Who Am I ? akiss2desire is a Bible Belt Blogging Bi Big Beautiful Babe who has been sharing her writing, mostly 1st person lesbian erotica, short stories, poetry, and lesbian pop culture realizations from both the experience and fantasy perspectives to an ever growing audience. I recently passed a million page views ! Thanks for the nominations for the Lezzie awards honoring best lesbian erotica on the web.

Those who have come here regularly know that I have taken a bit of a hiatus from posting and publishing, but my past work is still here and if you are new here there is much to be consumed. I am working on several stories right now and writing from the same mix of experience and fantasy that readers have told me they loved.

Those stories will be the foundation of my upcoming compilation book. Today, you get to read for free. Welcome, and I hope you stay awhile.


This entry is more blog, less erotic fantasy (sorry). Please read anyway.

This is more of a journal entry to share with any regular visitors here...to let you know that alot is happening sexually in my life. My blog is getting hotter because I AM getting hotter. The biggest criticism's I ever got on this blog was that I was trying too hard to keep it PG, and that was to appease google...and preserve the 35 cents or so I ever had a chance to make that way LOL.

You'll notice, this blog is no longer PG ..it's not porn (i don't think) ...it remains by my definition, tasteful, but lately, the erotica doesn't look so hard to find another word ...I used to be more apt to say how much her taste would make me tingle ...and now I woud rather say how much I love to spread her sweet, wet lips and hungrily devour her pussy ! The archives are still a bit PG ..I hope still worth reading :)

If this is your first time here..>PLEASE read through the archives :) Let me know what you think.

I have been through a time or two when I ran into a bit of writers block and sometimes great difficulty finding time and privacy. The time and privacy are still an issue....but my active imagination is perhaps more active than ever, I have lovers (yes...PLURAL) to write about in both fantasy and experience, and truthfully, I have returned to extremely enjoyable masturbation often ...It does seem that sexual pleasure has returned as a priority ...and with a life of it's own and determination not to be back-burnered again !

This comes after a time that this very blog itself. at times, was the most sexually satisfying thing I participated in on a week to week basis...that writing about sex was what I did because sex wasn't something I did alot...or at least not as much as I had both done in the past, and imagined I'd be doing in my present.

I guess it was a matter of time before this but I began to take some chances and ..I guess it's cliche, but the best way to describe it is that after a bit of a drought, a little drizzle turned into a rain ...which has it's moments of thunder and lightning.

I've been with someone I've written about (by been with, I mean DOING IT) , and with someone else I have not yet written about. I am thrilled with response to my writing from extremely intellectual, friendly, caring, and sensuous women. Thank YOU. As I told someone in email, my feedback is the payment I get for this blog. (I'd love to make a dollar ..but it really hasn't happened yet.)

Some things in the next couple of weeks on this page:
I am getting ready to write about fantasy and experience and masturbation ....(do you mind if I write about masturbation?)

I am getting ready to share (anonymously) some correspondence I have gotten.

I have past and present experience and fantasy to share here...it feels like whatever gets my loins to aching must be blogged about here ...its become something of a need to do.

....and I am asking YOU to do me a favor if you will. See, I am just not very good at promoting this website. Selfishly, I just want more women to find this blog and hopefully, find it appealing.

SO...First Favor....if you like what you see, have touched on the archives and visited a time or two over the last couple of years, or couple of months,or if you are new here, I am asking you to recommend this blog to a bisexual, curious, lesbian, or even straight woman who may enjoy the efforts I have put forth the last couple of years. (that's about as much as I will ever ask of you)

Second favor...let me know what you think...write me here if something was good, bad, different, erotic or more. Did you get wet, come or anything else ? Did you share :) Whom with...and did you relate ?

And again...THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving me some of your valuable time.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could talk to you! Havent seen you on yahoo in so long!


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