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Those who have come here regularly know that I have taken a bit of a hiatus from posting and publishing, but my past work is still here and if you are new here there is much to be consumed. I am working on several stories right now and writing from the same mix of experience and fantasy that readers have told me they loved.

Those stories will be the foundation of my upcoming compilation book. Today, you get to read for free. Welcome, and I hope you stay awhile.


a lesbian love letter of want, desire, and trust

You asked me to write this thing for you...for us. I feel so close to you that it feels weird to say it this way ...but I always am able to express more of what I feel in writing, and since it will be a few weeks until we can make love again, perhaps I will be able to find ways to tell you in this letter how much you mean to me when we make love. You know I love to write ..but writing to you is a bit different ..but maybe when we are apart, you might be able to read this and know that I can never go a moment without thinking of you and what we do together.

I like looking down at you ...laying on your back on the pillow in your green tshirt with the ever so true words "your babydoll" written in plain white, while you look at me above you in my black tank tee with the pink bra straps hanging off my shoulders and my cleavage being drunken in by your beautiful hazel eyes. "What am I gonna do with you," I whisper while my hand lovingly strokes through your dark black hair and twirls around the dyed blond streaks that make you look soooo hot to me... before I lower myself to kiss your lips ...just a peck before we deeply french ...and then I start to lick and gently suck upon your neck as you like it ...not too hard to make a mark, but enough to cause your fingertips now upon my back as you pull me closer and into you to curl under and dig your nails into my shoulder blade ..causing a head to toe zing of excitement.

Your every first kiss is magical. You seem to always know just when to shift from my tongue in your mouth to when and how much I love you to enter mine...with the perfect proportion of passion in each wet kiss. Our deep kiss leads to eye contact when you tell me you want more without a word...and I lower my head ..kissing downward towards your breast, accompanied by my dangling right earring which dryly accompanies my wet tongue beside it on your soft skin.

I pull up your shirt and simultaneously your bra to expose your full c cup breasts with such firmness, yet so so so soft the pillows and creamy skin topped by the most beautiful shade of pink surrounding your unusual looking, elongated, mouth watering nipples ....not yet as stiff as I will feel them become when my lips encircle one as my tongue flicks ...I inhale and suck in the skin and the feeling of your nipple popping to extreme hardness in my mouth causes a gush between my writhing legs. I love your reaction...chest thrusting upward, eyes closing and your head going all the way back into the pillow. My fingertips and nails gently rake the side of your other breast and then caress the underside before palming and then thumb and forefinger stimulating your other nipple while my mouth continues to work on the other side. I am on top and giving to you so it would seem to an observer that I must be in control, however we know the control you have of the pleasure I give you with every encouraging moan and grunt or high pitched sigh, with your nails or hands squeezing me or stroking me when I flick my tongue a certain way or with a certain pressure , or the nudge of your hips against my side as I lay down half upon you ...we both await ..yet prolong ..my eventual move of fingers, mouth, lips and tongue from your wonderfully addictive breasts to your increasingly wet and wanting pussy.

The thought occurs to me that it takes but a few minutes to write what it takes me 20 minutes or more to do with your breasts. You know how much I love them. Love looking ...love touching the pliable and indescribable texture ..my mouth of course loves the nipples but so much enjoys kissing and sucking on all of the warm soft skin around your nipples and on the underside of your boobs. It's not that I need big breasts to turn me on ...for any woman who shows me sensitivity and experiences pleasure with the things I do to give pleasure provides me with excitement and the urge to give all of myself as I do ...but darling, your boobs especially ...unlike anything I have seen or felt, are such an amazing turn on to me so much that I do not have words to express. Now as you pull down the straps of both my tank tee and bra to reveal mine, and show me with your eyes that you weren't lying when you told me you love the first sight of my double D's bouncing out of my bra, the first soft touch of our breasts and hard nipples smooshed together softly and warmly while I lower my lips to engage in our deepest kiss since we've known each other makes every nerve in my body come ever more alive and makes it pure torture to break our deep several minutes long french kiss while our bodies so tightly together undulate. But ....I cannot wait to taste you...and I whisper that in your ear before I begin to move down.

It's no secret between us, expressed even before we first made love, how MUCh I love to perform oral sex upon a beautiful woman. But I need to tell you that with you, it has become something even more fulfilling to do than I ever imagined. That's why, after so much slow motion and erotic lovemaking to this point, that I so clumsily and hurriedly unsnap your jeans and yank your pants and panties off together and over your bending and helpful knees as it seems neither one of us can wait for our ultimate act of love. I love to put you back and spread your legs as wide as you do that for me ..for us. Soooo open and you know I am looking, admiring, smelling, and just about ready to kiss and lick and tease ...only for a minute because you know I need to just flatten my tongue, spread your oh so wet lips, and lick, suck, and drink you in while your hands urge my head into you deeper and your moans and sighs and whimpers and words let me know how much this means every time for both of us. I never told you this, but when you use my name over and over again in various volumes and tones and expressions of excitement's ..the one word that you say over and over ..."brenda brenda brenda," which means seemingly 100 DIFFERENT things each time you say it, whisper it, and sometimes scream it outloud, gawd it turns me on sooooo much. I hesitate to tell you that, cause now I think you might think about it too much next time we make love ....but dont stop saying it, doing it, or saying the other things you say to me while I'm eating you out. I never had anyone find a way to sweetly, innocently talk so dirty to me and it give me such a myriad of feelings. It's what you say, it's the voice you use, and how it changes as you get closer to orgasm from the things I am doing with my tongue, my fingers inside you or upon you, and the wet mess between us and how I love all over my chin and shoulders and the bed beneath your hips and your ass I clutch sometimes when I do the tornado tongue on you.

