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Those who have come here regularly know that I have taken a bit of a hiatus from posting and publishing, but my past work is still here and if you are new here there is much to be consumed. I am working on several stories right now and writing from the same mix of experience and fantasy that readers have told me they loved.

Those stories will be the foundation of my upcoming compilation book. Today, you get to read for free. Welcome, and I hope you stay awhile.


First Lesbian Kiss Before The Bedroom Encounter

She had full thick lips ..pouty even that I imagined against mine.

Our lips finally touch ..but ..you have to have a sense of humor when something like this happens....a hair gets between us...A HAIR ... in our FIRST kiss...we crack up..she tries to get it off my lips but apparently its just there to annoy us and relieve the tension or add to it im not sure...but that hair she is trying to pull off my lips lets me look into her eyes...its a playful moment that puts the sexual tension on pause for just a moment....its a bit funny ...but im anxious...I never wanted that kiss to end and now her finger is on my lips trying to dislodge an intruder. I take her finger between my lips and suck it, something that felt very natural to do. She takes a cue and , also quite naturally, fingers my mouth back and forth, in and out while imn gently sucking, in preview of what she will do to my pussy later. We both know that this is the implication of our erotic action. I dont know where the hair went or how it became a non factor as the lust between us retook us both in an ever more passionate and engulfing open mouth tango of tongues.

This kiss feels so good and so right, like the way she is kissing me is soooo the way I would have just asked her to kiss me, but it is like she knows what I want and what I like...and I think, "how could she," as well as, "I wonder what else she knows about me." I know our hands, fingers, mouths, lips and tongues will be all over each other in the minutes and hours to come, but at this moment, I vow that as much as possible of the things we can do with each other are going to be done with our lips together just like this...I never want to let go of her soft lips, exploring me while all these questions get answered with each twist of her tongue.

IT feels so good when she spreads her legs and straddles my left leg in this kiss...she pushes her mound down upon me to tell me she means business already...in case I hadn't realized it already, she is letting me know that this isnt a kissing game, that it damn sure isnt going to end before what she is pushing against my leg is taken care of in some way....we both know what way we want. Her wet humping my thigh is a multilayered communication to me. She is pushing against me so tightly there that I can almost visualize her anatomy through her bottoms...something I will truly visualize later up close and with a much stronger scent in my nose than the faint one wafting from both of us in our embrace. She pumps me harder while her tongue drives deeper in my mouth...all as she tells me she needs with her mouth and her determined thrusts. Its a very very nice position...one I hadnt anticipated (fantasized) that we'd be in....her riding my leg while we kiss...but still, I can so easily reach for her body, her breasts, see her beautiful eyes ...now ever more beautiful than I had ever seen because now I am seeing the lustful fire come out in her.

We finally break the long kiss and I lean back farther on the couch so I am almost laying completely down ....her thighs grip not as tight but still she rocks against me back and forth ...I reach up underneath her shirt and begin to grasp and embrace her soft breasts. She leans back down to resume our liplock and I realize I want some more of her passion to spill upon my legs..."Screw me harder babe," I command, and this time her griding is ever more fervent...we are only a minute into this encounter, and she is sending me every wonderful sign that she wants me to get her off...something she must know I so much want to do. Her nails dig into me and mine into hers ....the passion in our kiss keeps redoubling and I believe the bliss I feel can never be described, measured, or attained again...until she sends me higher a few seconds later or a few seconds after that with another thurst, grunt, or a tighter embrace, or erotic sigh. We both realize she can come like this....I think we both knew we might want something more for our first time....but we have made careful note of this surprise between us ....Its clear to both of us already that this will not be a one time encounter. All the questions of whether or not she did indeed want this to happen as much as I are answered so resoundingly now.....in a desperate, panting, almost whining submission, her high voice and her sheer will are able to get the words out... "will you please take me to you bedroom."

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