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Those who have come here regularly know that I have taken a bit of a hiatus from posting and publishing, but my past work is still here and if you are new here there is much to be consumed. I am working on several stories right now and writing from the same mix of experience and fantasy that readers have told me they loved.

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Our Lesbian Blindfold Experiment

Our Lesbian Blindfold Experiment Short erotic fiction by akiss2desire

I want to do something a little different with her, and so on this Saturday night we have together, we will. See, by MY definition, I am not very kinky ...but that doesn't mean I haven't engaged in quite a few things in my sex life that would be considered by many to be kinky ..and by kinky for many, the meaning is anything beyond heterosexual missionary position. You know ...even vanilla sex is pretty good ..and for most of my encounters with men and women, what would be memorable would be the level of passion or lack thereof rather than what position we stretched our bodies into or what implements or flavors might have been included. So, for me to say "I want to do something a little different" does not mean we will swing from the ceiling, nor does it imply we will need heavy duty power cord extensions. It just means that there are so many ways to express this love for her, and we'll roll the dice and see if this different way feels right for us.

I am by definition neither defined by the term dom or sub. I am familiar with the dom / sub lifestyle and just couldn't see myself fitting either of those labels. But ..introduce a blindfold into the bedroom scenario, and I guess it's hard to escape that the roles become something like that. I'd made up my mind to ask her to trust me with the blindfold when I was in a second hand store and saw a beautiful and inexpensive maroon silk scarf. While my imagination ran wild with the suppositions of what might happen between us while she couldn't see what i was doing, or about to do, I tried to quell the many thoughts for fear of losing the spontaneity that would make the experience as delicious to me as I knew I could make it for her. I had always thought that for an experience like the one I was thinking about creating for us to "work," it would take ALOT of mutual trust ..and with my sweet wonderful girl,

When she arrived that night, we did the usual drinking each other in, enjoying a first passionate kiss, and even though in these moments neither one of us know exactly how it will start or where it is going, there is the sureity of our always smoldering passion flaring up into the white hot hour of orgasmic give and take in these meetings that have become the highlight of my every week. A freshen up and small talk and a wine cooler opened and mostly put away, it was time for our arms to lace together, our tongues to begin to tangle...and how GOOD of a kisser she always is with her tongue entering me, sweeping back and forth and mine swirling around and entering past her lips to explore her warm invitation. Juices are flowing and we know, as always, how into each other we are, and how easily our love for each other meshes and quickly into making love.

"Wait wait....hold on a second." She resists at first, my breaking of our deep kiss, and unsuccessfull tries to continue it ..but I just hold her tight, lower my head to nibble upon her neck and then back away to put my hands upon her shoulders and look her in the eye. I gently push her down on the bed before me, and she sat with a look that almost said "get on with it." Beautiful before me on the bed with her shoes long since kicked off, but her sky blue square neck loose fitting top that not only accentuated the round of her breasts pushing upward and urging to break free from the black lace fringed bra concealed but hinted at so slightly, her long dark hair softly laying on her shoulders ...her sweet eyes so innocent and trusting of me.

"So I told you I'd like to try something different ok?" I said standing above her, reaching out my right hand. She held it with one warm palm, reaching up to twirl the tassels dangling down from my purple floral v neck raggy cardigan that emphasized my braless cleavage.

"Babe...I love that look you give me." She can melt me with that half smile, half pout. She bites her lower lip and drinks me in with her puppy dog eyes. Oh how she makes me want her and so thankful that I have her.

She began to giggle ...not that anything at all was funny, but just her natural response to the nervous, sexual tension building up between us in the darkly lit room.

"Alright, listen...hear me out. I could never hurt you, or scare you, or torment you, orrrrrr, " I flashed a naughty smile, "tie you up and get out the whips and chains," (she laughed) "or make you think I am asking you to submit to me as a submissive to a dominatrix.

"yah want me to tie YOU up ? " she smiled ..I knew she would if I wanted ..and probably will someday ...

"However, " I continued as if I wasn't taken aback by her candor, " ...I kinda do want you to submit to the pleasure I want to give you ...If you trust me ..if we trust each other ..I think what we can have would just let me have you completely, we can make a wonderful memory. " She nodded ...kinda curled her neck to her side and smiled as I started to walk away ..."let me get something," I said and from my purse I quickly retrieved the scarf and returned to the bed, but on the other side.

"What are you going to do with that?" she said looking back at me.

"Find out how much you trust me.

"I've always trusted you babe."

