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Those who have come here regularly know that I have taken a bit of a hiatus from posting and publishing, but my past work is still here and if you are new here there is much to be consumed. I am working on several stories right now and writing from the same mix of experience and fantasy that readers have told me they loved.

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Female Self Pleasure IS Lesbian Sex -- A Masturbation Update - Coloring

Masturbation Update

A very funny moment in Sex In The City Movie...

Samantha says: "I can't color enough, I would color all day every day If I had my way, I would use every crayon in my box"

Everyone's masturbation experiences are different..

I just went through a year when I didn't seem to have time, privacy, or energy to color ...my libido returned with vengeance lately, and a few real life women inspired me to go along with the other turn ons that get the juices flowing .... So I gleefully report to the faithful readers of this blog and the welcome passers by that I am coloring an awful lot lately ..and I am enjoying it more and more.

Sometimes this blog is my sexual confessional ...and I always say things with honesty here that I would never ever say to a friend in anyway that I can imagine this coming up in real conversation...even in a discussion of Carrie and Samantha's conversation. For you, this is my masturbation update.

First of all, finding time and privacy is paramount for me .. usually in the mid-morning or mid afternoon, or both if possible if I am fortunate enough to have a weekday off from work. As I have written here before, I see these holes of availability in my schedule sometimes days in advance...and I just will be telling myself..."just get to Thursday Morning when you don't have to be to work til 11:00am." ...or "I get off at 1:00 pm Friday ...should give me two hours til I have to pick up my son." The anticipation builds til these times...in fact, even if I am completely exhausted ...I somehow get a second wind ...If I have a morning to myself, it becomes the last thing I think about before sleeping and the first thing when I wake ...and if I am returning from work in early afternoon, as I wrote on here before, the fingers begin to dilly dally even in the car.

I bought a vibrator to get off with probably before just about anyone else in my school did. I am so normally very shy and one not to take chances...however, I had been in spencers gifts just too many times looking at those "love enhancers" in the naughty section just way too many times not just to HAVE to try it...I guess others in high school might have found their moms...but if anyone else actually bought one ...nobody said a word. I will never forget the fear jump that went through me when the woman at the counter asked me "do you want batteries with that?" I just wanted to buy the damn thing while hiding my embarrassment, not get questioned about my age, adn get the hell out. I write all this to say that I went through a couple of times in my life where the vibrator was THE THING...I used it, my guys used it on me...it was always around...and without my first vibrator, the day where I watched a lesbian porn tape and diddle alll day long to more than 20 orgasms would not have been possible. And yet I say alllll this about vibrators while knowing it will surprise I think quite a few women to know I just don't prefer a vibrator anymore...and almost never use one...maaayyyybe once a month. Feels good of course...great in fact...but for several years my self pleasure has searched for more in the lingering and building up to the big ones rather than the guaranteed fast and furious fireworks from mothers little helper.

I actually own two vibrators...however one is the workhorse so to speak while the other one I seem to have delegated to keeping in the drawer and using only if the other one would catch on fire ...then again, shouldn't I mention that a time or two it could have combusted from the heat and friction my self passion was generating ? The one I use is a purple 3 inch pocket rocket that I pretty much roll around my clit...spreading my lips with the other finger ....it tickles and teases around the lips ...rarely up to my nipples ...mostly sliding in the wetness but always soon just pretty much landing upon my clit where it dutifully does what it does and does it well as always. I put it there...I know if I put it there I will come...its good, it happens...and it lets my imagination fly with the multitude of lesbian images and erotic thoughts that seem to move much faster when the vib is engaged. I have to admit that I am a bit of a moaner as I have been told, and I am not much less of one when it is just me...but with the vibrator...its less noise from me, but more...I should admit that it's ALOT more shaking and quaking when the orgasm comes using the vib. It's almost an olympic skill to keep the vibrator up against me in just the right way at the point when I lose the control of how my hips are going to thrust and writhe....but with so much at stake...I keep that thing on my button where it needs to be and finish it off to the end. The thing I will add about my vibrator experiences, before moving on, is that when ive come as much as I am going to come...if itsonce or twice or three times on occassion...the use of the vib leaves me feeling full and engorged and like I need something else...something just doesn't always seem let go enough...and I cant get there and "get it all out" with the vib. It's kind of hard to describe, but I wanted to share it in case its your story and you wondered if you were the only one.

