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Support Day Without A Gay

Support Day Without A Gay .>CALL IN GAY

Lezgetreal.com has more on Day Without A Gay ..and go to daywithoutagay.org . Fight Hate.


Advizor said...

"the cause it is noble,
the cause it is just..
We are willing to pay with our lives if we must......"

However, I'm afraid that boycotts like this are completely ineffective.

Even if 100% of the GLBT community took the day off, we are talking about maybe 2-3% of the workforce, in my building that would be 5 people, all of whom have backup people to do their work.

Certain industries, weddings, movies, TV, porn productions, flannel shirt stores, tattoo parlors, and my neighbor's furniture store might notice the impact, but the rest of the world will not. (This is supposed to be funny)

Boycotts fail because not enough people participate in a meaningful way. With this one, even 100% participation wouldn't be noticed.

What if the day goes by and nobody notices?

The conservative will come out with the obvious statements either mocking the boycott, or stating that, "See, we don't need them at all, we didn't even notice that they were gone."

A gay community boycott is too spread out to make an impact. I'm sure the news will pick up on scattered service projects, but is anyone organizing anything big? Will 200 people descend with shovels and picks and hammers to clear a field for a garden, or clean up a run-down school?

Is the community working together to make an impact? It is easy to be angry, to protest, and to yell and scream, but can the community come together in a positive way to show real service as a group?

The GBLT community is setting themselves up for a big letdown with this one.

Fireblossom said...

I did it, I called in queer!

Advizor said...

Good for you. Did any one notice?

I know I sound like a snarky old coot, but I didn't see a single news story on the big event?

Was there anything on the news in your area?

What did you do for your day of service? Did you get to volunteer any where?

red said...


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