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Those who have come here regularly know that I have taken a bit of a hiatus from posting and publishing, but my past work is still here and if you are new here there is much to be consumed. I am working on several stories right now and writing from the same mix of experience and fantasy that readers have told me they loved.

Those stories will be the foundation of my upcoming compilation book. Today, you get to read for free. Welcome, and I hope you stay awhile.


....and I wanted to tell her everything

i knew i was bisexual from a very early age...was starting to see stuff on tv, read stuff in books and all that...lesbian / bisexual just kept coming up and then when I was 12 I read a matter of fact / clinical type of book my mom "left around" about sexuality ..i guess to teach me what she didnt want to tlak about..and it described what women do together ..and at that point I was sure that I was at least bisexual ...and have come to realize ive been more gay in my heart than I let myself believe. to be honest...i dont think im ever going to be an out lesbian ...too close to family, this community, church, and my son so even when im divorced....i might not date men...but in bed / in my heart ..in my desires...i have come to grips with it

i want it to be intimate ..i want it to come with affection .... i want there to be a connection .... put those things in place..and what i am really looking for is someone to go down on alot ...hours at a time ...every day if it were possible... someone to give pleasure to in all the other ways as well ...who appreciates me, cares for me, desires what I have to give

if a "taste" of that it possiblethats what i truly desire

its where i feel most comfortable at any point in my life.... disneyworld / kings dominion / happy childhood moments..happy mom moments..are ALL in there ya know as the best times of my life...but... the times I have been giving pleasure to a woman ... those are absolutely the best times of my life

im so horny im dizzy right now.. but know there is desire.

i am not crazy about and have never been that crazy about (except a few exceptions) penetration...getting f##ed..wanting to be f##ed... with men its clearly always been more about power and control with me and I do admit I love to give head ... always have since a wayy to early age (makes a girl popular on high school LOL)

you are a dream come true and as I awoke today I had NO idea what a life changing day this might becomeyou are beautiful, erotic, smart, fun, CLOSEBY ..my kindred spirit

you make my pu$$y ache, my mouth water, my tongue long to lick you, my lips crave your nipples, your skin, your neck and the folds of your delicious, wet lips and the strainging stiffening of your cl#t against my warm mouth... I long to kiss you with passion so deep ...i long to hear your whispers, your moans, to feel your body against mine so close ...
numb kinda all over ...dizzy ....throbbing.... bewildered
im just breathing ....smiling... my pu$$y ..cl*t more senstive than any time i remember ...just thinking about you..about us.... just breathing...looking at your image...dreaming... admiring ...wanting... ... imagining
breathing ...LOTs of deeeep breathing LOL
when i think of myself with someone ...im not even able to think about what she does to me with her fingers, mouth, lips and tongue ...im only able to think about how she reacts to the pleasure I create for her .....and if I have given that ...all of myself ..i can "let" myself feel pleasure ....its a mind thing and I KNOW i have a problem OK ....but anyway......with you my mind is letting me dream ALOT of your "gifts" thats a very different feeling for me.

im wondering how tender you are..how rough you are or like it...how you enjoy desire...and also im dreaming that with me and you for each of us . that there will be no need for comparisons to the past.

these feelings very very intense -shaking- trembling ...gushing ....nipples aching demanding...numb tingling all over head to toe- my pu$$y is so sensitve....ticklyYou make me want to tell you things I like ...beyond giving pleasure...of which you know.
If your pleasure is to pleasure me.
I tell you i like deeep open mouth wet tonguey
i love to have my nipples sucked softly ...much less biting than I percieve many women prefer....a little is ok...and endless.... don't let me leave out endless :) well...a way long time anyway
i like to have my pu$$y palmed and pushed up against and tickled
i like slight one finger penetration ...
i sometimes reach down and pull my lips apart or do other things
stroke your soft hand while it fingers me
and cant get close enough to your skin

you will know...my nails against your skin.... my toes curling ... perhaps my thighs against your cheeks. or my pu$$y pushing up against your fingers or palm or thigh or breast...i think you will know a minute before i come ....and guide me into it .. my voice goes wayyyyy up high...shriek sometimes if its so intense ...convulse and then ...long to be so close....if i ever want a few fingers penetration its as much after ive come...gentle filling ....squeeze my walls and let you feel my throbbing.....that throbbing between the first and next orgasm...the deeeep inside shudder and pulsating... the juicy river of desire (how cliche is river of desire LOL)

accept me when i give my everything to you
falling for you is the way it feelsnurture me
if you feed me in bed as you have fed my soul
my heart will always have a special room for you ....and who knows what memories we will furnish that room with


CHeeren said...

Now that I'm out to myself and not so importantly to others. I look back on my life and realize there were plenty of times, experiences and feelings I denied myself. I agree that sex can be power, but I don't think it's as straight forward as you make it out to be. Sex with a women can still be a power struggle, but not always! Not when there is love. I've definitely had lesbian sex that was reminiscent of the power struggle of sex with men.

My Secret Garden said...

I want you baby!
My soul sister!!!

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