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Those who have come here regularly know that I have taken a bit of a hiatus from posting and publishing, but my past work is still here and if you are new here there is much to be consumed. I am working on several stories right now and writing from the same mix of experience and fantasy that readers have told me they loved.

Those stories will be the foundation of my upcoming compilation book. Today, you get to read for free. Welcome, and I hope you stay awhile.


Elegant The Hush of Lesbian Completion

We two together. Already wet with desire, and wondering where this will go with us. What is our pace ...what do I see in your eyes and what do you see in mine. You in that cozy looking comfy bed with the top of your ample breasts poking out from under the covers. You know, we are already making love mentally ...we have been all night. And now, to put arms around you, the weight of my body upon you, and our soft lips and tongues together.
In silence cept for the rustling ..the skin brushing ..the falling into each other. As we kiss I wonder if your mind swims and fogs as mine does in this moment of passion.

I am here to eat you ..and feed you as well. The buffet begins. Delicate balance ...not a race ...getting there together.

And oh, if you don't know it ...how I am falling for you.
In this moment I am wanting you and letting you guide me in the bubble together...the powersharing belongs to you at the moment.
What you want ..I feel without needing words or direction.
..my heart is flip flopping and down there I am drenched ...and my nipples are straining but ...I feel like we havent even started.

My eyes are open ..so are yours. I love making out like this. Our bodies, our breasts meshing warmly. I am comfortable keeping my nightie on ...but you are sliding straps down and I know at a shift of position I will shyly reveal all of my bbw body to you and hope it is to your pleasing. My hips are rocking slowly against you while I am holding you around your shoulders and the weight of us as one sinks us into the mattress comfortably.
kissing your neck...your cheek...your earlobe and then slipping my tongue against your lips ..our mouths meet again and our tongues slip into each others warmly....in fact...hot.
deep kissing i like
pulling me closer as i pull you more against me ...and begin a rythm of the rest of our bodies..hips thighs feet
i feel it may be too quick but i cant hardly keep my hands away from your breasts ....and i love your eyes....and i want to know your desire

...yours are the softest most beutiful breasts ...you are fantasy come to life ....i love the feel of your soft warm skin ... i love the stiffining of your nipples beckoning my mouth ...I love that you know my hunger and give me yourself this way. i need to kiss your neck and shouldrs and enjoy the softness of your skin more ...i need your deep mouth for my tongue to preview what soon will come to you down there and i know it makes us both tingle.
...with a shiver i push my mound more forcefully against your thigh and respond to the heat im feeling from you, cause all i want is to know your passion at this moment...pull me into you.

so tender

they call this dry humping but its anything but dry. its your response that drives me forcefully into again and again.
my warm mouth down to your left breast..my right hand continues to knead the other...my left hand stroking your side ...moans more audible and consistent from your sweet lips and your hands wandering my back my arms, my hair. Lifting your boob, gently squeezing and loving your hands in my hair and now more than ever with anyone ever before you feel my arousal and ours growing together.
You KNOW that I am hungry for you down there and dont know how much longer i can wait for this...as i continue to suck on your nipple..play with your full heavy breasts...my right hand wanders downward and knows the wetness it is about to encounter.

my finger bursts in between your lips..we both groan softly. I spread your lips, now so coated with your wetness..inside you are saturated like nobody I ever felt or imagined. I circle your clitoris. Our eyes meet. You are beautiful. Your eyes then roll back in response ...your toes curl and your fingers dig into me.

My mouth upon your lips now ...as my tongue first brushes your stiffness ..a jolt we both feel. Your hips push against me...and I take that as a suggestion to move along as I sense your readiness. My tongue circling, flicking and whipping ...pressure then softness ...slowly licking until I know you need me more swiftly. "it feels so good" are the first words I have heard from you..and those words are mixed with passion, and a cute giggle that belongs with your personality, even in the throes of this desire. I know that I am about to trigger your orgasm ...I want to give you the most and combine my full mouth against you there while my swirling tongue and softly lunging fingers detonate your convulsions and your walls squeeze against my knuckles ...the vibrations and gushing warmth against my cheeks and chin....the powerful bucking giving way to softer submissions and then our mutal retreat from these sensations so mutually satisfying.

An elegant hush in the room.

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Anonymous said...

Thought it was pretty hot, maybe not as sensual as you like. But still sooo hot.

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