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Those who have come here regularly know that I have taken a bit of a hiatus from posting and publishing, but my past work is still here and if you are new here there is much to be consumed. I am working on several stories right now and writing from the same mix of experience and fantasy that readers have told me they loved.

Those stories will be the foundation of my upcoming compilation book. Today, you get to read for free. Welcome, and I hope you stay awhile.


My lesbian dessert before the main course ?

How Delicious..the making out :)

We sit upright in your bed and make a soft smile contact of eyes ...here is where we begin...i lay my hand gently upon your hip and with a sigh begin to stroke you up your side against the purple fabric of your top ...then with my left hand ..up and over your soft exposed shoulder..then through your soft sweet smelling hair cropped about 2 inches below your ear...my fingers touch your earlobe and the two georgeous earings you are wearing ...diamond, black saphire and silver and turquoise setting beautifully as a vision of your smile, hazel eyes and those earings as I lay your hair back and softly scratch against the back of your neck. Our lips meet for a brief but open mouth kiss..tongues jabbing inside each other as I pull your head against me,....we rock back and forth and then as I break our kiss I can never forget how your tongue lingered outstretched from between your lips ...as if I had taken away my lips from yours wayy before you were ready.

Your eyes re-open and your arms reach first toward my left breast and out of the corner of my eyes it seems as your pause there without touching that you could not help yourself to go there,...and yet you stopped yourself from rubbing me there so soon ...so your arm continues to around m side and rests against my back as our lips meet softly again. ...Brushing against your ear with my fingers and then against the front of your neck softly stroking...downward and against your breasts...down to make the circle again from your thigh...to your side..to your neck and ears...to the back of your neck to pull you into me for the deepest kiss...your tongue inside me darting and welcoming how deep mine is inside your warm mouth. ..this time when my fingers trace the front of your neck i come up to touch your cheek and then move downward to introduce my palms to the fabrice overtop of your full breasts and then sliding underneath your right boob to lift it and begin to knead it and make you begin to long to remove the barriers between us. When I life and squeeze your jaw opens as wide as it can now in our kiss and your tongue is withdrawn to suck more air into your lungs and gasp as I rock us back towards you and we share a soft muffled by our mouths together mutal moan.

I am feeling this kiss down there and I know you are too as left knee goes over your right thigh and our making out is about to go vertical. You smile at me in the awkwardness of the shift down into the sheets and now with you laying beneath me I am pushed up and hesitating because I am wondering if we shouldnt have gotten our clothes off before we laid down. I am up high enough to where my breasts are hanging against your body and with both of your hands you push them togther and when you simultaneously squeeze them both I close my eyes, slowly throw my head back and push my warm and getting wetter by the second panties against the upper part of your thigh. I lower my head down to kiss you fully once again and lower my weight against you while your fingers release my breasts and reach down to my hips and buttocks to pull me totally into your thigh for my aroused clitoris to rub against. Now I am hungry for you and if we were nude I would be starting to manipulate the experience to lower my head towards your thighs and what awaits nearby. You KNOW that is how I work and what I wand and need...to taste you and bring you to your ultimate pleasure ...but you are kind of in control in this circumstance and I am going along with it ..for now anyway.

When I thrust against you you push back and we catch a rythm for a few strokes that causes me to collapse like a lump with all my weight over you....I am zinged when you choose this moment to push my hair back and gently suck and nibble my earlobe. Your "way" is getting me so "worked up" that I am not able to rationalize ...so that, even though I WANT and NEED to give you head ...what is happening is that our kissing and holding and humping is keeping me entangled in warm embraceful making out that I am slowly angst ridden because girl..i need it . Now with my palm reaching down to open your legs and let my touch discover your level of excitement...and I expect before I arrive that you would be and should be drenched...and you are ..beyond my expectations ..and so the kisses that could NOT get any more passionate are now more passsionate and the love we are making is reaching new depths in each of our souls.

And so ..we admit what is needed and succumb to lay down the swords of passion we are battling with to "do" each other ... we built up an ocean of desire to feel the rush of all that power pour out onto each others fingers, tongue, and skin. The hour of our skin to skin sharing of heat and outdoing each others fingers and mouths for the orgasms we lose count of quickly are the neccessary release of what we share in the moments before ....I think I have to say that making love like this is like having the dessert before the main course.

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