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Jill goes down on Kate for the first time in high

I've got a couple of amazing and erotic bisexual / lesbian bloggers to introduce you to. I have one today and another coming later this week. I am searching for erotic honesty, and I believe I had been lucky enough to have a couple cross my path recently ..and because they are getting me off, and this blog is often about just that ...what gets me off ...I want to share this with you all.

The Jill Off is an honest account of a womans relationship with her man (Jack) and her girl (Kate). It is remarkable, not only for its eroticism, but also for its sense of humor in presentation. Jill is alot of the blogger I wish I could be and a tremendous inspiration. She writes about polyamory, ben wa balls, and longs as I did in a previous post for F2f porn that is just half believable. Jill is my kind of girl :)

In this capsule, Jill goes down on a woman for the first time: (warning..you are about to get wetter)

I climbed on top of her, knowing she would quickly take advantage of my tits being in her face. We sat, me straddling on top of her, enjoying each other’s bodies, warmth, and the proximity of our pussies, for as long as we could stand.

Encouraged by the response so far to my bold approach, I swiftly decided to stand up off Kate’s lap, then kneel down between her legs. I’d many times put my fingers inside of her, and used them to pleasure her to climax…but had yet to use my mouth on her.

And so I sat – between her legs – hesitant for the briefest of seconds.

I glanced up quickly and saw the woman that had come to mean so much to me and Jack, and the person that I had already experienced so many new things with. Without another thought I stroked my hand down the inside of each of her thighs and then softly inserted a finger inside of her.

Kate flexed and wiggled her hips in a positive response. I then spread her pussy lips apart with my fingers and gave her a lick from my finger inside to her clit my tongue trailed. Kate again made a slight thrust approval, and so I continued on my new exploration.

Outside, in the crisp fall air, I performed oral on a woman for the first time ever. I don’t know if I’m lucky that Kate is one hell of a sexual being, or if my own experience at receiving came into play, but I do know that it went fantastically.

With nearly every flit of my tongue and move of my fingers Kate tightened and heightened. As her desire grew she began grabbing at her own breasts, massaging her tits, and encouraging me with a soft, but audible, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

No longer inhibited by my lack of experience, I gave into my instincts and fucked her with my fingers and mouth as hard as I could. Within minutes she was crying out and shaking from the force of her orgasm.

Read it start to finish here

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Spiky Zora Jones said...

Yum...those hard orgasms are the best...

I love it honey.

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