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Those who have come here regularly know that I have taken a bit of a hiatus from posting and publishing, but my past work is still here and if you are new here there is much to be consumed. I am working on several stories right now and writing from the same mix of experience and fantasy that readers have told me they loved.

Those stories will be the foundation of my upcoming compilation book. Today, you get to read for free. Welcome, and I hope you stay awhile.


Passion - Tribadism - Wants and needs fullfilled

licking and sucking your tender thighs ... my arms cradling your buttocks as my head bobs betwen your legs.

leaning back to give you more access whle i spread my legs wider ..and then as its becomes comfortable, laying back on the bed to arch my hips against your chin.

circular gentle

looking at your handiwork

turning around and on all fours.....you massage my buttocks before reaching around me to finger it and caress my hanging breats

and then ...drinking in this moment ...I am coming up to you because


We start it ...oh how I waited for this...wanted for so long-and now we are. DOING IT TOGETHER

F2F screwing

We are tribbing - just months ago I didn't call it that .. didnt know it was called that...dont know if I should call it that...but its what it is and its sooooooo good now.

at one time called it grinding or scissors...whatever ...oh how good this feels to me...a dream come true for this delight of absolute and wholehearted justification of the two of us as not just hunters of sexual pleasure but moreso of the two of us becoming one in what is most alike about us as we slide ourselves together in frictional warmth that grows to heat that grows to moments where we struggle to maintain control ..if control is worth maintaining at this moment.

wet lips against we lips..brushing yours and you brushing mine in little kisses, bumps and a finding of whats better and best.

i have a rythm against you under me--you're getting wetter so that causes me to get wetter...to throb as i know you are as well.

and I realize in this position I can do something delicious, dirty, ...will you like it ?

i begin to start sucking your toes--you squeal playful and thrilled --ahh ...nice to pleasure you

i push down on you and slide with a circular technique that causes you to lift your hips to push your wetness harder against me

i push harder ...its good

you push me harder...still good so good oh gawd so good

magic the way we are falling into to this with so much togetherness

i cant keep my hands off my breasts except for that i can keep my hands off of yours
I am never so self breast absorbed...what oh what is happening to me ...never so good

and now, in my quest to find the one or two things i do to you that you might show me you like the most...i am finding you like it all too much for me to decide..and nothing could turn me on more than to feel your response to all i am doing to you

I want to lay on top of you now

the sexual tickle that shoots from my stiff nipple through my entire being when our warm breasts brush lightly for the first moment ..and then smush softly but weightily together in our passion.

(yes i said smush LOL)

you grasp for my breast, raise up to get your lips around my areolae and then gently sink your teeth around the tip of my nipple--contractions of my skin feeling the wrinkles or your lips and softness of your tongue ...causing me to throw my head back at the electric pleasure your wet lips send through me.

our deep and toung entwined french kiss with muffled moans as i let the full weight of my body fall on top of you...will it hurt you? as it doesn't , you roll slightly to accept my arms and kiss me deeper ...deeper your kiss to invite me further
so i take this moment as mine for us

hands agrasp upon the breast ..deeper this kiss

deeper this kiss

and nipple ..deeper the kiss goes still
deeper for me for you for us

my hand to enjoy the wetness again

to bypass your mound on the way to tickle your thighs and warm your skin their with my palm and fingernails causes your hips to lunge and combined with the tongue now completely as deep as you know I like it...fingers feel and then sink into your need with a finger and quickly two ..pausing to swirl and tickle the clit and plunging to end your wait, and quickly relieve the suspense by my fingers rapidly moving in out and around as your orgasm bursts forth.

Oh im so hungry for you... there are so many ways to find this pinnacle of our desire
we have only just begun to know this light we share at this moment

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DEBS said...

Your stories are getting hotter
MORE & MORE...Miss You.........
p.s. did you like the latest poem?

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