I really felt something and just hoped that she did too.

"You know when I was your age," I stated ..and there it was ..the statement that makes me like a grandma ...."I was trying to figure out the whole question of my sexuality....it was pretty hard but we don't need to talk about that...it would take all night....and ." I would have about told her everything in the world if she would have listened to me, but at just that moment we were joined by a family member and were relagated to small talk again in a small group, and then when the DJ started playing a slow song, she went to dance with one of the ones who thought so highly of my pouty lips earlier.

I watched them dance while making small talk with another reception guest, trying to figure out if she was betraying me by gossiping my secret ...but not seeing any reaction that would warrant that belief, I just stayed in shock in self disbelief that I had just actualy come OUT to a young woman who knew half the people I knew in the crowd. I was simultaneously petrifed that I had done irreversable damage to my life, and exhilerated that I had taken a chance and flirted with someone I could easily imagine responding to my every flick of my tongue and curl of my fingertip. I was bothered that we didn't get to finish our conversation..that it had gone from an intimate one on one conversation that was admittidely getting a bit personal considering the circumstances, but then again, alcohol will do that ....but we just never got to a conclusion ..and there was the possibility that the conversation was going to just stay hanging there forever if we never found ourselves alone again ...not just for that afternoon at the reception...but I was picturing ..forever. However, I reasoned ..that I had more or less put it out there that I was interested in her...and if there was mutual interest, I told myself, she would find her way to me, somehow and some way. It reminded me of the love notes of high school ..sending them and nervously waiting for the answer. I figured that there were about three possibilities...Either she'd reject me, she'd leave it as it was...just a casual , albeit, revealing conversation, or, in the best of all worlds, she would want to continue what we started.

When the slow dance ended, she glanced at me and smiled, and went about socializing with others on the other side of the ballroom. I was thankful for the eye contact and the smile and felt like it wasnt a rejection at that point, because I wasn't alone anyway. The best indication of how she felt about what I'd said and what we'd talked about came in the next half hour, when I couldn't keep my eyes off of her, and she damn well noticed ..and kept noticing, and by the very nature of her continuing to check me out checking her out, told me that I was on her mind. Wonderful.

Then the dj played an oldie ...and the whole crowd did a "Love Train" dance around the room ....She was right behind me as my caboose, and we looked at each other laughing, half drunk, joking "I hate these stupid things," ..."yeah everyone does," ..."then why is everyone doing it?" ...."cause we are all idiots." we laughed over the music. Yep, I thought to myself ...I think she likes me. ..she isn't afraid of what I said...maybe I have a chance. Hell, when there was a chance to make physical contact ..she SOUGHT ME OUT, and even, it seemed, and I hoped, TIMED her way to join me in that dance ....I was starting to really feel a rush of possibility.

I tried to socialize and mingle as I would anyway for the next hour as the reception died down, attempting to act as though she wasn't the ONLY thing on my mind ..but it was damn near close to that ...and all I wanted was at least ONE intimate moment with her ..just her and I ...before she left ...to wrap up loose ends. I would ordinarily not be the last one at an event like this, but I would have been the last one out the door if it meant getting just a smidge of face time with her and her georgeous smile.

I was almost stalking her and that paid off when she went to the bathroom...I coudlnt get to the ladies room fast enough. When I got there , like winning the jackpot, we were by ourselves and her face lit up when I came in. "I was hoping you'd follow me here." We made some small talk about the DJ and the funny moment when the bride was trying to dance and kept tripping over her dress ..a real youtube moment, and then I started to quickly talk in case our privacy was interrupted.

"You know...there was something really important I wanted to say out there and then everyone came up and I couldn't,"

"and what was that ?"

I was searching for the right thing to say ..and as I did that I was disarmed at the look she was giving me ..a combination of curiosity and shyness and I even sensed, submission.
And her gaze just lingered over me to make me feel like I could say anything. "I wasnt making a lesbian pass at you ...you know that don't you?"
And she understood and reiterated again how much fun I was to talk to and then she made my day ...my year...hell, for sexual purposes as far as one night stands go, she made my life.

"Bren ...I was thinking about asking you if you had somewhere we could go....be alone ...ummm...like...do you wanna go make out somewhere?"

