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Best Of AKD - A day of teenage lesbian masturbation

I'm doing some "best of's" because there are so many new visitors hitting this blog. I am just excerpting some of the better parts. This is my second, and f0r this one I chose to revisit a day before I had to have my lesbian first time.
This one isn't one of the juiciest ..but it is one of the most honest.

...this post from July 2007 entitled The Multiple Orgasms of My First Lesbian Video Experience

this is a real story....I DO sometimes I admit fantasize, fictionalize and stretch some truths on this blog ...but this story is one of my favorite sexual memories

I got the video from Billy on a Friday and it was called Where the Boys Arent....but I forget which volume as I know there are several. I skipped school that day and as soon as my mom was out the door and I wa alone, I was putting the tape in, getting my vib out of the special hiding place at the top of my closet in a monopoly game box, a game I knew would never be played again so it was the perfect hiding place LOL ...and in my nightgown I sat in the living room recliner and watched patiently the previews and warnings before the movie started. I certainly had scene lesbian scenes and threesomes in the porn movies I had seen before...and they excited me ..but today I knew was going to be different...so different I had hardly slept the night before knowing that I was going to spend the day with the tape, my vib, and on a quest I felt to set some kind of continuous climax record.

Now, with my vib, event hough I hadnt had it long, I had already overused it to the point to where my labia tingled with a numbness sometimes upon first touch and after a 2nd or 3rd orgasm would convince me that I had had enough, the tingle was still there for minutes ..sometimes half an hour after the event. But for this day, I had not come in about a week ...and I was convinced that my personal record of making myself come 6 times in a night was only the celing because I had fear of getting heard and therefor caught ...on this day I knew that I could moan if I wanted ...and I wanted...and that there would be a seventh time..and and eigth ..and gawd only knew how many times it would happen...but then, unlike now, I would count them ...catagorize them ..and know them intimately ..each orgasm. today was the day that I was going to get screwed like I had never before been screwed ..and it was me who would do the screwing with the help of where the boys arent.

The first orgasm belongs to the fingers. sitting on the recliner stretched out with a town down to catch the overflow, the women were at each other quickly and I was at myself as quickly ....i was so ready but didnt realize how ready I was as I climaxed when the first woman, the natural breasted brunette, was doing to the silicone blonde. They had kissed and stroked and grinded...and when the brunette began to suck the blondes left breast, I was right on my way to what became the ultimate day of self pleasure I always look back on with such fondness.

By days end I had watched the complete video three times over ...took a break to eat a hearty lunch and take a bath before diving back in. I came on the recliner almost all of the times, but for an hour I laid on the floor and did myself in the laying face downward position I have come to prefer. It seems cliche to write this because of how obvious it sounds...but that day I just came over and over and over ...and over and over ...21 total times. Each time I rested I remember considering if I was stopping or not...the sight and repeated sight of the first lesbian porn video I would see ( certainly not the last) kept me interested and every time I considered giving it up and then going on and doing it again, I was glad that I did when I reached the pinnacle. You know I was mostly numb in the afternoon...but never really sore sore ..a little sore but pleasure overcame that ...and I can relate to how a marathon runner must feel when on that day I just kept going and going with determination to the end of the day.

The images were soooooooooooo vivid. Sounds and sights of coming, sucking, ..making out and making love. wetness ..licking ... beautiful breasts of all sizes ...adorable eyes and fantastic beautiful hair. and the first time I ever saw..and saw many times in that video ..CLOSE UPS OF GIVING HEAD where I could put myself right there between the actress's legs :) I could almost feel it.


Sabrae said...

Sounds like you slept like a baby that night! :) Never have I really gotten off on porn... but boy it is fun to watch and the wife and I get ideas :)

Victoria said...


You left a comment on my blog in, like, July that I just found because my computer thought it was spam.
But yeah, if you still want to talk lesbian erotica shoot me a comment or something.
Sorry for the delayed response!

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