"We'll see"

As I began, there was a part of me that was experience that "here we go," thrill of the type you get when the roller coaster ride start, As in, It's finally here. Coming up behind her on the bed and on my knees, I elicit another nervous giggle from her when I drape the scarf around her and begin upon my mission. After the scarf is tied and I have confidence in her vision being taken away, she giggles and laughs "couldnt you have just turned out the light ?" and then adds .."so what next...are you going to tie me up ?" "Do you want to be tied up darling ?" "oh please don't tie me up..and don't spank me either, even though I've been a baaad girl," she mocked. I could tell she was thrilled to go along with whatever I wanted...but there was also a hint of unsure about what is next anxiety. She knew that my intentions weren't to play out that kind of scene ..well, maybe not tonight anyway, but also, it was clear already, I was in enough control to where she didn't know what was going to be coming next.

I started to gently massage her shoulders from behind on the bed, and then reached around to lift and gently squeeze the orbs of her breasts through the fabric of both her top and her bra with both hands. "You really smell so good tonight," I whispered in her ear before wrapping my lips around her soft and sensitive earlobe. While tonguing and sucking there, I began to unbutton her blouse and stroked her skin with my fingertips and nails all along the path...down and up..feeling her lean back against me , and when the bottom button was undone, my hand wandered to between her legs, pushed into the fabric of her jeans and back upward my fingers traveled to again lift and caress her breasts for a moment, before tugging the top over her shoulders, pulling arms out of the sleeves, and stroking and gently raking my nails along her skin as I went about it, upwards to undo the clasps of her turquoise bra , and sensually removed it ...pulling the fabric over her nipples to stimulate both to their state of obvious excitement. I wanted to get her undressed because I knew the feeling of being there naked, and blindfolded, would be a delightfully wicked sensation.

Between my legs I was getting quite the itch, and the dampness was seepin. I have to confess in knowing that I wanted to DO this, but having no plan, realizing it wold just play out, I was typically fearing that I wouldnt make this a memorable ENOUGh experience ...I was determined to find every opening to pleasure her in proven ways, and find as many new ways to arouse her as well.

I enjoyed her topless, staring straight ahead into the darkness of her scarf, as I got out of the bed, came around to her side, and then,after standing abover her for a moment, running all the possibilities through, resisted kissing her, or bobbling her ample breasts, because those would be what she would perhaps expect, and the point of the blindfold experience was to add some unpredictability ...so, instead for my next move knelt before her ..my fingertiops tracing down from her neck..to her boobs ..her stomach ..and on the belt loop of her jeans, I undid them, then unsnapped and unzipped...took just a half second to check her warmth between her thighs, and began to remove first her jeans over her knees, finally sliding them off her calfs at the floor...so that now she was sitting upright on the bed and completely nude except for the scarf tied as a blindfold around her eyes. Don't you just know how proud of all of this I was ..I never undressed a woman so expertly ...it was clean, erotic, and got to the point I wanted for both of us. While I was undressing her, when one of my tassles dangled aganst the skin just below her bosom, she twirled it and then instinctively reached towards my boob and giving it a gentle squeeze, she said "Am I allowed to touch you ?"

"You aren't my slave ....I just want you to feel how much I care for you."
"I miss looking at you.....but ...don't stop."

It was not the first time her words caused a white hot flush throughout my body and soul. She always knows what to say, how to touch, how to moan, how to inspire me.

And kneeling before her when i finished undressing her, even though I was sooooo ready to remove my own clothes, or to help her get them off of me, but i knelt there admiring her, as she ran her fingers through my hair, I drank in the vision of her pink erect nipples juxtaposed against the creamy skin of her round C cup boobs, the dark tuft between her legs parted for me to be between them on my knees. Allll the things I could do next ...I was wondering ...her feet called to me, and I massaged first the right, then the left, while she moaned as though I were inside her with my tongue. "This is better than sex," she uttered. I loved the feel of her skin and when my breast laid upon her calf I realized how badly I wanted that feeling with my bare breast, as opposed to through my top. So, I stopped rubbing, "oooooooh," she complained, and I lifted the top over my head, and then playfully draped it upon her head. "Heyyyyy," she whined, and knocked my top to the floor as I nestled between her legs to resume gently kneading and pushing against her toes and the arch of her foot, while this time resting my boob upon her smoothly shaven calf ..soft skin against soft skin. "You're giving me goosebumps all over."

I began to kiss from her feet, upwardly licking past her right thigh and knee until I was once again kneeling and facing her ...I spread her legs, and she invitingly spread them more. I pushed upon her belly, " Lay back ...I want to taste you."