For the next several minutes, my mind swimming, we were able to work out that she had not been with a girl before, that she had "always thought about it but it never came up until today," and that we both seemed to have the rest of the evening free of any responsibilities. How perfect. "So when you say make out ..do you mean ...I dont mean to be too forward but ...do you mean go somewhere and make out in the car ..or you want me to get a room and see what happens ?"

"I'm ready for that,"

"Ready for the room or the car?"

She laughed coyly and came up with "How about lets go in your CAR and you can take me wherever you want."

We kept the small talk, gathered what we had to and said goodbye to a few stragglers and I told her a parking lot to meet me at. She pulled up next to me and got in the car and in the car, we were silent for a minute before I said, "thank you for making my day...i cant believe how this is happening.

"Purreettty fast, " she said..

"Probably too fast," I replied and reached out to hold her hand. I scooted over and got to a facing her position leaning over preparing as both of us clearly knew with the gloves offf at this time, to consumate this heat with a first kiss. I knew how meaningful a first lesbian kiss is ..I wanted to know her feelings through it ..and wanted to gauge how much farther it should go. A soft sweet, slooooow moving in before a gentle brush of the lips quickly turned into , completely initiated by her, a wide open mouth, tongue tangling, wet and juicy heads gyrating, second by second intensifying passionate confirmation. I was trying to keep it soft and ladylike but she was kissing me hard ...and I mean, not ungentle, but with SEXUAL urgency. We made out in the parking lot for few minutes, but when a car came whizzing by I looked in her eyes and she said , "you wanna go get that room now?"

I couldn't drive fast enough, nor make the arrangements quickly enough as she waited in the car. I was counting my blessings so much. It was a park at the door cheapie ...and when we got out of the car, we clapsed hands naturally on the way to the hotel room door. There was sooooooooo much heat between us. How wonderful it felt to know I was going to be in her in moments.

If I had a plan formulating, which I was learning, being with Kate meant not having a plan, I was probably going to slowly, seductively undress her, but when we got to the room, she walked over to a chair, put her purse down and slipped off her shoes and went right for her dress and it over her head . Ok ...if thats the way she feels, I follow suit and in the matter of one minute we were naked before each other. I mean,...yea, I was hot for her too and I like a little more sensuality to start...in fact, I never went into something just stripping and going to it, but this was how she was doing it and frankly, didn't ask me ...and as excited as I was, I was willing to do this any way at all she wanted. I barely had time to admire her body, the sight of which gave me a head to toe zing ..that soooo sexual zing that in this case was combined with a tone of self doubting fear that my body 14 years her senior might scare her away, but sooner than I could think about that she dove onto the bed and got under the covers and said "I'm cold ...hurry up." I remembered diving into bed with a guy or two and using the same line, and yep ..I'd even done the strip and get in bed back at about when I was her age (there's that phrase again) and I had to laugh. Sure, it wasn't according to whatever script my mind had concocted, but clearly, the girl of my current dreams, and if i could crassly say, easily the most prominent sexual conquest I had ever imagined, beautiful as she was and a bit naive, was in bed ...in bed waiting for ME. Im thinking, like, just WHO is it rushing this along ...shouldn't it be me, the experienced one, the seducer, and not her? But as it is in sexual situations ...just go with it and see what happens next . And at this point, I felt, what's next could be anything.

I also have to reflect one more thought about that quick strip and dive in the bed. I am not a psychologist, but I could feel a bit of discomfort from her. I didn't feel it was dread or regret, and i may never know exactly what it was. But, it was a definite emotion in the room and I have thought alot that the " quick strip and dive into bed" was a reaction to her emotions and fears as much as anything. Sort of a "Let's do this before I back out," feeling.

