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Lesbian Desire for Sara Palin from Margaret Cho

Cho's Lesbian Lust for Palin / Opposites Attract

Margaret Cho is making headlines professing her lesbian desire for Sara Palin. Here are two excerpts ...one from Cho's blog, which I believe got her in trouble, as she mentions in the second blurb, which I transcribed from the Chelsea Lately program.

And now with Sarah Palin at his side, they have actually become the worst ticket imaginable. The only way it could be worse would be if Satan were running with Chuck Norris as his VP. Actually, Lucifer-Norris sounds better than McCain-Palin.

But even though I would never, ever vote for Palin, I am kind of obsessed with fucking her. She is sexy and hot in a MILF/Cougar way. Like you could have that real mature, straight to the point, adult, over forty, gonna cum multiple times with a big, oversize t-shirt on and nothing else and “I don’t care what I look like cuz I am gonna bust nuts in your curl” kind of fucking with her. I want to steam up those glasses and show her what a pitbull with lipstick really needs – doggy style!

Seriously – I wanna eat her Alaskan pussy from behind. Like an Eskimo. What?! I’m just trying to keep warm!

Although you know that thing is frozen and my tongue would probably stick.

Margaret Cho on Chelsea

Margeret: I hate her politics and don't want to vote for her ..but I kinda want to have sex with her. I got fired from the Obama campaign because I said I would eat her mooseburger from behind...ESKIMO STYLE. They said, "you know what Margaret, you're not helping."

Chelsea: She is very Cute

Margaret: I just wanna bang some sense in her, I wanna make her hair fall down.One night with me and she'd be out of the closet ..marching gay pride.

Other guy : Whatever stops her from talking ..her voice is so annoying.

Margaret: She wouldn't talk with her mouth full.


mermaid said...

haha! this photo is hilarious! and margaret cho, you have to love her right??

--i just found your blog through TLL's blogroll.
it's cute!

Real Live Lesbian said...

That's hilarious!

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