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Desperate Housewives Lesbian Kiss Episode

Well ..they went there ..and even though it lacked romance and passion ..it was a lesbian kiss nonetheless. I keep watching ABC on Sunday nights and seeing alllll the gay men on Housewives and Brothers and Sisters and keep going "they have GOT to do lesbian characters at SOME point." Finally, they went there last night on Housewives with 2 lesbian kiss scenes within 10 minutes of each other.

The first was when Terri Hatchers Susan character kissed her new boss played by Swoozie Kurtz. Then, Eva Longoria Parker's character , Gabby, kissed Hatcher in a demonstration mode after a discussion amongst the girls as to whether or not the kiss was "american or french," or how long it lasted or whether or not their eyes were closed. An EYE opening scene indeed ..and then, on the lawn after that scene, an exchange that began with lynette scavo played by felicity huffman saying to longorio "could you do me a favor," and Gabby replying, "Oh I'm flattered but I was only doing that to help out Susan." Funny !

Here are pictures from the episode last night, and frames from desperate housewives actresses engaged in other lesbian kissing scenes ...
eva longoria in carlitas secret
hatcher and Nicolette Sheridan
nicolette sheridan in full out lesbian passion in minor movie called ghost in teeny bikini
and something from the Glaad awards where two of the characters kissed as well.


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