Having said all that, I was oh so eager to join her, and I slipped into the bed , facing her on my side, her on her back, looking into her eyes in the soft light. My gawd she was so incredibly beautiful in so many ways. I just began by touching her and allowed her to just lay there and be touched. I just stroked her body and looked her in the eyes, and she into mine ..tracing circles all up and down her side, her hair, stroking her shoulders and massaging around her back before I touched anything..whispering compliments and gauging her reactions and asking obvious "does that feel good," questions as a usual thing in these moments. It's always sensual and erotic to just look, admire,and whisper and stroke while restraining from going from the warm zones of the neck and shoulders and everything BUT her boobs and pussy. I readjusted in the bed and got into position to kiss her luscious lips. Went in very very very slowly ...centimeter by centimeter ..eyes open and hers too. Her lips parted to greet me and opened widely to accept me. My tongue plunged into her and the time to avoid her most erogenous zones had past as I reached up to palm, and then gently fingertip pinch her already stiffened nipple. Deeper kisses and deeper still ....more agressive my right hand upon her left and then right breast ...gripping and closing my nails around the aerola...she continued to lay there with very little reciprocation...which was ok ...allowing her arm to clutch my shoulders in the deepest of kisses, and helping my hair out of the way from between our lips when it interfered. Rising my leg over her thigh I pushed down into her there to let her feel how wet I was getting ...but at some point I just needed to be touched and broke the most mind blowing of passionate kisses by reaching up to lift and caress my own right breast ...lifting it and groping before pinching the nipple ..my head thrown back in a soft moan of delight, and hoping her hand would replace mine.

You know something that just makes me wild with desire. I know its so filled with false vanity ...but I admit it. When a woman ...and they all do ...compliments , comments, or otherwise verbally adores my boobs ..and does so in a sexually excited, breathy, tone. The words are not usually a whole lot. "I love these," or " these are wonderful," or what Kate said was " I've been wanting to suck your tits all day!" Well...thats direct ..but its the WAY she said it ..like she was famished .

When I kissed her deeply, the release was held back and I could feel her emotions bubbling to the surface. "I never felt like this," she told me and I told her, "Because with women, its about alot more than sex." I scootd upward to offer her my right breast....basically putting it over ..hanging it over really ..her lips...she took it in first with a gentle kiss, and then began to suck me there in a way that I truly never wanted to end. I reached down with the hand that wasnt supporting my weight to caress her breast and knead her there, and then caressed her cheek and neck while she hungrily enjoyed my thick brown nipples. I remembered the absolute full body thrill when I first licked and sucked on a womans breast, and felt a true kinship with her, knowing how nice the experience is. It only reminded me how much i wanted to suck hers too and was able to turn myself around while she squeezed my boob and kissed it, sucking it still, so that I could have her breasts available to my mouth as well. Gawd, is there anything more erotic than simultaneous breast sucking ...I love it so much.

Her breasts were so perfectly soft and supple and her pink nipples felt delightful in my mouth. I spent my usual lenghty time there while she groped for my large breasts, stroked my hair, and cooed ...I entered her with a finger and felt the warmest, wettest woman I ever knew in this way ...I know I have said that before, so I almost didn't write that ..but what is true is true. My, it is so true. How incredibly soaking wet it was and to touch her and feel that was so much the hugest reward that I can describe.

I lifted my head from sucking her tit to tell her what was next. "I simply cannot wait to go down on you."


I amplified the love making as usual with tender kissing upon her neck and earlobe, Usually, a kind of trademark of my lovemaking is that when I get down between her legs to do the thing she and I KNOW that I am about to do, I spend a long time teasing and admiring if there is enough light ...licking her thighs and kissing and stroking ..only grazing across her vagina with my tongue. Sure, my fingers are already involved and givng pleasure, but I am gently penetrating her and rotating my finger and adding my thumb while licking and kissing her thigh. This teasing was driving her crazier than other lovers I had done it to and even though she was getting wetter against my palm, I sensed she just needed me to get there with my mouth ...so the long teasing foreplay I like would have to wait for another time. Sometimes, a woman just NEEDS it...and that was the case this time. But oh, the anticipation is one of the best things isn't it.

I started by sucking on her vaginal lips and sucking her in all over her vulva, making my mouth as wide open as I could, and allowing my tongue to flick her soft wetness, enter her crevice, and go anywhere at first BUT her clit. Then, flattening my tongue, a long lick from the bottom of her slit towards her clit and engulfed it with my lips, lickded with my warm wet tongue, and sucked it into my mouth to MY earnest gratification, and the hope that it was at least half as wonderful to her as it was to me to finally be there with my mouth and tongue and to now begin to coax her orgasm, or orgasms.

