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My Summer of Lesbian Encounters to Recant - Beatiful Paige

Loving Paige -
Its not just about fingering :)
by akiss2desire
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In all of this time of being very busy in the summer, I actually found some time for lesbian love and lust and seduction ...these now getting to be my favorite pastimes (who says summer is for baseball).

I wanted to share with you some thoughts and memories of the special angel whom I will call Paige here. Yeah, so we found each other on the internet ...what to make of it right ? We had that need of things being very discreet in common, as she is just as much in the closet about her sexuality as I am. She is unique and on the socially acceptable side of a gothic look. Her stylish glasses hid the mystery in her gorgeous green eyes that I loved to gaze deeply into right from the start. Her shoulder length dark hair at the top complimented by the black painted toenails she kept hidden from those she worked with and revealed only to me. Her breasts were proportionate to her 5'2" stature ...not really big boobed, but it seems all I had known as lesbian lovers was a certain type of large breasted woman, so going into everything I was excited for something different, and found a mouthful of her soft skin and her protruding nipple stiffening inside against my tongue was perhaps one of the most erotic feelings I will ever know. I was just glad I didn't scare her away when we met. I'm a tall 5'7" with these hefty, guys notice them everywhere all the time boobs and a kind of BBW frame to go along with my few freckles and the dramatic eye makeup (usually mixing pastel aqua and teal) I like to accent with when I want to send the message that we probably aren't going to stop after just a kiss. Oh, and she likes my stockings ...ALOT>! But I am a bigger girl, and thats not for everyone, and I would have presumed, a skinny minnie like Pagie. In fact when we met up in the mall parking lot and I realized how beautiful she was, I began to prepare for letdown if she rejected me ...but that was not to be the case at all. After we had exchanged emails and pictures and chatted it was just a matter of finding the right time to get away, and that one afternoon became our first time, which led to the second time and a third time and as I write this, hope with all my heart that she knows how much I can't wait for another time if not another million times with her.

I am not so much into whatever goes on with the dom / sub lifestyle, but if anything, I am probably sub or dom ...having said that, Paige is much more submissive than even I am and it showed quite a bit in the way we made love. I wasn't her first lesbian lover, but she made me feel like she was being made love to for the very first time each moment we were enjoying each others bodies and pleasure.

I think it goes without saying that every lover is different, and every love making experience with those lovers carries something unique about it. I have wanted to write all summer about Paige and some of her traits and quirks and things that she enjoyed in bed while we were together. There were things about her and the way she made love to me that She is a few years younger and with that submissiveness, along with the fact that I am more experienced as a lesbian lover, and the tone that some of our emails took between us, the powersharing was very much a situation that put me in control where she would wait for me to take the lead and in doing that, I contend that SHE was the leader and I was just along for the game we were both playing in that power struggle, but it worked for us and thats all that matters. Its not to say that she didnt find ways to tell me what she wanted ...lifting my hand to her cheek to enjoy her ultra soft skin and admire her fair complexion ...and looking into her eyes and taking in her wholeness as one of those girls who can realllly make a red lipstick just POP! Gawd makes me wet just thinking about the looks she gives me.

Alone in the afternoon with faint light streaming through the curtains of our room on a rather conveneintly cloudy day, I first found that she really ..I mean really likes when i suck on her tongue. . Paige doesnt offer it if we are standing and kissing but if I am on top of her..in fact, from the very moment I get on top of her, she basically sticks her tongue out and as it was the first time and every time since, we both know what feels right for me and her is that I suck on it and swirl on it like a thick wet clit. I suck on her tongue, enjoy her neck and earlobe, and then return to kiss her deeply, where after accepting my tongue deep into her mouth, she offers me the tongue through her lips to pull on and suck on and tenderly hold with my own hungry mouth.

Oh, and how when I'm on top of her. how I love the way she lifts her legs and wraps them around me ...wrapping them harder if our passioante kisses become even more passionate. And as I write this, It's difficult to relate just how much she loves for me to be on top of her and making out.

except when ...

well ...she also likes to turn on her stomach and have me love the back of her neck and lick and suck her back, reach around to fondle her breasts from behind her. My own breasts tickling her back and my nipples being tickled by the softness of her.

And about her breasts ...whether smallish or not, they seem to be the most sensitive I have encountered ever ...more than I dreamed of ever. Her reactions to everything I would do to give her boobs pleasure enticed me to want to pleasure them ever more. She told me with her reactions, she told me in words, and she has told me in numerous emails, that she is crazy about the ways we incoporate her breasts into as much of our lovemaking as we can. She knows I get off on her reactions and the pleasure she enjoys is the pleasure that is mine. So at the times before I am going down on her, Paige, even as a bit of a submissive, either takes my hands to put them upon her boobs and will find wasy to show me how she loves them touched, pulled, bitten, clamped and slapped. I know I am rambling, but the point is that she loves to have her boobs just gone over alot. :)

When I first touch her pussy. at least right at first, she is more likely to just tighten her lips and clinch them together, and almost grunt as if she is holding something back ...but spreading her lips and entering her as she likes with two fingers for her warm walls to clamp down upon in squishy acceptance of our passion causes her to soon begin to breathe through her mouth, when the moans get deeper at first. Then, if I am taking her with my hand, as her orgasm builds her need to suck in more air and breathe creates a different atmosphere of noises and undulations, and her voice gets higher and higher, while (I know this sounds like a contradiction) getting softer and softer as she approaches. The pitch is a squeal, but she goes within herself and unlike any other lover I have known, her body begins to quiver ..her thighs tighten and shake, and the look upon her face as it happens ...that moment of release, when I feel it in my palm and fingers rubbing her, combined with that look of orgasmic high and pure love for what I am giving her, is the most priceless and satisfying warmth of all.

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Indigo said...

Hi ~ My name's Indigo .. I blog about women, love lust, passion, getting it on and off, I write erotic poetry & stories. I have read your first story and I can honestly say, I wanna go fuck now! I am gay, but for a long time not actually realising this, I am however taking the bulls by the horn so to speak and starting my new identity, I haven't ever had an oargasm like you described, and I wish I could... guess it takes alot of practice to find the right woman who knows how to satisfy.. keep em coming...literally. I like what you write.

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