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A Movie Scene That Drenched Me

Scene from Therese & Issabelle right before Therese first tastes her lover. "The Moment"

While I am working on another short story, my posts here have been few. I had a day off today and before getting to chores, thought I would try to find something unique for a video, rather than the soft core lesbian porn I usually try to find on the net. Well, if you have a netflix subcription, (I promise I am not selling) you can watch certain movies (not all) streamed to your laptop for no additional charge. I found two great movies today and will share the first of those here because the scene I encountered is going to stay with me forever.

Here is the thing with the netflix player ...you can fast forward to the "good part" as they say.

The movie I want to spin you towards is called Therese and Isabelle. It is a 1960s lesbian movie in black and white. There is a love scene I will never forget, because it is narrated in the style of lesbian erotica that I TRY to write in. Fast forward to 1 Hour and 10 minutes into the movie, and you will be very close to where the scene starts where the two are about to make love for the first time. The narration is first person ...If you have read my blog, you'll note that I think the thing that the internet is so very lacking in is first person lesbian narrative. (so if you see other blogs that have alot of such let me know)

Here is a sample of the narration...I left out alot but I think you will get the idea:

Old Black and White Style Movie Music....full orchestra ...interspersed with sighs and moaning and deep sincere sexual breaths.

Therese Narrates as Issabelle goes down on her.

"There were lips seeing and touching what I would never see
Indespensable and ignored..thats what i was with my face so far away from Isabelles.
A saint was licking away my soils.
She applied herself with such concentration that suddenely every thing became so unreal.I thought how much I wanted to give her what she was giving me. My mind focused on her tongue. If the pearl slipped away from her, she found it again. She was silent intent on her own sensations. I was receiving what she was receiving. I was Isabelles. Her efforts , her rythms were exciting me. The pearl was what she wanted. I felt stigmata open my entrails.

I gripped isabelle with a scissor movement of my legs. Suddenly three fingers entered me. Three guests for the pleasure to cling to. Like a maddening eel battering away at my inner walls. The stubborn finger awakened my flesh. Each of its blows made my pleasure sharper than before.

(Then Therese goes down on Issabelle--very thoughtful intrigue before the moment of first contact down there..I have sooooooo been there...the moment before first kiss)

My tongue went searching through salty blackness, through clinging darkness over the most delicated. The more I applied myself, the more mysterious my efforst became.

I hesitated around the pearl
I took her legs in my arms and stroked it with my chin and my cheeks. I was violinist caressing a bow.I expereinced a wave of solitary pleasure. I kissed her knee. I tried to tear myself away from the vase..that sex..the entrance to such sweet deaths but it continued to draw me toward it ..call me back for further solitary caresses. I stroked her secret lips and hair with a finger. I felt the burden of pleasure lying heavy on the back of my neck. I plunged into her sex. I would have preferred it to be less complicated.

I loved it as it devoured me. I worshipped it with wide open eyes. Issabelle sat up on the pillow and crossed her legs...my face plunged once more into the holy image. I licked and and stopped to rest ..but resting was a sin. I began once more where I had left off. Cat washing itself ..cat pressing down and rubbing blindly. Night would soon be leaving us."

From Therese & Issabelle


Lany said...

that truly is amazing. thanx for the movie suggestion.

Looking for my Lost Life said...

I just finished watching it on Netflix... and can I just say... OH WOW! Thanks so much!

Kim said...

Thanks for transcribing that scene! What an interesting movie.

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