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She Continues to be my Lesbian Dream Come True

She Continues To Be My Lesbian Dream Come True (draft version posted 11-23 --- I have some more to add but sharing with my readers now)

Its hard to describe the power she has over me. It has to do with her saying just the right thing at just the right time in a text or email or a stolen moment phone call. Or ..when we are together, just the pouty look she gives me that lets me know she needs more from me.
We are already there for what we know we are there for. She has the most wonderful fragrance and is the vision of loveliness , already stripped to her bra and panties and kneeling on the bed awaiting my touch for us to begin. I am approaching the bed, meeting her steady gaze, with my pants and panties already removed, but with my light blue top and bra underneath ...wonderful feeling the air against my sex and feeling sexily clothed for the time being anyway. We are both so wet with anticipation, and there is no question from the warmth in the air between us and the knowledge of our previous experiences that we are once again about to embark on an orgasmic journey at the very least...and likely another deeply spiritual awakening continuing between us with new surprise after new surprise after new surprise.

Tonight, as I first kissed her, it was the difference in her taste, the crown royal still in her breath and her mouth so soft and relaxed ...right from the start I realized she was kissing me very differently ...more erotically ...with more thought but no less passion than before ...and rather than ask myself why, I went with it from the first touch of her tender lips. Her tongue was determined to enter me deeper than ever before ..and it darted ...jabbed ...pointed itself and dare i say fucked in and out...it tickled..surprised me...id enver been kissed quite like this by a woman ..but as soon as it began i wanted it not to stop.

When our lips broke to breathe, she nibbled my bottom lip and playfully disallowed my break apart from her. Our heads slowly bobbing back and forth as we resumed our passion with wide, very wide (cavernous) open mouthed hungry devouring kisses we knew and had talked about how much we both enjoyed ... She worked her head downward to always remain underneath me ...however our heads tilted and turned. she went to whatever length to submit underneath me ...and as we broke apart once again, she craned to offer her neck to my lips to invite me to suck her gently there ...and as embraced her I felt her melt and fall backwards as we tumbled upon the bed with my mouth still affixed to her soft nape and delicious shoulder.

Upward I traveled to kiss her full on the lips again as she undulated underneath, again she bites my lower lip with a bit more desperation and indeed an elevation in the level or her desire, and this time the jabbing and deep penetration of her tongue inside me has become rapid ...she flicks and tickles my tongue in mimicry of the way she rapidly licks my clit before I come and my body responds with a combination of head to toe numbness , frozen, like the only way to describe it is like my whole entire body is coming from nothing more than what her tongue and lips are doing to my mouth.

And in this I am trying to kiss her in some similar ways to inspire in her what she is inspired in me ...but she is so inspired ...and its not a fight ..but it is and ..its not a competition ..but still, she is winning ...and I am overwhelmed and I like it ...and she likes overwhelming me this way ...again I am not surprised that she has found a way to surprise me so again. I mean, on a day to day, hour by hour basis, I can feel myself getting a bit older and more wrinkled and more jaded all the time ...and then, upon our meetings and throughout them and , indeed, for a plentiful portion of afterglow, she makes me feel as though I am truly doing what all we do, and feeling what all we feel together, as if these feelings were brand new and never felt before. Its like she takes me from hum drum boring under achieving and overworked wannabe supermom, to the feeling of a totally fresh teen in lesbian bliss as we discover it alllllll together.
The borderline worship of my breasts, and eventually, each others breasts, begins with her lifting my shirt and fumbling upon the front clasp before the new ritualistic plopping --she catches my heavy tits as the fabric of my blue satin bra falls away from my skin ..she pushed them warmly and wonderfully , tightly together, and lifts them up while once again offering her neck to me to dine upon. I have come to love the feeling of my boobs hanging and gently touching her, or smooshing against her, ...she touches them, fondles them, pleasures them with her hands in a way that is sooooo different and more wonderful than all the wonderful ways they were always handled by all those who did. She has a way of clutching that involves her fingertips and nails, her palms and a a gentle stroke ..in combination with her wrists or the softness of her forearm upon my nipples ..so amazingly adept at knowing the seemingly exact moment to release them to surrender my fleshy orbs to fall against her skin, or in ultimate delight, against her less vast, but still full and round c cup orbs with their brick hard tiny persuasive points to relish when I suck and nibble them.

She slid down in the bed and swallowed my right nipple, with her hand she urged me in such a way that I don't quite know how exactly it happened, but I began to turn, with my eventual inclination to approach her pussy from above, but delightfully we found ourselves in position with me at the top of the bed and her in the middle and sucking upon one anothers nipples. This felt too good to let go of, and we luxuriated in this bliss for a lengthy number of minutes amidst the cooing and soft moans our mutual massaging, licking and sucking of one anothers womanly orbs. Somehow in our freedom to experiment and just go along the flow, we had revealed an unexpected delight we would certainly return to another time.

But as my hand changed from manipulating her boobs while I was sucking her nipple, down her belly and finding her swollen lips and wetness as she lunged her mound against my palm, my hunger to go down on her quickly replaced my previous need , or so I thought, to spend allllll of an entire day suckling her boob.

My mouth landed upon her there as her finger entered me as I came at her from above. My slow licks and tender first touches while I spread her lips and exposed her stiffened knob, gave way to remembrance of what her flicking tongue had done inside my mouth when we first began to kiss. t was time for me to return the favor, and I went into rapid licking mode very quickly.

I have always loved this position best. Turned upside down to each other, but not an oral 69, with her on her back and her legs spread widely, me on my knees, my mouth upon her licking and my fingers entering or spreading her lips or just dancing in the wetness while she fingers me from underneath. She says she loves how my muscles clamp down on her as my excitement builds...and we have had a couple of simultaneous orgasms this way...the ultimate ! I absolutely love the times when the pleasure I am giving her down there with my mouth is soooo exquisite to the both of us, (for how I sooo love to feel her react) that she loses control of her fingers, and loses the momentum gained towards my relief. You might think that this is frustrating to me, but in the moment it occurs, it is the opposite. I am so turned on by the fact that I have her in this state, that I feel the flush of fulfillment in my soul ...sex is so much a mind game, and my mind takes all that satisfaction of replenishing her desire with each lap of my tongue or stroke of my finger, and gives it directly to the sensations of her touch against me....It's like, when she begins to gush and undulate and lose control, he fingers fumble upon my pussy, and it almost feels better because of all that's happening between us ...truly a "two become one" moment that we repeat again and again in this position.

I get there convulsing and moaning into her muff, she comes and quakes against my mouth ...I cant get enough and lick her to a successive orgasm and the whole bed, if not the walls themselves, shake with all are creating for each other in our complete passionate abandonment. The noises, smells, tastes, the slippery wetness of her against my tongue and hands, the trickle of mine own down my thigh ....she pulls me on top of her mouth and I lower myself to feel her tongue for the first time of the night down there...Ive come twice but feel a huge one growing eminent. She is still breathing hard, out of breath from her orgasms, and I like the way she licks and sucks and breaths hard against my pussy while her hands grab my hips as she pulls me down into her. My excitement causes me to push a little too hard into her I think, but that notion is dispelled when she grunts a distinguishing grunt of approval muffled under me. She moans as much as I do when my trembles roll into release and I feel my gush against her cheeks.

We still have time together ...but we are done with our sex ...we lay against each other still except for her fingers combing through my hair and her tender touch on my shoulders underneath my top. I make note to relish every moment with her, wondering how long this dream come true can last.

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