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My First Lesbian Kiss

Hey everyone ..awhile back I wrote asking or inspiration and in this post you will see I got exactly what I asked for ...and YOu will be inspired too. She has given me permission to print this ...Liz recounts her first Lesbian Kiss !
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I'm responding to your post on August 14th.

I was so nervous.

I mean really nervous.

Here I was, a small town teacher, about to head off to *the* gay bar in town for the very first time.

Sure, I'd thought about it before. I'd been reexamining my sexuality for about a year now, and there it was, every day as I drove to work... the gay bar.

But you see, part of living in a small town is realizing that your business is everyone's business, and the "Lamar Middle School students are the BEST" sticker on the back of my old Chevy was a sure way of identifying my location to about 500 middle schoolers and their parents in the small Texas town where I lived.
So, how to get to the bar, without driving there.

I'd take a cab, but the owner of the cab company was the parent of one of my students.

I'd walk, but who wants to walk a mile at 1 am?

So I'd waited, and dreamed, and held off, talking to people online with no real determination to meet them anywhere.

Then my friend Sam (Samantha) called me up one day. She was going to be in town for the weekend, and would I like to hang out.

Would I!

Sam was the first person I came out to, who had the annoying reaction of saying "Yeah, I knew that already." She was coming to town from Austin, and not only that, but she'd be in a rental car.

A car with no known ties to a supposedly straight middle school English teacher.

A way at last.

So, Sam and I head out to the bar that fateful night, and I walk into that place that I had so often thought of entering.

Well, first off, it was a lot smaller than I thought it would be, and secondly, the crowd was a bit different than I thought it would be. For one, most people seem to have come there as couples, which was quite annoying when I was gearing up with liquid courage to have a little lesbian make-out, and also there seemed to be at least a large minority of straight people who had apparently come to "see the gays"... which was also annoying. I mean, I know this is a small town, but you think they could go watch football or tip cows or something, instead of coming here to ogle the gays.
I sat at the bar, had a few drinks, talked with Sam. We danced for a while, but as the night wore on there didn't seem to be anyone else looking for action.
It was more than a little disappointing, but as Sam saw my glum expression she leaned close to my ear, so I could hear her above the music.
"I know we're just friends, and we'll be just friends after tonight, but if you want to make out with me I'm game.."
I grinned at her, and at the start of the next song we swung out onto the floor. In just a few moments I'd guided her into a dark corner by the restrooms, and now the time had come for that kiss.
I had one hand on her hip, the other resting on the wall behind her head, and gazed into her hazel eyes. Slowly, so that if she decided otherwise she could move, I bent my head towards hers and brought my lips to hers. It started simply, like that, but soon my curiosity overwhelmed my caution and my tongue slipped between her lips and started caressing hers. I could taste the mint that she'd had after dinner as our tongues swirled around each other, and my fingers started exploring the short spikes of her hair. Her hands were on my shoulders and breasts as I held her close to me. Without me quite being aware of it my hand had crept up her shirt to her bra by the time the song ended. We were coming up for air when suddenly a man bangs out of the bathroom, startling us apart. He grins at us, says "Don't mind me, girls, and slips back to the table where his boyfriend's holding a beer for him, and in a daze the two of us slip back to our table.
The rest of the night the two of us sat and held hands, laughing and drinking. We never did start dating - both of us treasure our friendship too much to risk it.

Last year she married (well not really, but hey) a wonderful woman in Houston, and I've visited them a couple of times since then.

She still says I'm the best kiss she ever had.

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Indigo said...

Yeah I can relate to that. The first time I went to a gay bar, I was so nervous, and being older that 40 most of the women in there were young girls, mostly dressed like men, which isn't a problem, I went expecting it to be wonderful, and in a way I was dissapointed. But I did go again on several occasions. On my own.. but I felt liberated as I was out as gay for the first time in what felt like forever..

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