The other thing I like besides your words and noises when we make love is the look in your eyes....whether you are clinching your teeth or opening your mouth wide in a moan or a gasp for more air ...or sometimes your mouth is just closed ...the looks in your eyes ..down at me in seeming disbelief at how good, is the ultimate fulfillment of allll I want from us. When I reach upward to massage a breast or pinch one of your nipples like you enjoy when you get close to coming, it's the look you give me that fills me with complete warmth and love for you. I never love you more than when I can find a moment while I am sucking you off to get a glimpse of what state of excstacy your facial expressions and your eyes are expressing. In fact you once asked me if we should ever invite someone else to our bed to make a threesome, and while I dont really want to share our intense intimacy with anyone else, the only time I think I could really "go for that" is when I think that my pussy is hungriest for being licked and sucked at those moments when I am so engrossed in your pussy upon my tongue and hands while my eyes are upon you. Having someone tend to me at that very moment would be the only reason I'd consider it ....but I know as I write this, that it probably would be a hollow sexual fulfillment because nobody could ever go down on me with the love and passion that you do my love.

About that threesome idea....I know in this new found lesbian world I apparently lured you into (i know...I am SUCH a seductress LOL) you surprisingly find yourself in, that the lesbian threesome idea intrigues you alot ..and it did me too at one time. Maybe I think of myself as more of a one woman woman. But, If the circumstances present themselves and you find you really want to share what we have with someone else, you might find me willing as long as I don't sense that you want HER as much as the SEX we would have.....I am sorry but I can't help but be jealous. That may especially be true for the girl you mentioned that works with you....and the biggest reason is that she might have feelings for you after we do what we do ...and there you would be without me every day at work. And gosh, she JUST turned 18 ...I thought YOU were young LOL. I will confess though, I would love to know what it's like when she comes ...and if you have such a desire to know what it's like with another woman besides me, I have to admit that I understand that firsthand, and maybe I should say it's lucky that you'd rather me be there with you, rather than do something behind my back. Baby ...I want to be so many of the new experiences you have, cause with me, each time we make love is like a completely original and first time thing. It just always feels that way for me, and you have become all I want and need. But ...I respect what you may be feeling and because I know what a loving giver you are to me in bed, I can only imagine what that girl you work with , or whomever else it might be between us, might be in for the most orgasmic and pleasurable experience our lesbian love might give her. (but don't give her the whole hand like you did me that time...that's just for us my love..just our special love..you know without me saying)

I think of alot of new experiences with you....and I have to admit that a pretty big fantasy of mine is to watch you ..maybe even video you making yourself come. I know we did that melted in each others arms that once...but I am fantasizing about being on the chair watching you in bed ...somehow trying to pretend im not there. In fact, I am getting a bit overheated thinking of all the things I might observe from that chair, not just watching you masturbate...the thought of that girl just popped into my head and I even flashed a thought of watching you get fucked ..but my jealous bone made those thoughts go away quickly. I remember when we were laying together and you were making yourself come ...when I do it I couldn't believe how fast and furious your hands and fingers were ...soooooo different then what I do with you, yet you have told me that you don't want me to do you like that. It sure helped me understand at least, whats not too rough for you. LOL. So...forgive me, but what I have fantasized about is just sitting on that chair and seeing you do it start to finish...no help from me. That's my fantasy lately...but you know I have a hundred thousand...and babe...I'd love to know what I can do for you? Oh never hold back...tell me all you want and I will try to make it come true.
I wonder as I say that, what you will ask me for. Lets see, we've done so much, and we've talked about things like strap ons and threesomes and I think we will probably get to the outside fantasy we both have as soon as it gets a bit warmer ...so what HAVEN'T we talked about that you might want? I really want to know...want to make all your dreams come true babe in that bed...you are sooooo my everything.

So now, before I close this, I am a wet mess in between my legs and down my thighs, and will finish this letter and then finish up down there. When I make myself come, I am mostly thinking of the things I do to you to give you pleasure, but just before I am about to come, I start thinking about how incredible your mouth feels in harmony with your fingers when you do me. Gawd you do me sooo good...you really are soooo incredibly good its nearly impossible to believe you werent doing girls or dreaming about it all your life. So good so good ...a million times so good babe. I have always been the woman who gets about 95% if my pleasure from feeling it from my partner...feeling her pleasure ...and while its no secret how much I crave giving you complete and total pleasure and pride myself on sending you to new heights of orgasm each time we make love, I reiterate to you what I have told you on the phone, that no woman I ever was with made me want her mouth so much. You give it so good to me ...no just exactly how to spread my lips and just exactly the way to finger me while you tongue fuck me. You know just how hard and how much to suck on my clit ...you absolutely seem to be able to read my mind. (I know..that's your phrase for me...but back at ya babe) And babe...I don't know when or if it will happen again...but when I felt your hand find its way all the way in....I still don't know how you did it or how you knew HOW to do it ....but that moment when it popped so deep and so fulllll in me ...thats the most amazing, wonderful sexual moment I ever had ...and have my doubts it will ever be topped.

You are incredible ...and I want you to think of me warmly and nicely...and erotically while we are apart. I don't want to lose you....I want to do everything I can for you. My soulmate in bed and more.

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