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My Letter to the BiCurious Girl who emailed from myspace

I got a note from a girl on myspace who said : " Hi, I'm 36 female....... very curious..liked your page, never been with a woman.... maybe try.. " Ok..well...I wrote back a very quick note..she wrote back a very quick one as well ..and I had determined that I wasn't being F'd with .....so what follows is the letter I wrote her ...for lack of a better term, this is me "going for it." I thought I would tell some about myself and push the erotic envelope just a tad. I probably shouldnt tell you this at the start ....she has backed away ...I believe I may have come on wayyy too strong too early, or she doesn't like the way I look. Live and learn I guess. I would like to know your thoughts at


Dear xxxx

Well...I got your reply on my email last night before I went to bed ...but I didn't have the privacy to respond ...so what ended up happening is that I just took the thoughts of you and the possiblities with us to bed with me ..got under the warm covers and let my imagination run wild with what may happen with us if we have good chemistry.

You did tell me that your myspace was messed up ...I just went there hoping to see more pictures of you then the one you sent. I like your look, and i would like to see more. The scary thing I think, when we live so close, would be, like, if we already knew each other. I don't think I know you when I look at your picture...but there is something just a tad bit familiar, so I wonder if our paths have crossed in this small town. I don't know if you saw my picture on myspace...I kind of hid it among my profile ....I will send along with this email 2 or 3 PG rated pictures....and of course, I would love to see some pictures of you.

You said in your email that you wanted an experience with woman ...something you'd not had before, and I know that when you have those feelings you just have to start somewhere. You said that what you think about at night is that you wanted a woman to touch you ....WE ARE IN LUCK girl, because the thing about me is that I get off on giving pleasure. I don't know what it is inside me that has trouble accepting pleasure until my mind is sure that I have totally given it. It was that way with boys and men all my life, and it is especially true with women. I am extremely oral ...with men it is of course nice to give head...but that is over with in 5-10 minutes. With a woman, I enjoy that it lasts and lasts as long as we want it to ...coming over and over and over. Now, I am not bragging, but the very few women I have slept with have all told me how much I made them come and how hard with the things I do using my fingers, mouth, tongue, lips, hands,

So ..a little about me ...I am 31, married 8 years with a elementary school age child. I am unhappily married, but staying that way for now because it is what is right for my son. I guess I am technically bisexual, but the truth is that I don't fantasize about men and don't persue them at all. I I was bisexual ...or it just came to me naturally ..at about the age of 12. Thats when I realized that I was starting to be sexually aware and that when my sex life started, I knew it would definitely include girls. I was fantasizing about both boys and girls through high school, but of course, only dating guys. When I was 18 years old, it finally happened and I slept with a girl that things had been building up with slowly over about 6 months til we finally ended up telling each other how we felt and finally began to kiss ..and everything else. Those moments of the first time are just burned into my memory. She and I had a month long fling til we got into a fight. I didn't think I was a lesbian ...just bisexual ... (if I had know then what i know now) and went about dating guys, and eventually got married. Some aspects of the marriage soured pretty quickly, and I started persuing women online. I had two "one night stands" with women I met this way. I thought it was the only way to meet women, because, in this small town world we live in, I couldnt take it if people I know, go to work or church with, knew that I was bisexual. The internet is a strange strange strange place to look for love, or sex.

The experiences were absolutely fantastic ...but at least one of them broke my heart in that I was hoping for alot more than one time with her ..I reallllllly liked her...very much. She found someone else closer to where she lives in Mxxxx. The other one was in xxxxx ....and it was wonderful too, but I was a bit more content with that being once. There has been one other I should tell you about ...she is a bit more recent ...and a bit younger (legal of course.) I guess the constant I could tell you about in all of these lesbian experiences is that....well ...let me be honest and blunt about it. Once we started making out and getting into each other, well, once I start I cant hardly stop ....once I start feeling her reactions to what I am doing, I am so totally engrossed and its like I dont want to stop. So ...it gets really passionate and the sheets get absolutely soaked and we quit counting the orgasms cause its so many and so good. Now, don't get me wrong ...I love to receive pleasure of course....but there is just something inside me that cant get enough of feeling a woman tremble and quake ...moan and shriek and breathe hard ...all the things that happen in those orgasmic convulsions.

You said in your email you have a dildo ...I bought my first vibrator in high school at spencers at xxxxx mall. I was soooooooo embarrassed ...but I just had to do it. I think I felt a shiver over my entire body when the sales girl, who I thought might not sell to me cause I was under 18, said with a HUGE smile, "so ...do you need some batteries with this ?" I almost died right there. Having said that, I have never used a vib or a dildo in bed with a woman. It is something I would like to try, but ...if we get together ...I would like to leave the toys at home the first time.

If we got together ...what do you think we would do ? I would be glad to pay for a hotel room. Are you looking for something once, or a friend to do more and more with ? I would like to know how YOU think it would happen ..but, maybe like this. I would think that perhaps, after talking on the phone sometime, we might meet somewhere locally for a discreet bite to eat or something (Panera ?) and probably, if we went to a hotel, probably go at least as far as xxxxx or xxxxxx. Or, do you have a place?

The most important thing I need to see is that IF WE GOT TOGETHER>>>WE WILL GO SLOW ...at your pace....I dont want to rush anything....slowly, tenderly, passionately. I won't forget it's your first time, and will help your first time be something you'll never forget.

You asked me to say what I want. I hope you know more of that after I sent this letter. I have been honest about everything...maybe too honest. Now, I DO have to tell you that I am not skinny ...you will see that from the pictures.

I am just so glad I put up the myspace ...I had hoped to meet someone like you...and now maybe it will happen. I am really excited at the possibility of getting to know you. Let me know if there are any questions I can answer.

Thanks again for writing ...




Tina-cious.com said...

Ok it took me 5 minutes just to get past the pic at the top of this entry!

Now... ehem... yeah WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too much information girl!! Not so soon anyway!

Oh and I wouldn't take it too hard -- if she's anything like I was when I was about to start phucking around on my ex -- there's a trepidation at first -- a kind of "testing the waters" time... before she'll actually jump in.

Thinking about phucking a woman and actually doing it are two wholly different things.

No worries -- you'll find her soon! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure this is an old post however' I cant help but respond to it.
I think it's great! Your putting yourself out there with 100% honesty. What more could anyone want? I applaud you.

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