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Those who have come here regularly know that I have taken a bit of a hiatus from posting and publishing, but my past work is still here and if you are new here there is much to be consumed. I am working on several stories right now and writing from the same mix of experience and fantasy that readers have told me they loved.

Those stories will be the foundation of my upcoming compilation book. Today, you get to read for free. Welcome, and I hope you stay awhile.


Intuition ...a lesbian erotic dream

by brenda

We were talking one day, about guys ...like two heterosexual girls (without the secret revealed) and i asked her , " Stacy, when you are with a guy ...like this is the opposite of faking it ...do you ever ...tone it down ? ....like ..if I am about to explode ..he's making me come so freakin hard....I feel like I have to tone it down some cause its so ..you know..unladylike...and what a shame...but...I just dont know if he can handle whats abut to come out of me ( I am laughing hysterically as this comes out of my mouth) ..so ..I mentally ..sort of diminish it...reallly hold it back.

I wouldn't do that with you, I said.

and so it began. overture accepted. I had a feeling we would be together ....finally !

SO ....that innocent discussion led to one first after another ... a kiss, a giggle, after a giggle some serious looks, admiration of each others nudity after removing our clothes, climbing into bed together unsure, making out, laughing, loving, learning and .....allllllllllll I wanted from the moment I had first seen her that night was to go down on her with abandonment of all

Our eyes met at the moment before my dream was about to come true. I saw desire like never before combined with desperation, and trust in me that I would subside your fears with my upcoming loving kiss. In your eyes I so clearly saw what I think I NEEDED to see...that you wanted me to do this TO you ...and I wondered if your eyes saw in me as much as I wanted to DO THIS TO YOU, and I wondered as well, if you realized as much as I did, that we were soooo doing this together. In a "this is it," motion, I grabbed a handful of her mound and squeezed softly, surrounding her clit with the fullness of my touch.

Licking her just below her clit and twirling my tongue while pulling up on her lips. we were sooooo together in this intimacy as my finger entered her below my chin....softly into her loving opening. unbelievably wet, and her walls hungrily swallowed my fingers deeper inside her while her liquid passion spilled onto me and into me warm and delicious, not on flavor, but for the desire and fullfillment that engulfed my body and soul as I began to present to her the ways I wanted to create her pleasure.

The flirting and fun side of her has evaporated ...I have penetrated her soul with my fingers and tongue ...you have the magic touch she tells me....you know how to do it ..she tells me...

her pussy is squeezing my fingers....when i twist my wrist she says "like that.." so I do it again, and making sure, "like that ?" "oh yes" please dont stop.

a slow bottom to top lick from her wet lips to her stiff clit

a swirl around that clit while my fingers part her and gently enter

and a rapidly fluttering tongue upon her clit while her leg muscles contract and she absorbs the pleasure

I know its cliche, but later when she told me "it was just like you read my mind," I absolutely loved her telling me that. I drank in the compliments of astoundment...the "I didn't know anythingt could feell so good, " and the over the top " there is nobody in the world that does that ..that COULD do that, better than you did." Yes, I am just vane enough to love to hear my praises ...after all, there was something inside that wanted to believe it.

I havent been touched in sooo long

My pleasure is her pleasure ...but she did in fact make me come with her fingers like nothing I had ever felt as well. But....gosh it was so different and hard to describe why ...like it was more about emotion than technique ...how I felt inside her soul as it happened ...clutching her tightly, moaning and gasping loudly , and hardly able to control where my rolls and clinches would takes us both on the bed. I was concious of something specific...the tingles that were not specific to a body part being stimulated...my full body was involved the whole time. I was literally on fire and throbbing head to toe...and of course...much moreso where it mattered. It felt out of body and my mind was noiseless except for the feelings and emotions of total pleasure. We were riding this soft wave together.

Breathing unsteady...sporadic and sucking the air through my teeth....my BIG one ...Oh I hadn't been touched in so long I can't tell you how it poured out of me.

POWERFUL....the muscles contracting and releasing this heavenly ...the sex of it...orgasm. But MORE POWERFUL...her holding me...guiding me "thats it baby thats it". WIll it ever subside...she lets it before knowing the exact moment to begin again.

Through intuition we are so enlightened to every one of the five senses...and indeed, deeper involved in the sixth of our souls completely combined.

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