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Classic Lesbian Movie Moments = D.E.B.S.

Classic Lesbian Movie Moments = D.E.B.S.
What a wonderful, fun, imaginative romp. Amy and Lucy have me believing that they are so into each other ...beautiful and intellectual women, realistic conflict interspersed with the camp and good humor: A CLASSIC LESBIAN MOVIE ..a favorite for sure.

memorable quotes are :
Lucy: Look, let's just pretend that we're in Barcelona, and you're in art school, and I'm renting sailboats to tourists, and no one's a super hero and no one's a villain, we're just us.
[Amy looks at her smitten, and kisses her]

[Amy fails to unhook Lucy's bra properly during their make-out session]
Lucy: Oww! Did you just snap my bra?
Amy: Er... no.
Lucy: Yeah, you did. That hasn't happened to me since sixth grade.
Amy: I was trying to be smooth

Amy: I think love should be irresistible, like a drug, you know? I think when it happens you should just not be able to help yourself. I just - I wanted... more.

Lucy: Do You Love Me ???

Amy: Yes


Fireblossom said...

I love DEBS! It's one of my all time favorites! Lucy Diamond just absolutely slays me, especially when she lip synchs that song, using a pool cue for a microphone. What a woman, rawrrrrrrrr!

Some of the best love scenes are in the "deleted scenes."

Did you know that the whole thing is based on a previous short film with different actresses? That one is neat, too.

But...why does Lucy hate Australia?!?

Briane P said...

I'd never heard of that movie before, so thanks for sharing.

How'd you like to write a guest spot on "The Best of Everything?" Pick something that's The Best, use it to hype your own blog, and I'll post it? You'd be my first guest-blogger.

If you're interested, email me at "thetroublewithroy@yahoo.com."

Anonymous said...

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