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Alllll Our Many Lesbian Kisses

Different kisses

I marvel and am completely amazed at, while we have spent so very little time alone together, so Much of that time alone is spent kissing...we just cannot get enough of each others lips, tongue, mouth, warmth and wetness in passionate embrace.
the first kiss..so timid and tender ...unsure for a few seconds and then...her look told me I had fulfilled her wish

the next kiss..by now we know...our destiny ...arms entwined this time and I loved her slightly opened lips opening wider...quickly much wider to invite me and allow me inside with my tongue and to beckon hers within me.

this kiss where my hand caresses her cheek, her neck, her ear and her hair while a kiss becomes many and our fires are built.

perhaps my favorite kiss...she is sitting in the chair and I come up behind her....leaning over her...her response...we have this upside down "spiderman" kiss that feels so very good and right ...when her arms reach behind her to caress me and pull me closer...my hand drifts towards her breast

and her hands upon my breast in almost every standing kiss...the deeper the kiss becomes, the more irresistible my breasts become to her hands...almost like a game, I can kiss her with more passion and quicken her response...it always follows ...if I kiss her ..she wants my a boob, or two, against her palm, squishing in her fingers. ..where the only mysteries are if she will grasp for one breast or two, and if she will take them over my shirt, over my bra, or warm hands to soft skin.

In fact...it seems all of the kisses that start with me behind her ..pushing against her with my breasts and her tilting her head, reaching a hand behind my neck...the wayyyyy her eyes look when I approach her like this...or the way those eyes look at me when we break a kiss from behind like this...these are the burned in images I carry with me with every moment without her.

I love to open my eyes and see hers still closed...i love to open my eyes and see hers open and awaiting mine to open, and wonder how long have hers been opened during this particular point of passion.

I love that sweet smile that creeps across her face if I just kiss her cheek or her forehead..or her hand.

I have this hobby of searching for the most passionate and real lesbian kiss pictures and videos on the internet ..and a part of me wants a picture of US ...we will be passionately kissing, and its like I can leave my body mentally and observe us and think...this looks hot.

Sometimes my tongue goes as deep as I can possibly enter into her ..and responds with sensual arousal ..and has told me to do it more. She softly sucks my tongue now, after feeling me do it to her at first ...sometimes when her tongue goes deep in me ...I can just feel its what she wants from me....saying "here it is...please suck it for me...it makes me wet."

I love the kisses and perhaps, even more, I love the split second moment before the kiss..time slows before the inevitable pleasure.

She is always a dove...never a vulture..even when the soft kiss becomes a hard one when our passions overflow

I love when she says my name after a particularly involved kiss..whispers breathlessly...leads me to whatever comes next.

Our best kiss came in the park in the rain ...I'll hold that frozen frame in my mind forever as a moment of truth in my soul...no doubts about any thought I had...where absolutely everything seemed right.

Another favorite was ...after we were spent (for the moment anyway) and on my back, she continued our casual conversation while caressing my tummy and my thighs....looking into my eyes and kissing me between words and thoughts...as my mind tried to concentrate on whatever she was trying to say ..while my thighs tingled and her sweet soft lips pecked against mine while her long hair fell softly against my skin..

Her tongue upon my nipples or upon my pussy will flicker and twirl and can increase in intensity and speed...but she never kisses my mouth with that flicker of her tongue ...always slow ..always so intense ...concentrated..and its like she knows me.

I may softly moan ...and she may...and I wish I could read her mind...and she mine...when she kisses me and even though I don't make the sounds, my inner dialogue is confined to one thought of "oh oh oh" over and over again.

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