Who Am I ? akiss2desire is a Bible Belt Blogging Bi Big Beautiful Babe who has been sharing her writing, mostly 1st person lesbian erotica, short stories, poetry, and lesbian pop culture realizations from both the experience and fantasy perspectives to an ever growing audience. I recently passed a million page views ! Thanks for the nominations for the Lezzie awards honoring best lesbian erotica on the web.

Those who have come here regularly know that I have taken a bit of a hiatus from posting and publishing, but my past work is still here and if you are new here there is much to be consumed. I am working on several stories right now and writing from the same mix of experience and fantasy that readers have told me they loved.

Those stories will be the foundation of my upcoming compilation book. Today, you get to read for free. Welcome, and I hope you stay awhile.


My Raging Needs ??

Title says it all for me lately...will definitely post some this week :) wow...hormones have been overwhelming and desire is raging. Fantasies of her ..and her ..and also...mmmm her too.
A chat from a girl down the street
...an email from someone I want as a treat
a crush on the girl with the beautiful eyes
and a stronger one on she who hides in disguise
my mouth hungry to touch
my tongue longs to please
my legs clench to embrace
my skin all a tingle
my fingers clutch and empty of the soft skin
then fingers settle for me
my blood racing ...feeling
panties damp
my mind a blur
such focus on only sexual and intimate needs
normal I ask or am I
savage or perverse
or just the soul of me

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Anonymous said...

Lately, everytime I turn my head, I imagine a woman laying down on my bed. Her eyes have a sparkle and her lips have a shine. She is beautiful inside and oh so divine. She is intelligent, sincere, and makes me happy everyday of the year.
I know that one day we will meet. Our lives will finally be complete. We've found our partner for LIFE.

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