She was writhing and moaning ...usual reactions but as with all women, each is different, and with her the characteristic that was most different was how she took the pleasure with an arch of her back, while most other women have thrusted and rocked their hips with me and against me, her back arched and her pussy didn't give me that "fucking my mouth" thing that is involutary with most and more prominent wiht some and at some times. The writhing was more in her back then her hips, and so it was like I could feel it shaking from the tension building. Her muscles were tight ..thighs, toes outstretched. I could feel sooooo much tension with her..but its hard to write this in words and aptly describe that it wasn't a good thing ...My lips weren't uninvited, and my tongues ever jab was many times welcomed by another wonderful shreik of bliss. BUT .. It was like I felt a fear ...and what I think is that it was a fear that she could feel her life changing with the love we were making.

No stopping me and the love I make with my mouth. This is, after all, MY THING. Muffled I am saying "never gonna stop baby....I love this so much." Her cries of excstacy had a deeply emotional aspect to them ...like something was coming to the surface, but hadn't quite, or couldn't quite get there. I don't mean that orgasmically ..for certainly, the only thing that was between her and her orgasm was me flipping the trigger to release it. But, I was feeling that she would soon relax and give in, but I honestly had never felt the vibes coming from a woman that almost felt like it was sooooo good but that she either couldn't believe it, or was still resistant to it.

To get her to relax, I stopped licking her and reached under her butt and just pulled her into my face and hugged her around her hips and waist with my hair and cheeks buried into her bush. I squeezed her tightly and reassuringly, and in letting go, massaged her buttocks and lower back as I reached under her and just let her relax...hugged her so tight. When I pulled her once again into my mouth, I hummed on it. Nice sensation, and breaks the seriousness ...I heard her giggle so I hummed louder and said, "any requests?" "What ?" "Any songs you want me to hum down here ?" ...She laughed hard enough to soften the arch of her back and when I dove back in, it was with gusto and a more furious licking and knew it would only be moments before she let go the first time. I love ...LOVE these reactions to the first orgasm with any woman ...I create her pleasure and am rewarded with the knowing of something I had wondered since making love with her had become a possibliity. Just what excactly is it like when you come.

For her, it was a string of "oh fuck"'s starting softly and increasing in volume and intensity. Right before she came, the "oh fuck"'s were interrupted by a demand of "don't you dare stop that ..fuck" and then when she let go, the arch of the back snapped her hips forward, strongly, almost violently into my face and mouth, and the quaking and shaking and pleasureful cries of her release combined to stimulate every sense of my being and gratification. I had been working her with two fingers the whole time and no womans pussy I have made come contracted more tightly around my fingers at the moment ...and stayed gripped ..and it seemed like the biggest orgasm I had ever created for a lover ...as her high pitched "ahh ahh ahhs" rolled into much lower toned "ohhhhhhs," as her orgasm ..which I will say seemed to have more of a sustained characteristic, rather than the often felt pulses ...and finally ....my tongue slowing down to a slow wet warm gentle suck of her clit and lips...and the death of that tension in her thighs, butt, and hips fell around me and felt like a warm hug.

I sucked her off again...I never stop and never want to stop and women who get in a bed with me just need to let that be what we do. I want to suck it til I can't form words with my mouth anymore, cause what does that matter. She was so wet and my finger , once against her anus pushed gently, and she accepted, so inside I went and this brought us to yet another level . Her body told me all it needed to know ....

Eventually she flipped me on my back and playfully overpowered me ..telling me "don't move...just LAY there." And before her lips actually kissed my pussy, she whispered, I think more to herself than to me, "I'm really gonna do this." She was wonderful with her mouth, and she even hummed into me in reciprocation while we both laughed. "that feels so good," I said, and she replied, "I know," and she did. She didn't just copy what I had just done to her ...something I had felt with other first timers. She did alot of pointed tongue fucking of my hole ..which was wonderful and most pleasurable, as I usually dont go ga ga for penetration. But tongue would go in as deep as she could make it and her lips would brush my clit and it felt so good ..and I took a mental note .."she wants you to do this to her more." Everyone is different. She inserted into my anus a wet finger and as if she had done it her whole life, pulled my lips upward and outward, found an up and down rythm and when I was about to come, her tongue tiring, she encircled my clit with her lips and I sooooooo violently erupted that I was afraid I scared her. Oh, and I forgot to mention...while I was approacing orgasm, with own, what I believe are silly sounds ...and I don't use words much if at all while being gone down on, as my orgasm built and obviously built, she was moaning and shreiking while doing nothing more than I presume humping the mattress. You'd have thought we were both coming . It was one of my favorite things that ever happened in bed with a woman.

