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10 Reasons Mullholland Drive Lesbian Scene is So Hot and Memorable

I think this scene is one of my favorites because it contains so much. Its a pleasant, and for some, unexpected surprise in a movie that's entertaining if you like those movies that sometimes make you go WTF, but still leave you entertained.

I like this clip because the scene contains SOOO much. Here are 10 things I love about this scene.

1- Both Women are soooo beautiful....Naomi Watts as Betty is earthy, natural, and an unassuming beautiful blonde. Laura Harring as Rita

2-It develops slowly in degrees ...is it going to happen, i think it might happen, looks like its going to happen so i wonder if its going to be good, its pretty good, that's so good I won't be thinking of anything else for the rest of the movie, and likely the rest of the night.

3-Rita has amazing boobs. Sorry ..I just had to say it ..I KNOW I am not the only one who thinks it.

4- The elements of seduction ...Betty's invitation which is natural in that she clearly wants Rita sexually, but isn't showing her cards at all when its just "cmon this is a huge bed...get a good night sleep ..and take off your clothes, its just us girls" Its an invitation that can't be accused of a pass if she needs to back off of it. Same thing happens to Rita next. She hands the power to Rita, and it's up to her to make the next move, or the two just sleep in want of each other ...so Rita takes her chance...but then again, she says what she says "thank you," in such a way that (if this were real life and not a scripted movie) she can back out if her being forward is unrequited.

5-Eye contact ...there are dozens of words being exchanged between these two , and millions of thoughts being communicated in their eyes. David Lynch does a great job on this. David Lynch, the director who brought us Twin Peaks and other quirks, gets everything out of the shots of both women's eye contact ...Rita's longing and shy embarrased Betty hoping to get a chance to take her shot. On a personal note, I am conscious of this in my life ..I am reluctant to tell a woman "I really like you and wonder if you want to do it,?" but I will absolutely try to tell her every bit of that with my eyes.

6-THAT is the most incredible first kiss ...moments stretched into more moments of anticipation, and you can almost hear Bettys thoughts screaming "this is it ....if you want this you can have this."

7-Sounds....if the academy award for sounds in a sex scene all time could be given, give it to this guy for picking up sooooo much in the breathing. Betty's nervous quivering breathing pulsates through my computer speakers and is tied in a direct line to my throbbing clit. And just before Betty professes her love, she kisses Rita's neck and her soft moans are soooo erotic.

8-Its happening fast, and so her question "Have you ever done this before?" is met by another one of the movies WTF moments "I don't know...have you ?" And as your head gets done spinning from that, one of my favorite lines ever ever ever in a movie. Betty kisses her deeper while also caressing her cheek, drinks Rita in with her eyes, enjoys the sight and ever exciting soft feel of Rita's breasts with her fingertips, runs her thumb and finger across Ritas stiffened nipple as Rita looks downward, enjoying the sensations ...with Betty's lesbian sexual want never higher, combined with her true, soon to be revealed feelings for Rita says the lesbian film immortal ...whispers, hotly, from a different place inside her "I WANT TO WITH YOU." OMG wow.

9- LOVE ...as the two begin to join each other soul to soul, the blond tells her and tells US too, "I'm in LOVE with you," SOOOOO convincingly that even though I know its an act with a script, I believe her ..totally.

10-Afterglow ....The director doesn't give us the orgasms...but we know that they were there from the passion that was building and then peaceful sleep of the beautiful satisfied women.

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Fireblossom said...

That love scene is just absurdly gorgeous. Mercy. When Betty says, "I'm in love with you" I get shivers. My goodness.

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