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Those who have come here regularly know that I have taken a bit of a hiatus from posting and publishing, but my past work is still here and if you are new here there is much to be consumed. I am working on several stories right now and writing from the same mix of experience and fantasy that readers have told me they loved.

Those stories will be the foundation of my upcoming compilation book. Today, you get to read for free. Welcome, and I hope you stay awhile.


New Lesbian Experiences Invites only more Desire

Dear readers

I have really gone through changes in the last year...but don't we all go through changes all the time. But specifically, to the readers of this blog, and what I write ...alot of changed.

I have explained that this is the second blog I have created...the first one was deleted when I went through a paranoia of fear of discovery and trashed it all. Lost about 100 fairly decent posts. Oh well. ...but that blog and this one has been a growing experience for me as a writer ......the experiences I have had are changing me alot.

This blog IS about lesbian sex. I see alot of very nice blogs from very nice women about being a lesbian, struggling with lesbian life, and most prominate are blogs that are mostly about the political struggles gay women are going through ..which I support you fully. It's just, that isn't what this was ever going to be about.

It's about what makes me wet and hopefully, and as you've told me so much (thank you) what makes you wet. And swollen ..and needing ...and wanting to give and receive passion in the undeniably most intimate of ways.

I began A Lesbian Kiss 2 Desire as an outlet for my rather high and constant lesbian libido ...and at a time when I was literally years between actual lesbian experiences. My writing was part experience and alot fantasy. Now...one thing that has changed ..and very quickly ...is that my wonderful good sexual fortune of the last year gives me much more experience (and even heartache) from which to write from ...but nonetheless...my intense fantasies persist.

I've loved and lost ...Ive one night standed ....Ive had my desire quenched ..and wonder if you can relate ...only want more. My lesbian sexual needs are easily the most dominant thought in my minute to minute life ....real life distractions of being a mom and an pillar of the community reel me back in as they must ..but in an idle minute ...im back and engrossed in lesbian reminisence and desire for new and different, intimate and erotic experiences.

I knew before I ever went down on a woman that giving oral was just something that was in my DNA ... my experiences have solidified something I believed anyway ...I am addicted to womans orgasms ..creating them in every way ...like a drug..I want to feel the build, the dam burst ...hear the moans and then stifling of moans even LOL ...I love to know the breaths increasing...the swelling evident ...the wetness gushing over my tongue, lips, my chin ..involving all of me. I love the sounds, smells, feelings of power and empowerment fulfilled ...and the potential that still exists in each thrust and grind and tremble that i create with my lips, tongue, fingers, hands and skin. I get off so much on remembering what me and others have done and what I have wanted to do and what I want to do.

I have become quite into whats called tribbing... heard a DJ refer to lesbians as scissor lovers...it was offensive ..but ..also ..titillating as well. He told a story of women scissoring in the back seat of a car ..while I imagine with someone my size 5'8" that might be difficult in a backseat ..i still gushed at the possibility. I look for tribbing videos online and my last two lovers have known how i like it.

With tribbing......my last lover ...she just has these eyes that are so expressive when it goes from good to realllly good with my fingers are thigh or if i get it right with our clits .i grew to love being on top of her or next to her more cause of how incredibly she looks when she is like that...and the other woman i was with recently..same thing...just mezmerized looking at the expressions and feelings and feeling them ..feeling her gaze on me when it went from goood to realllly good with me.

My new perspective is not just about bedroom experience ...its realizng whats inside me and why I have probably should have called myself lesbian from the age of 12 when it was starting to become apparent in my mind ....then of realizing it at around 30. But ...thats life I guess.

I just wanted to share that the needs I had for so long without being fullfilled have now been ...and yet ...funny how it works like this...but I have never wanted more sexual intimacy with women in


m.m.sugar said...

You have a particular thrust to your blog.

Simply go with it and enjoy!

Some lesbians are great political fighters while others are strictly poets.

Others are eclectic.

One of the things that we are striving for is simply to have the FREEDOM to be unique.

Lany said...

i just found your blog and your amazing passion for WOMAN...is just delicious. I thoroughly concur.

Nadege said...

your blog comes and out head
& shoulders above the other
tame ladeda blogs out there-
your honesty is a turn on.

Smokey said...

I have enjoyed your blog for many reasons; the previous comments reflect my thoughts also.
While there are many lesbian blogs that cover a variety of subjects, the difference is that where most of the others are grounded in reality, your blog sends us into that higher realm of passion. Fantasy or fact, when I read your posts, I dream of experiencing some of those same feelings.
Just as we need to know that other women are going through similar struggles and be aware of the current political situation, we also need to be reminded that we are also sexual creatures, that deserve passion and intimacy.
Thank you for sharing with us.

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