As we cuddled , at first she couldnt make eye contact ...ahh the guilt I sense ...but when she began looking me in the eye between soft kisses, her eyes were so lit up and filled with love. "I'm so overwhelmed," she admitted. "Me too," I replied.

With an eye on the clock as our time winded down, I again went down on her, as is my delight with all the lovers I have been with, built her to a 2nd, 3rd and 4th climax, each time with different ways of the fingers, lips and tongue, and with her fingers deep inside me, I soaked the bed in another heaving , deep inside me (I love the deepies, and with me they are pretty rare). The end of the night cuddling and kissing was amazingly mature, and when I asked her if she wanted to talk about it, all she would do is moan an exhausted moan.
The best moment of the whole experience came at the very end. Parting was excruciating. The last thing she said, was "promise me this isn't the only time we are going to be together." It was the exact question I was about to ask her. I kissed her deeply ...and I await what is coming soon for me and Kate.


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最近旦那とマンネリで全然Hしてません。正直もうかなり欲求不満です…誰か相手してくれる方いませんか?空いている時間は多いと思うので都合は合わせやすいと思います。お互い楽しめる関係になりたいな。人妻でも平気な人いたら是非相手してください☆一応18歳以上の人限定でお願いします。上はどこまででも大丈夫なんで excellent.lady@docomo.ne.jp

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誰にも言えない秘密があります。実はとってもHなんです、せっかく女として生まれたからにはアブノーマルな世界に飛び込んでみたいです☆普段では考えられないプレイを思う存分楽しみ、経験したいんです♪快楽に溺れさせてくれませんか?一緒に感じ合いましょう!!都合はつくのですぐに時間を合わせられます。18歳よりも上の方がいいです!! quietness@docomo.ne.jp

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一人暮らし寂しいよ~(泣)誰かお家遊びにきてくれないかなぁ?休みの日とかも全然予定ありません。料理作るの得意だから来てくれたら食べてほしいな♪見た目は悪くないと思うから安心してください!(笑)細かい事は気にしないけど18歳未満の人は微妙かな、気軽に仲良くしてください milky-yukinko@docomo.ne.jp

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人妻だけどセフレ募集しちゃいます!こんな女嫌かなぁ?新しい刺激欲しいし旦那以外の男性としてみたいな。エッチのテクはそれなりに自信あるよ、フェラとか上手いってよく褒められます。年上は何歳まででもOKだけど年下は18歳までが限界かな、楽しみたい人いたら気軽によろしくね♪ enjoy-smile.of.happiness@docomo.ne.jp

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Thanks for the informative information - I enjoyed reading it! I always enjoy this blog. :) Cheers, www.woman-giving-birth-video.com

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セフレ専門出会い喫茶エンジョイラブは店舗型出会い喫茶 ENJOYグループのネット1号店としてオープンしました♪セフレ探しを目的とした出会いの専門店です。Hに満足していない女性達が多数登録。今すぐ即アポOK表示のHな女の子を新着順で紹介中です

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熟女だって性欲がある、貴方がもし人妻とSEXしてお金を稼ぎたいのなら、一度当サイトをご利用ください。当サイトには全国各地からお金持ちのセレブたちが集まっています。女性から男性への報酬は、 最低15万円からと決めております。興味のある方は一度当サイト案内をご覧ください

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初めての書き込みでちょっぴり緊張してます、男の人と出会うきっかけがなくて!こう言う場をかりてみるのもひとつのきっかけですよね。周りの友達は彼氏とラブラブの毎日、あたしもラブラブな毎日を過ごしたい、21歳の恥ずかしがり屋なんで、年上で引っ張ってくれる人がいいです。メールしてくれたら返事は確実だよ♪ワクワクしながらメール待ってます love.love.happy-@docomo.ne.jp

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神待ちサイト ガールズBBSは家出少女を救う神待ち専用の掲示板です!登録無料で家出少女と出会えるチャンス

brittlesnc21 said...

really good story. almost gives me the courage to one day approach a woman i want and just lay it all out on the table---figuratively and literally ;)

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