So..thats the vib story...but its not the most usual way.

When I make myself come, almost always am in the bed. The couch has been involved a few times and a recliner as well, but I am someone who usually creates a wetspot, so there needs to be some planning about what to do about that if I am on the living room furniture. The chair at the computer is involved....oh yes of course..(and you DO know why or you wouldnt be reading this) ,,but I have trouble coming while sitting up ...too much work...wo what happens at the computer tends to be one of the inspirations for what happens elsewhere...and as I mentioned, that is usually in the bed.
About half the time I am laying on my back...I guess this is the classic position. I wrote about my first masturbation experience in another blog post, where my rubbing against the pillow I was pretending to be a boy I loved, became my first orgasm while laying on my back and just rubbing myself with the pillow which no longer really represented that boy anymore..I just never had felt anything that good. No pillows these days, but if I am propped up high enough on the pillows when I start I can slink down if I want to, or stay upwards to observe my hands and fingers, and my self breast play is more enjoyable if I am a bit propped it seems. Something to know is that by the time I am climbing into the bed to do this, I have already had much, if not more than much foreplay and getting to the point of wanting to take myself there to finish what has begun. If I am "starting from scratch," so to speak, a favorte pasttime is to lotion my shoulders, arms, breasts, and legs to relax my body while letting my mind wander about not just mine, but in general, a woman's form.

The other half of the time in bed, I go at it by reaching under myself while laying...I should say writhing ...front side down on the sheets. My knees will lift me sometimes more than other times...but for the most part...face down, I think it's the contact with the sheets and pillows my boobs and even the sensation upon my face that helps me like this way the best. By comparison, it may take me a bit longer and a bit more concentration in technique to get there in this position, but for me, the big one (the first one) is bigger this way. Penetration is not really my thing in masturbation...I am involved with alot more than just my clit, but I just don't find or never have found the act of simulating intercourse a stimulating way of pleasure for me. I know, especially from my lesbian experiences, that I am the exception in this department...and even though it really isn't my thing, I know to look for the ways to fill a woman the way she needs.
Having said that, it is in this face down position that I actually do more often get deep into myself with a couple of fingers ...my coloring is "outside the lines" more this way...probably the reason its so good ...but thats not just a statement about how my pussy reacts to the techniques I am using, but somehow my mind is more into it this way...I am thinking about her, or her, or the other her, or the her I haven't met. I am thinking about the vid I just saw, the love we made or the love I want to make. Most of my minds thoughts in any masturbatory experience are about the seduction, the "how does this happen" and the making out and cuddling I fantasize or reminisce about. What gets me there in my mind is thinking about the things I do and want to do with my lips, tongue, fingers, skin, and passion. I dream of creating her pleasure ..and the more I feel that in my fantasy, the more my pussy responds to what my mind is enjoying.
With one hand I spread the lips with my ring and index finger and flick myself with the middle finger...If I use two hands, one can spread the lips while two or three fingers can slowly diddle, twirl and tickle...or furiously fly up and down in the moments before it comes. I love to use my palm to push the lips over the hood of my clit ....a feeling that gets to some nerves and pleasure feelings that go pretty deep inside both body and soul. I sometimes curly my pinkie and encircle my stiff clit ...and just hold it like this for a few seconds...stopping the motions. Sometimes I use a knuckle on my pinky or middle fingerto provide a rougher sensation for a few strokes....feels good but its like a hill for the roller coaster...it stops where the coaster was going, takes a turn, and gives you something else to feel until the loop to loops start again. If I am on my back, every minute or so I need to clutch and massage my breasts. I rarely lift a nipple towards my mouth ...when I do, its because the fantasy I am working through demands that I feeeeel what that part of the fantasy feels like. Generally speaking though, sucking my own nipples is more effort than the pleasure gotten from it. I will pinch them some times pretty hard before rubbing out the ping of that pain. I will dig in my nails to the soft skin of my breast or the inside of my thighs for a little zing before I rub out the tingle in warmth. Just a couple of patterened distractions before returning to the build up of my explosion. So...its palm and finger ..spread and diddle...infinite variations of pressure and speed and numbers of digits involved..and exact positions of thighs and pointed toes and lifted legs or on my knees height. So many things to think about and write about, but as I know you know, NONE of this is being thought of when its being done, right ? It's just over and over, oooh thats nice and that too, and this as well ...whats next....all the while the mind is painting the experience with its hopes, desires and memories.