"mmmm I love when you eat my pussy," she softly said, and I replied, " who says I'm going to do that >?"

Well she knew I could never resist.

I began to lick, nibble, and suck the inside of her thighs, and I hear you " ohhhhh waht are you doing to me,"

"I honestly don't know...have no idea," i reply between licks ..and then upward I go towards her mound to gently suck, lick and tickle and tease. Further upward I climb and reach up to clinch a breast in each hand while my mouth gently kisses your belly ...my bare right breast rubs against and absorbs the moisture from her pussy lips ...it feels good enough that i more purposely roll my boob against her there ..then again, adn we are having the same ideal because then she uttered "babe, I've always wanted you to fuck me with your tits...don';t stop."

"your wish is my command,"

Now, SHE is the one tied up, and look who is giving the orders. Funny isn't it how things are ...but thats how it is with us ..always the perfect sharing and give and take of the power in bed.

"Damn," the curse escapes from my subconscious and aloud in the room. I cuss because this is nothing like what I planned ..then again, I didn't have ANYTHING planned. Still ... it's going much faster than I thought the blindfold experiment would go ...this was supposed to be more of a study of slow sensuality ...yet here we are, in just as much the heat of passion as we ever are, with no turning back and seemingly no slowing down.

When I am able to give up the sensation of her wetness and feeling it get ever so more wet beneath my stiff nipple, all those wonderful sensations between us, I kiss her side and your hip and slink downward running my nose and lips down the smooth skin, but moving decidely away from where I know of her achinng, growing need. But it's not in my nature to make her suffer long. Once again licking and sucking on her thighs, perhaps trying to make you feel I might just stay there all night, I can feel the squirm of impatience, but when my finger reaches towards her, so slippery, and I imagine throbbing, and I can tease her desire, nor can i deny my intense hunger any more.

The euphoria of licking her is equal every time to the first time it happened ..when it was the first lesbian experience for my younger. most beautiful, amazing lover. I creamed thinking so much about how her mind was swimming, processing all the amazing sensations and emotions between us. That euphoria, as I dove into her as if I hadn't been fed for a month, was every bit the same euphoria as the very first time.

It feels so good to twist and twirl my tongue around her lips and her clit ...my complete satisfaction ...my need taken care of totally. My own pussy aches as I kneel with my hands underneath her ..lifting her into my mouth. Each way she responds to my love urges me on to the next of sensations. Fingers inside her, tongue up and down, slowly coaxing her clit out of its hood, then rapidly swirling it, tickling until I can feel you need something with more pressure, harder both inside and on top ...together we feel each others needs ...my need to maximize your pleasure and cause your every next moan or gasp or breath, or grip of my head or hair or tightning of your thigh muscles and of course, the way all time stops just before your gushing upon my palm and lips release of all these waves of pleasure in you that we both so crave and desire.

The foundation is laid for the rest of the night. Moments later the blindfold comes off ...we will gaze into each others eyes for the rest of our orgasmic evening.


Anonymous said...

What?...you think that your trite disclaimer about how offensive this all is will somehow absolve you of guilt?

Nothing doing!

This, what you are doing, and promoting, is evil.

And, even more offensive..."lesbian soul"?!

..."lesbian SOUL"!!!

The arrogant, irresponsible sin of "lesbianism" is completely ANTI soul...is DESTRUCTION of the soul!

It's shocking that people will write what they know is wrong, just for the tawdry thrill of being "offensive".

When your soul truly awakens...you will be utterly repelled by this "lesbian" garbage, and totally ashamed.

That's a good thing...that's the start towards redemption.


Sweet Melissa said...

I can't read this whole thing cuz it's making me super hot & I'm not near my grrl at this moment. I'll finish reading while were together in bed tonight. If this is offensive then offend me some more. Please!

Freda said...

Well well, Anonymous sure did read to be so highly offended. Hypocrisy is rampant! Talk to you soon B!

Anonymous said...

My friend told me about this and after I read it I slapped hel lol ewwwwwwwwwwwww this is sick get a life

Amanda / Sarah said...

God ppl if you dont like wot you read dont comment as for the story itself me and my girl read this together.
Something we have both wanted to try so we did the experience is so much more than we expected but it was amazing and magical.

I'm the sub in our relationship and when i asked to be the one in charge (as well as given the chance) the experienced was so much higher than it has ever been before.

thanx for the amazing idea


Clover said...

This is really a great read for me. Thank you for publishing articles having a great insight stimulates me to check more often for new write ups. Keep posting!


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