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The Concert And Parking - Lesbian Date Night Like I'm 16 Again

When I went to the concert that night, I never thought the music would move me so. But when she hit the high notes, the concentrated celtic vibrations and emotions of her passion for the music came to the surface, and as I watched her face glow in the spotlight of the stage as she expressed her voice to everyone's mesmerized pleasure, I knew that I had never loved her more.

After the music had ended, I waited in a line of about 7 individuals who all wanted to express their appreciation for her talent, and mention how her solo had been the highlight of the evening. She acknowledged me with a grin, but in our glance we unspokenly agreed to let her fans adulate with her until there would be just her and I to share in the warmth of the success of her performance.

We hugged a blissful hug...and then tighter it grew as she told me "I am sooo glad you were here tonight....Do you know how many times tonight I just focused on singing only to you in the audience?" I knew that to be the case ...wondered if it were apparent to anyone else who may have been apt to notice how our eyes met across the auditorium, exchanging schoolgirl crush smiles towards one another.

We strolled to her car and quized each other as to what to do next, with ideas ranging from grabbing a coffee to invading a dance club to drink, flirt and tease.

"There IS somewhere I have wanted to take you ...I've been there on dates before ..but never ummmm..ya know..with a woman...never with you."

"I am completely yours...wherever you shall lead I will follow my diva," I laughed.

So into her SUV we piled and flipped on the radio ...she drove mostly in silence, except when she continued to reminisce about how great the performance was, how the audience responded, and I continued to gush over how fantastically beauitiful she both looked and sounded upon the stage. Off the main roads and onto the country roads we drove, the city lights in the rear view mirror, out to where the hills roll and the mountains beckon. At one point on the 20 minute or so drive, I took my seatbelt off and laid my head on her lap as she steered along...digging my fingers gently into her thighs and massaging, stroking, tenderly touching while her fingers twirled through the curls of my hair at my neck and shoulderline. About a mile past the sign welcoming us to the national forest, a seemingly seldom used and rather unmarked turn that was more path than roadway led us up and up a windy path until we came upon a parking overlook carved out for the view in front of us both. Breathtaking the starry sky, the mountain air sifting through the open windows, and the view of the valley below us and the twinkling lights of the civilization in the distance.

"Great...we have privacy," she exclaimed as she put the SUV into park and powered the motor down. "Sometimes there are a few hellraisers up here on a Saturday night."

"It's so beautiful...this is the perfect place after such a perfect night," I told her with earnest ...and anticipation of our lips meeting in the deep kiss I had longed for all night. Two single moms parking at an overlook like two sixteen year old virgins on their first date. Sparks nearly flew between us when our eyes met, and true desire flowed in the air between us as we gazed out the window, our hands enjoined and stroking in tender amusing tickle of absent minded affection.

As she always seemed to know just the moment to melt the sexual tension constantly between us, she slid up and then over towards me...approaching me with her smile and soft sensual eyes, her hand upon my cheek, and we immersed ourselves into the dedication of each others pleasure. Her lips felt so cottony soft I wanted to kiss them forever, but the body heat between us and the flood of juices in my instantly swelling and throbbing pussy told me that just kissing would never be enough tonight. I was already soooo worked up from all the euphoric wonder of our date that her lips first touch upon mine released a torrent of ravenous want as strong as any sexual craving I have ever known. So deeply I kissed her and she kissed me in that moment. Her tongue sliding a pathway down my neck...my deep sigh of resignation and soft moan as I watch her her hand dissapear as it reaches up and under my blouse and elegantly penetrated past the underwire of my bra as her warm palm sunk into subtle flesh of my right breast. Her finger against my already stiffened nipple sending devine chills in a mixture of ecstacy and agony causing me to clutch at her shoulders, her arm and pull her body as close to me as the moment would allow.

I reached down to lift her dress upward and plunged my fingers past the waistband of her panties and into the soft folds of wetness, and her clit protruding already from its hood before I even coaxed it with my fingers ...starting to stroke and enjoy her instant reaction .....how I know I have her once my fingers begin to dance around her sensitive glans ..its like a soft collapse into my trap...prey for the devouring of the spider in the web ....I always know she is sooo mine from the moment of that first touch upon her. With a deeper, wetter, more open mouth kiss, my tongue she gently sucks as she gasps in pleasure, I assure her I am hers completely ....I sense indeed this time I can make her come this first time tonight very soon should I choose to go for it, and her kiss tells me to pursue that orgasm to our mutual delight. Soft and slick, I rapidly flick and orbit her stiffness, dipping down to her labia every few seconds to moisten my fingertips before further sculpturing her growing intensity. Neither of us can clutch the other any tighter...and tighter and tighter...her moans become gasps and her thighs tighten as the blast of gratifying release lunges against me again and again and again. The concentrated kiss becomes less urgent ...both of us drifting and floating upon this immense cloud of our overwhelming yearning.

I am thinking how its just car sex....but how good this car sex is tonight with her....would never want to be anywhere else. She will catch her breath ...touch me and feel obligated to reciprocate...but she deep down knows when I refuse her advance ...its not rejection of her affection and skills. Its that in spite of the tingling ripeness between my legs ...that we both know my needs are fullfilled for now. I just want to hold her and come down , down, down from the height of this feeling....that need to come, which will, we both know return and be ever more sacred later, for now her arms around me and body collapsed against me soothes my subsiding throb into a warm and wet , satisfied ache.

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