Lately, Ive had some incredible recent memories to draw on while masturbating...thinking of the things we did, or that I want to do, or maybe finding a point in our experiences where maybe next time when we get there perhaps we will do this :) My strongest inspirations for horniness lately have been the incredible women that have made me feel so wanted and desired as I desire them. Two have become lovers, I believe the other will at some point when our schedules fit, and the real life experiences are the biggest inspirations of my masturbation ...but I must also share, or re-share the other inspirations as well.

The websites that I most enjoy looking in on to get the juices flowing are youtube ...yes THAT youtube, on which you find an endless supply of lesbian passion ...clothes still on. For clothes off, I rely on two free sites, tube8 and youporn ...although with these it is harder to find what is mandatory for me, actresses who are into what they are acting (ie: not just getting paid). Now I know that there are proably quite a few more free sites with lesbian vids on them, but I never need to search much more than this. I used to draw inspiration from chatting ...I don't have the time as much as I used to, and I almost never have the chance to meet someone local anymore that way, unless I am missing something. I also get wet and warm when searching for pictures of women kissing passionately ...some of these and some of the ones I vidcap myself end up on this website. For more intellectual stimulation before masturbation, I enjoy the lesbian stories at the erotic webiste that I had contributed a couple of stories to. (I have also had things rejected because of the free / loose style I write in) And of course, I have found a few lesbian blogs that get to me when they share with honesty, but again I must state, that I have not come close to finding a blog like mine...I give myself a few points for originality here. ...(maybe not quality..but originality ! )
And so, to bring this chapter of my sexual confessional on masturbation to a close, you must know that writing this, knowing you will read it, knowing you may write me to let me know what you thought, gets me off everytime. If you didn't know, or wondered, of course I am wet when I write this and ...of course I am taking a few seconds here and there to touch it and "keep it going." It makes me horny to write this, but nothing probably gives me more of a thrill than getting an honest response ...no matter how short or long..from you .



Anonymous said...

wow no comments? well, I for one am enjoying your blog and your writing. I wish there was more true lesbian p0rn to enjoy - too much of it is either too guy oriented or just too darn boring. Am I the only non-vanilla sex fiend out there? No role playing, etc? I have known this woman who loved it when I showed up in my cammies and black boots :)

Lany said...

fucking amazing! i got off while reading too...

Anonymous said...

Your writings about everything you do or have done are incredibly arousing, beautifully written, seduction, masturbation, so honest so exciting. Thank you so much for sharing your absolutely delicious sexuality.

Tasmin said...

this is so sexy and just WOW...you have made me wetter and hornier than most vids ..love your page

Claudia said...

Gawd, this was AMAZING! I am trying to learn how to get off without a vib. Sometimes my lesbian fantasies get so strong at work that I want to orgasm, but I have become to reliant on a vib in years past. Practice makes perfect though! Do u ever taste yourself? I am using this as a fun technique imagine I am tasting a woman.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME as always. After a traumatic break-up, my libido was gone. I am alone now and my libido has returned with a vengeance, as well. I have also become quite voyeuristic and enjoy masturbating to your stories and recommended vids, Thanx ever so much. Luv your site.

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